Yogurt Increases the Size of Your
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May 15, 2016
By S. Callahan, Contributing Columnist

In 2011, a group of scientists in Massachusetts were conducting
experiments to find out how adding  yogurt to the diets of older mice
affected their risks for obesity.  They separated the mice into two
groups. They fed the first group a diet of high fat, low quality food
--sort of like your standard fast-food diet -- and the other group was
fed a healthier diet. To each group's diets, they added yogurt.  

Then the scientists noticed something unexpected and, well, weird.  All
of the older mice on the yogurt-supplemented diets started having
more success in mating --more sex.  Looking closer, the scientists saw
that the older mice who had been fed yogurt had suddenly grown
larger testicles.

What had happened? The yogurt had somehow stimulated the growth
in the size of the testicles the male mice.

In the study, the yogurt-fed mice showed an increase of 15% in
testicle size than mice which were fed a junk food diet. Their testicles
were 5% heavier than those of mice on a regular diet.

These mice were fed yogurt-eating males had testicles 5 percent
heavier than those of their non-yogurt eating counterparts on a regular
mouse diet, and 15 percent heavier than those of the junk-food mice.

Of course, one study does not give us enough of a basis to make a
general claim about yogurts effects on testicles. But, this study was
well-designed, by a reputable group of scientists at a reputable
university. The sample size of 40 male and 40 female mice was large
enough as well. What we'd like to see our well-designed, controlled
human studies. When they come, we will update you.

But, despite the scarcity of other studies, this one is pretty exciting.

Is Yogurt the Fountain of Youth?

The study also confirmed something that people in yogurt-eating
cultures such as Greece have long suspected -- yogurt increases libido.

Here, it's not clear what is the cause and what is the effect. Do the
larger testicles prompt the increase in sexual activity?  Or does the
yogurt produce two distinct and unrelated effects --large testicles plus
a bonus of increased libido? Scientists don't yet have the answer to this

Yogurt contains a probiotic called "Lactobacillus reuteri"  This probiotic
has been linked to rejuvenating changes in skin, hair and reproductive

But there is some evidence that yogurt has a broad, general effect that
reverse signs of aging.  Some studies, for example, again on older mice,
have discovered that yogurt makes the fur of older mice shiny and
more luxurious.

This 2013 study was led by Dr. Tatiana Levkovich of the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology and Dr. Theofilos Poutahidis of the Aristotle
University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Scientists are by nature cautious in drawing conclusions from their
research. But so startling was the change in the fur and skin of the
mice that their conclusions were almost gushing."We found that
feeding of probiotic bacteria to aged mice induced integumentary
changes mimicking peak health and reproductive fitness characteristic
of much younger animals."

For the male mice, the probiotics in the yogurt caused an "epithelial
follicular anagen-phase shift with sebocytogenesis".  This in turn  
caused "thick lustrous fur due to a bacteria-triggered
interleukin-10-dependent mechanism"

The female mice also showed signs of age reversal. They showed
"probiotic-induced hyperacidity coinciding with shinier hair, a feature
that also aligns with fertility in human females".

How Much Yogurt Should Eat?

There are no minimum recommended guidelines for the amount of
probiotics you should consume. But we have some suggestions.

Just follow the example of the people of Ikaria, Greece, dubbed by the
New York Times as the island "where people forgot to die". Ikarians
are believed to be the longest living people on Earth, with the highest
per capita population of those over the age of 100.

A typical Ikarian breakfast includes of a bowl of yogurt from goat's milk
with honey.

Add a bowl of sugar-free Greek yogurt to your breakfast. You can also
sneak yogurt into your dinners by eating a yogurt parfait, sweetened
with stevia or sucralose (Splenda) if you like, with bananas and a
sprinkle of nuts (walnuts, pistachios) on top.

Are There Any Downsides to Eating a Lot of Yogurt?

Yogurt is rich in calcium which of course is good for bones and teeth.
But too much calcium could contribute to development of calcium in
your arteries and calcium deposits --stones -- in other organs. But that
would take a lot of yogurt.  A bowl or two of yogurt a day has not been
linked to any known side effects -- other than a slimmer waist line,
shinier hair and a bit more "swagger" sexually.

Men who already have enlarged testicles from
prostate problems
should of course consult their doctors before adding more yogurt to
their diets.


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