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August 5, 2018
By S. Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

We all know that trainers of athletes swear by ice baths. But,
unless you make your living at a sport, ice baths seem like a
form of medieval torture. Imagine sinking waist deep into a
tub of water filled with ice cubes.  

But do ice baths actually work? Is all that torture for
nothing? Let's look at the evidence. It turns out that ice baths
are good for some things that ail you and are useless for

Ice Baths Do Not Help Your Muscles to Recover More Quickly

Many trainers require that athletes take ice baths following a
game on the theory that the baths reduce swelling and
inflammation and thereby promote recovery. But do they?

A study from Australia suggests they do not.  In , a team of
scientists led by Dr. J.M.Leake of Queensland University of
Technology put 9 athletes to the test. Nine athletic men
performed lower-body resistance exercises at least 1 week
apart. On one day, after the exercise they took an ice bath,
soaking their lower bodies in for 10 minutes. On the other
day, after they exercised, they skipped the ice bath and
instead bicycled at a low intensity for 10 minutes.

Looking at a biopsy of the muscles taken after the ice baths
and comparing it to the muscle after the low intensity
recovery workout, the scientists found that the ice bath was
no more effective in lowering cellular markers of inflammation
than simply performing a low intensity cycling post-exercise.

Ice baths may however help your tendons and ligaments to

Ice Baths Do Help in Preserving Sperm Quality

To produce healthy sperm, the testes must be kept about 2
degrees cooler than the rest of the body, studies have found.
Many conditions can elevate your scrotal temperature so high
that it renders you infertile, including
varioceles, tight
underwear, hot tubs and, some suggest, having too large a
beer belly. [Read about
natural remedies for varioceles.]

Keeping your scrotum cool is essential if you are trying to
impregnate a woman. One tool you can use it to engage in
daily cooling of the scrotum before you have sex.

Ice baths can cool your scrotal temperature effectively. The
effects of cooling will last for some time after the bath ends,
depending on how active you are.

Do Ice Baths Increase Testosterone?

The weigh-lifting community has among believed that
applying ice to the scrotum increases testosterone levels,
following reports that Soviet weight lifters used the technique
for this purpose.

But, to date, there have been no well-designed studies that
demonstrate that icing has any effect on testosterone levels.

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Lowering the temperature of your testicles can
improve sperm count.
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