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Women Actually Like Men Who
Smell Like Garlic

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Last updated November 27, 2017

By Susan Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Garlic has a reputation of being one of the healthiest spices
--and one of the smelliest.  So smelly, in fact, that during the
Middle Ages, people in Europe wore necklaces made of a
string of garlic cloves to ward off witches. So, it was more
than surprising to learn that scientists have figured out that
one of the smells that women like their men to have is the
scent of good ol' garlic.

Garlic Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

This is the way the study unfolded. In 2016, scientists from
Charles University, in the Czech Republic recruited 82 women
to judge  various odors as  in terms of pleasantness,
attractiveness, masculinity and intensity.

Prior to  the judging, the scientists assembled 42 men,
divided them into two groups. One group ate no garlic. The
other group ate garlic either raw or in tablets. The men then
wore sweat pads under the arms to collect their body odors.

Let the sniffing commence! Then, the women were asked to
sniff the 42 body odor pads and judge them.

After a week, the scientists next reversed the groups of men,
so that the men who had eaten no garlic before were given
garlic to eat and the men who had eaten garlic were given
none. The switching was done so that any influence on the
judging of a man's natural body odor was eliminated. All the
men again were given fresh body pads to collect their odor

The women then judged the body pads again.

At the end of the test, for every given men, the women
judged their odor as more "pleasant, attractive" after they
had eaten garlic.

Why Does Eating Garlic Make Your Body Odor More Attractive
to Women?

We all know that garlic makes your breath smell almost
unbearably bad, so the test results would undoubtedly have
been different had the women been asked to sniff the breath
of men after they ate garlic.

But what garlic does to a man's body odor is more
complicated. Body odor is what results after bacteria that live
on your skin eat the compounds excreted by your sweat
glands.  So, odor depends not just on what is excreted but
also on the particular species of bacteria that does the eating.

We don't know which particular species of bacteria likes to
eat the garlic-infused compounds. But what we do know is
that the result of that eating appears to be consistent no
matter which man is tested. This would suggest that the
bacteria doing the munching are one or more of the most
common ones, such as staphylococcus.

But what is it about garlic that makes a man's sweat so
attractive to women? Again, scientists have a theory.

Scientists believe that what woman are really sniffing is
evidence of health. This makes sense since garlic is one of
nature's most powerful antioxidants. Eating garlic reduces
the levels of oxidants in your blood, and improves immune
function by killing fungus and bacteria.

Evolutionarily speaking, it would make sense for women to
have developed a keen sense of smell to be able to sort
through and select to mate with the healthiest of men. These
men would be more likely to produce healthy offspring, which
is the goal of evolution.

So what goes in the mouth as garlic comes out the skin as the
sweet smell of health and virility.  

Onions May Have the Same Effect

Onions and garlic share similar functions in our diet and in
terms of their effects on our health. Eating onions is likely to
produce the same attractive body smell that eating garlic does.

But Don't Eat Too Much Meat with Your Garlic or You'll Spoil
The Magical Effect

The same team from Charles University conducted a similar
experiment on the how eating red meat affects body odor
attractiveness in 2006. They assembled 17 men and 30
women to do the experiment.

What they found was that when men ate no meat, their body
odor was judged as "significantly more attractive, more
pleasant, and less intense" than when they ate red meat.

Hold the burgers and take that order of fries with garlic,

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