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January 6, 2013

By A. Lee, Contributing Columnist

You may not be aware of it but around the world
something alarming  is happening. The sperm counts of
young healthy men are dropping.

In Denmark, for example, the average sperm count of
young Danish men has fallen by over 25% since the 1950’
s. This stands in sharp contrast to its Scandinavian
neighbor Finland, where sperm counts have held steady
for many decades at the highest levels in Europe.  In
France, the average sperm count has fallen 32.2% over
the 16 year period from 1989 to 2005 . In Italy, sperm
counts declined by 30% for the 14 year period from 1981
to 1995 and perhaps more since then.  

While long-term studies over 25 years have not shown a
decline in sperm quality in the United States, there are
some surprising differences in sperm quality among
different cities in the United States.  You’ve undoubtedly
seen the increase in the use of artificial insemination and in
vitro fertilization in the US and other Western countries.
Many people have assumed this was because women
couldn’t get pregnant because they were choosing to have
babies when they’re older. But all this attention on the
declining fertility of women as they get older has
overshadowed a remarkable trend in the fertility of men
due to declines in the number of sperm and sperm quality.
What’s going on? Why is sperm count so low in many
Western countries? What should you do if you have low
sperm count to improve your count?

Why Should You Care?

Why should you care about a drop in sperm count—  it
only takes one to get a woman pregnant, right?

You should care plenty. Men with low sperm count are at
higher risk for testicular cancer.

In 2000, a team of researchers from the Centre for
Research in Health and Social Statistics, Danish National
Research Foundation in Denmark examined the health
records of 32, 442 men who, for various reasons, had
undergone an analysis of their sperm over a 32-year
period from 1963 to 1995.

They discovered that men with low sperm counts  ---
those whose low sperm counts caused fertility problems
--- were 60% more likely to develop
testicular cancer.

The men with fertility problems suffered from two types of
problems. They had fewer sperm. And the sperm they had
were not good swimmers –so-called “low motility”.
Both low total sperm count and low motility predisposed
the men to higher rates of testicular cancer. (Read more
about the
signs of testicular cancer.)

Other health problems have also been associated with low
sperm count. Men with low sperm counts have shorter
lifespans.  These men are more likely to suffer from a
range of diseases, according to a 2009 study from the
Department of Environmental Medicine, Institute of Public
Health at the  University of Southern Denmark. The  
diseases include cardiovascular disease (Heart disease,
hardening of the arteries) and

So strong was the correlation between your sperm health
and your lifespan that it led the researchers to conclude
that “Semen quality may therefore be a fundamental
biomarker of overall male health”.

What is a Normal Sperm Count?

Generally speaking, a sperm count of 20 million/ml is
considered the minimum for ensuring fertility. Below this
count, couples have greater difficulty getting pregnant.  
Men should also have about 50% motility, meaning about
half of your little fish should swim.

Normal sperm count varies from country to country. Sperm
count also varies from season to season, being highest in
winter and lowest in summer. Men from Denmark have the
lowest sperm counts in Europe.  Men from Finland have
the highest totals, averaging 132 million in winter (and 93
in summer), followed by men from Edinburgh. Scotland,
averaging 119 million in winter (84 in summer), then men
from Paris, averaging 103 million in winter (73 in summer)
and last, men from Denmark, averaging 98 million in winter
(and 69 in summer).

Japanese men have relatively low sperm counts. A 2005
study from researchers at the St. Marianna University
School of Medicine in Kawasaki, Japan found that
Japanese men have sperm count and swimming ability
similar to those of men in Denmark, which are the lowest
in all of Europe.

In the United States, average sperm count has not been
studied as much. However, based on the few studies that
have been completed, men in the United States have
higher sperm counts than men in Europe and Japan.  

