Zinc Increases Testosterone Levels
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May 21, 2009, last updated August 14, 2014
By Editors, Mangoboss

Zinc is one of the forgotten minerals but, when it comes to sexual
potency, it may be  man's best friend. Why?

Zinc governs the metabolism of testosterone at the cellular level and in
the prostate.  

Even a tiny deficiency in zinc  causes a drop in your sperm count.  
Fertility specialists in fact use zinc in the treatment of male infertility. A
moderate zinc deficiency can lead to regression of the sex glands in

Low zinc levels are shown to lead to decreased sex drive, cause a loss
of appetite and even emotional problems. Research studies  have
shown that supplemental zinc can increase blood levels of testosterone
and the follicle-stimulating hormone in men with just very mildly
deficient zinc levels -- and most people, when tested, are shown to be

It's quite easy to become deficient in zinc.  Very little zinc is present in
the a typical diet. And zinc is now almost non- existent in crop land, so
foods which use to contain high levels of zinc no longer do.

The recommended daily dosage for zinc is 30 milligrams. Athletes who
sweat a lot may need a bit more. But no one should ever take more
than 50 milligrams a day.  For every 10 grams of zinc you take, it is a
good idea to also  take 1 gram of  supplemental copper , and 50 to 200
micrograms of selenium as well.   What are the best food sources of

The best food sources of zinc include brewers yeast and wheat brand
or wheat germ (this may be the reason that many bodybuilders have
had good results with these), whole grains and, oysters.                      

Dark chocolate is also a good source of zinc. For every 100 grams of
chocolate, you get 9.6 milligrams of zinc. That is about 64% of the daily
recommended value for zinc.

By contrast, 100 grams of oysters provides between 120 and 180
milligrams of zinc.  That's almost 20 times more zinc than chocolate

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Oysters are high in zinc.

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