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April 19, 2014

By A.Lee and Editors, MangoBoss

It sounds like science fiction but something fishy is going
on with testosterone levels. Around the world, from
countries in Scandinavia and throughout Europe, to South
America, to Canada and the US, scientists are reporting
that measurable testosterone levels have significantly
declined over the past 50 years.

The levels of testosterone appear to be falling about 1%
per year in the United States. So, a man at age 35 in 2014
has about 20% less testosterone than a man who was 35
in 1990.  

Scientists such as Dr. Antti Perheentupa of the University
of Turku in Finland are seeing the same changes.

Men worldwide appear to be experiencing testosterone
level drops unseen since scientists began measuring them.

What Is Causing the Drops in Testosterone Levels?

Have you ever heard of a chemical called "chlorpyrifos"?
Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate pesticide.  Men who
have been exposed to chlorpyrifos have 20% less
testosterone than men who have not been exposed.

Trouble is, chlorpyrifos is in many products you use
around the house such as insecticides (think: mosquito
sprays), anti-tick and anti-flea powder for dogs and cats,
and lawn treatments.

In a way, achieving those "perfect" front lawns may be
one of the reason it is increasingly common for young
couple to have trouble conceiving.

Fortunately, scientists are beginning to become galvanized
to address this crisis.  The new "mission", if you will,
started with a simple study in 2009 from the U.K. That
study, led by Dr. Malcolm Caruthers of the Centre for
Men's Health was entitled “Time for international action on
treating testosterone deficiency syndrome”.

Dr. Caruthers has pulled down the fire alarm lever and we
are now seeing more and more studies on testosterone
deficiency syndrome.

Testosterone Levels Have Dropped...But Is It a Problem?

Estimates for the number of men who suffer from low
testosterone is a subject of great debate.  One camp
maintains that, unlike estrogen levels at the menopause,
testosterone levels don’t drop off rapidly. According to the
Endocrine Society, testosterone levels drop off at a rate of
around one to two percent each year after the age of 40.
This camp asserts that, while most men after middle age
will have lower testosterone levels, only a small percentage
will have levels below which is considered "normal".

But a different camp of scientists strongly disagrees.

These scientists point to growing evidence of testosterone
deficiency around the world. The 2011 study, led by Dr. T.
R. Trinick of Ulster Hospital in Belfast, UK mentioned
above, is from a group of these well-respected scientists.
They conducted an on-line survey which drew responses
from 10,000 men in the US and the UK.  

The survey found that an astonishingly high 80 percent
(80%) of these men reported symptoms of testosterone

Testosterone Deficiency-to Treat or Not to Treat?

Studies of men with low serum testosterone have
discovered that there is a definite link between having
abnormally low testosterone levels in your blood and your
increased risk of dying from cardiovascular (heart related)

For example, a 2008 study led by Dr. G.A. Laughlin of the  
School of Medicine, University of California School of
Medicine in San Diego found that men whose testosterone
levels were in the lowest 25% had a
40% greater chance
of dying than men with normal testosterone levels.
was true even after discounting for other factors such as
obesity, age, lifestyle, blood pressure and blood sugar

In addition to increasing your risk for dying from heart
problems, some (but not all) studies have concluded that
having low blood testosterone levels increases your risk
for dying from all causes.  

Moreover, low testosterone increases your risk for bone
frailty diseases such as osteoporosis, according to a 2014
joint study from doctors in Germany and from Boston
University School of Medicine.

But here's the rub.
Treating testosterone deficiency with
testosterone supplementation poses risks of its own.
Studies have identified that testosterone supplement
treatments  increase your risk for cardiovascular attacks.

Alternatives to Testosterone Supplementation?

OK, if we can't treat testosterone deficiency by simply
adding back testosterone in the form of supplement, what
can we do?

There are some promising natural treatments being
studied. In one case scientists we able to reverse the
testosterone loss in lab rats who had been exposed to
chlorpyrifos by giving them fruit extracts made from  aonla.

Aonla, tecnically known as "Emblica offcinalis Garten" and
also known as the Indian gooseberry or "amla", is a fruit
native to  India. Aonla is also grown in Cuba, Sri Lanka,the
United States (Hawaii, Florida and  Puerto Rico), Iran,
Iraq, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam,
Philippines, Trinidad, Panama and Japan and China.

In 2013, researchers from the University of Kalyani, in
Kalyani, India discovered that giving lab rats 20 mg per
each kilogram of body weight for a period of 30 days
completely reversed the abnormally low testosterone levels
caused by exposure to chlorpyrifos.

Of course, this was not a human study and more research
is needed before we can recommend that you add aonla to
your diet to reverse testosterone damage.  But, the results
are indeed promising.

If we translate that to an average man of body weight of
170 pounds ( 77 kilograms), the amount of aonla he
would need to eat is 1545 milligrams (1.5 grams ) for 30
days. This is only about .05 ounces per day.

The average aonla fruit is 28 grams. It is a powerful
supplier of Vitamin C. In fact, it is believed to have more
Vitamin C than any other fruit, about 600 mg per 100
grams of fruit, or 200 grams for an average sized aonla.

We will stay on top of the evidence as it comes in, and we
will update this article with any news, positive or negative.

If you would like to be updated, register for our
newsletter on our Home page.


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Amla (also known as aonla) fruit has reversed
testosterone deficiency caused by environmental
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