But the news is not all good in the US. Within the U.S.,
sperm count and semen quality varies from state to state.
A 2006 study from the University of Rochester led by Dr. S.
H. Swan discovered that sperm count and semen quality
was relatively low in Columbia, Missouri compared to cities
such as Minneapolis, Minnesota, New York, New York and
Los Angeles, California.  Men from Columbia, Missouri had
an average total of mobile sperm of 113 million, compared
with 201 million in Minneapolis, 162 in Los Angeles and
196 million in New York.  Note that three of the U.S. cities
have sperm counts that are higher than the  highest totals
in Europe, from Finland, of 132 million on average.

Reasons for Low Sperm Count

1.        Saturated Fat Has Been Linked to Low Sperm
. Men, if you want to improve your sperm count,
you have to back away from those burgers and steaks.
Saturated fat has been strongly linked to lower sperm
count. In a 2012 study from a team of researchers led by
Dr. Tina Jensen  from the Rigshospitalet in Denmark.  The
team analyzed the sperm samples of 701 young Danish
men who were examined in connection with their fitness
for military service.  What they found was stunning.  Men
who ate the most saturated fat had a  41% lower total
sperm count than did men who ate the least amount of
saturated fat.

What should you do? Clearly, men who are trying to
improve their sperm quality should lower the amount of
fatty foods in their diet. Try substituting fish for red meat
at least 3 times a week. Substitute unsaturated oil such as
olive oil for saturated oil such as butter. (Read more about
the connection between
how much you weigh and your
sperm quality.)

Pollution and Pesticides Destroy Sperm Quality.
There is some evidence that exposure to air pollution can
lower the production of live sperm. In 2000, the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency conducted a study of
young men in Czech Republic in the city of Teplice, known
for its high levels of air pollution. Compared to men who
lived in a more rural area with cleaner air, the men in
Teblice had the same total sperm count averages .
However, a closer examination showed a major difference.
The men from Teblice had a much higher percentage of
dead sperm in their total count.

In the United States, a 2010 study from the University of
Utah found a similar result. The study , led by Dr. A.
Hammoud, looked at the sperm count and sperm quality of
men exposed to air pollution in Salt Lake City, Utah. What
they found was that two to three months after an
exposure to pollution, the sperm didn’t swim so well
anymore. As the study concluded , “air pollution is
associated with reduced sperm motility two to three month
after exposure.”

What can you do? It's hard to change cities to improve
your air quality. But studies have found that small changes
can help. Avoid going outside when the smog count is
high. If you do have to be out side, stand as far back from
traffic as possible. Studies have found that standing just 3
feet farther from the curb lowers the amount of pollution
you are exposed  to significantly.

Drinking Soda Linked to Lower Sperm Count.  In
2010,  the same team from Denmark that studied the link
between saturated fat and sperm quality turned their
attention to caffeinated drinks. Looking at the sperm
samples of 2,554 Danish men, the team found that the 93
men who drank at least a liter of caffeinated soda a day
had a 30% lower sperm count.  Now, to be fair, the study
did not conclusively link soda drinking to lower sperm
count because a host of other bad habits these men ha d—
eating fast food, not eating enough fresh fruit and
vegetables – could have also contributed to their lower
sperm counts.

Try substituting non-caffeinated  sodas, juice or even
lemonade for those with caffeine. (Read more about the
links between
Coca Cola causes impotence.)

Tight Underwear Can Lower Your Sperm Count.  
Wearing tight underwear can lower your sperm count.
Sperm are sensitive to heat and studies have found that
tight briefs raise the temperature of the scrotum enough
depress sperm levels.

In 1990, researchers Dr. W.G. Sanger and P.C. Friman
from the University of Nebraska Medical Center found that
men who wore loose boxers   --- as opposed to men who
wore tight briefs --- produced a higher sperm count .  
Though study was flawed in that it only examined two men
in their thirties, the results were stated without
qualification: “semen parameters gradually decreased in
tight conditions and gradually increased during loose

Avoid Certain Foods to Improve Sperm Count. Soy
foods, studies have found, can decrease sperm count.
(Read more about how
soy foods affect your sperm.)

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Fatty foods have been linked to lower sperm counts.
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