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February 21, 2018

By S. Callahan, Contributing Columnist

The biggest mystery in the world today is what is behind
the massive decline in sperm counts. Down 50% since
World War II, at the current pace, we'll be extinct in two
generations.  Among the leading theories explaining the
decline is the appearance of estrogen in the drinking
water.  There is a great deal of debate about how estrogen
got int our drinking water but little doubt that it is in fact

Fingers have been pointed at birth control pills by religious
and conservative sources. For example, here is a statement
in 2010 from Pedro José Maria Simón Castellví, head of the
International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations:

"[It] has “devastating effects on the environment by
releasing tonnes of hormones into nature.”
“We have sufficient evidence to state that a non-negligible
cause of male infertility in the West is the environmental
pollution provoked by by-products of the pill... [This was
a] “clear anti-environmental effect demanding further
explanation by manufacturers.”

But are birth control pills really a source of estrogen
contamination in our drinking water supply? Are there
contaminants that are more significant sources of estrogen
in drinking water?

Estrogen Is Just One of Many Prescription Medications
Contaminating Drinking Water

A 2010 report from the National Resources Defense
Council based in Washington, DC, reported widespread
contamination of drinking water from prescription

They reported "Samples taken from 139 streams in 30
states in 1999-2000 by the U.S. Geological Survey
identified both organic wastewater contaminants and
pharmaceuticals in 80 percent of the sampled sites. The
range of drugs found in the water included antibiotics,
hypertensive and cholesterol-lowering drugs,
antidepressants, analgesics, steroids, caffeine, and
reproductive hormones."

How did these prescription drugs enter the water supply?

Are people flushing drugs in the toilets? Are people
urinating drugs into the waste water supply? Are
manufacturers of these drugs allowing run-off from
manufacturing processes to contaminate the water base?

The Biggest Source of Pharmaceuticals in Our Water
Supply Comes from Farm Animals

Estimates are that about 80% of the pharmaceuticals ---
particularly antibiotics --- found in our water supply get
there from animal excrement or human excrement.  

Cows and other farm animals are fattened up by hormones
and antibiotics given to them by farmers.  

Farm animals produce 2 trillion pounds --- that "trillion"
with a "T" --- of excrement each year in the United States.
This excrement is not disposed of. It is simply plowed
under as "natural" fertilizer, and enters the soil.
Vegetables planted in that soil absorb whatever is in it,
including estrogen.

The amount of human excrement is harder to estimate but
it is not as high as the number of animals. For example,
according to the US Department of Agriculure's Animal
Census (yes, there is such a thing), chickens outnumber
humans by a factor of 6.8 to 1.

In addition to excreting pharmaceuticals in their feces,
animals also contribute estrogen and other hormones as
well as antibiotics to our food supply.

Thus, simply eating anything or drinking tap water adds to
the prescription drugs, estrogen and hormones you are
consuming. Even if you are a vegan, your vegetables
contain these prescriptions because they are raised in
contaminated soil and watered with contaminated water.

Estrogen and Other Hormone Disrupting Pharmaceuticals
Are Being Flushed Down the Toilet and Into Your Water

Waste water is sent to treatment plants and recycled as
drinking water. It's not pleasant to think about, is it?

We should care, then, about what kinds of drugs are being
flushed down toilets and into our drinking water supply

Estrogen and "chemicals in pharmaceuticals such as anti-
seizure medications and anti-depressants may also mimic
estrogen" which are flushed into our water supply can
disrupt male reproductive systems by lowering sperm
count and testosterone levels, according to the Association
of Reproductive Health Professionals.

Most pharmaceuticals are not being properly disposed of,
according to the National Resources Defense Council. The
biggest offenders are hospitals and other care facilities.
Individuals also are disposing of their medicationss at
home by simply flushing them or throwing them out with
the trash. Only about 1% of people dispose of unwanted
pharmaceuticals correctly, by returning them to the
manufacturer or a designated collection point. *

Part of the problem is education. Who knew that we were
actually not supposed to flush old medications? And part
of the problem is not collection points for unwanted
medications are simply nowhere to be found.


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