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Yet Another Reason for Declining
Sperm Counts --- Ibuprofen

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January 17, 2018

By S. Callahan, Contributing Columnist

We have done our part been yelling as loud as we can for
quite some time, that s
perm levels are declining around the
world. We believe it is the world's biggest mystery and the
most important one, since if the decline continues at the
current rate --- 50% drop in sperm levels in 40 years ---
we humans are only about 50 years away from extinction.

The drop in sperm counts is found almost everywhere in
the developed world. Whatever is causing this drop has to
be something that is commonly found, used or to which
people are commonly exposed. What can it be?

We believe that the best research points the finger at
chemicals in plastics used in plastic drinking bottles and
other products such as lawn treatment chemicals. But
recently, scientists have zeroed in on another intriguing
suspect --- common painkillers.   

Long Term Ibuprofen Temporarily Lowers Sperm Counts
in Adult Men

For some time now, scientists have known that pregnant
women who use ibuprofen risk affecting the testes of their
unborn sons. A 2016 study entitled "Analgesic use —
prevalence, biomonitoring and endocrine and reproductive
effects" published in
Nature Reviews Endocrinology
concluded that ibuprofen, paracetamol(the active
ingredient in Tylenol) and aspirin probably are disrupting
the hormones of males from pre-natal stages through

In 2017, scientists from France and Denmark published a
study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences of the United States of America on ibuprofen's
effect on the sperm levels of adult men.

The researchers recruited 31 men between the ages of 18
and 35, and gave half of them 600 mg of ibuprofen daily.
The other half of the group took a placebo.

After 14 days, the men taking the ibuprofen experienced
an increase in luteinizing hormones involved in the
regulation of testosterone.

The effects on the hormones was not permanent. Sperm
and testosterone levels return to normal after the
ibuprofen is discontinued.

However, this study and the ones that preceded it have
suggested to some scientists that long-term use of
painkillers may in fact have a permanent effect on male

If Painkillers Are Causing Sperm Declines, Then Countries
with Higher Use of these Painkillers Should Have the
Lowest Sperm Counts --- But They Don't

We set out to compare the usage of painkillers versus
sperm counts in various countries. If ibuprofen,
paracetamol or aspirin is behind the decline in sperm
count, then countries where men use these painkillers
more should have lower sperm counts.

We chose the compare the Scandinavian countries mainly
because these countries have been tracking and comparing
their sperm counts for decades.

In 2012, scientists from Comenius University in Bratislava,
Slovakia compared the use of analgesics in Scandinavian
countries. They found that Finland has the highest use of
ibuprofen while Denmark and Norway have the lowest

To get an idea of how the sperm levels of Scandinavian
men compare, we looked to a 2013 study from University
of Turku in Finland.

This study confirmed what several others before it had --
Finnish men have the highest sperm counts of all
Scandinavia men.

Ominously, this study also reported that, though Finnish
men have the highest sperm counts, the trend is turning
downward just like all the other Nordic countries.

The Mystery Remains Unsolved

The mystery of what is causing the worldwide decline in
sperm counts for the moment remains unsolved. But time
appears to be running out. The Finland study reports an
increasing use of in vitro fertilization among couples trying
to conceive a child.

Reproductive rates are also declining. What many had
thought was a reflection of people deliberately delaying
the decision to have children may in fact be a reflection of
declining sperm levels.

Whatever is causing this decline in sperm levels, it should
be cause for worldwide alarm.  This issue should be
researched and solved. Our survival as a species may
depend on it.


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Something about the ibuprofen study doesn't add
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