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January 7, 2016

By Susan Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

If you suffer from a curved or bent penis, you are not alone.
Approximately  8.9% of men suffer from a bent penis, according to a
2012 study from Regina Apostolorum Hospital, Albano Laziale in Rome.  
But this estimate may be low, since many men are embarrassed to seek
treatment.  The Medical College of Wisconsin reports that an autopsy
study has revealed that a curved penis, technically called Peyronie’s
disease,  affects up to 22% of all men. If this latter figure is closer to
the truth, then 33 million men in the US have curved or bent penises.
What puts you at risk for developing a curved or bent penis? What
natural remedies, if any, can help to stop the curvature from
progressing or, in the best case, straighten out your penis?

Peyronie’s Disease Has Been a Condition for Almost 300 Years

Peyronie’s disease is named for the doctor who first described the
condition in 1743, Francois Gigot de la Peyronie from Montpellier,
France.  Dr. Gigot de la Peyronie was an official doctor to King Louis
XIV of France.

Peyronie’s disease occurs when there is malfunction of or injury to the
corpus cavernosa, the sponge-like structures that surround the penis.
Together with the corpus spongiosum, these sponge-like structures
give the penis the flexibility to collapse after an erection subsides and  
to straighten the penis out when an erection occurs.  You can think of
them as an expandable elevator system, allowing the penis to go up or
down. When blood fills the sponges, the elevator goes up. When blood
drains from the sponges, the elevator goes down.

Peyronie’s disease can be painful in some cases and can interfere with
generating an erection. The disease can also be emotionally distressing.

Causes of Peyronie’s Disease

Although the exact cause of Peyronie’s disease remains unknown, even
after 300 years, scientists do have some clues.

Penis trauma is a major cause of a bent penis.  The shaft of the penis
and the underlying corpus cavernosa structures can sustain injury in
forceful sex, when the penis may ram against the harder structure of
the woman’s cervix or other structures.   The penis can of course also
be injured if it is compressed too tightly by hands or vagina or anal

Once your penis is inured, it can develop fibrotic scar tissue along the
shaft, which can pull the shaft in one direction or another into a bent

At the micro-level, many scientists believe the mechanism of the disease
works like this. You injure your penis. A tiny hematoma is created
which triggers inflammation.  Peyronie's disease then develops because
of the activation of a compound called nuclear factor kappa-B.  These
reactions cause the creation of fibroids and an over-production of
collagen which shows up between the layers of the connective tissue of
your penis called the “tunica albuginea”.

Your genetic history can also predispose you to a curved penis.
Scientists have found that men with a family history of Dupuytren’s
contractures are more at risk for Peyronie’s disease.  

With Dupuytren’s contractures, knots develop under the skin causing
the development of a cord of scar tissue that pulls your hands into a
distorted shape. You are more likely to develop Dupuytren’s if you are
of Northern European descent, are over 40 and are

In fact, as to this latter factor, diabetics are 42% more likely to develop
Dupuytren’s than non-diabetics, according to the Dupuytren’s Society
of the UK..

If you want to prevent a curved penis, you should,  therefore,
your blood sugar closely and avoid penis injury.

If you already have a curved penis, here are the remedies that are most
likely to help, based on medical studies:

Natural Remedies for Peyronie’s Disease

Vitamin E Can Help Stop Your Penis from Curving More

A 2012 study from Regina Apostolorum Hospital in Rome examined 70
patients between the ages of 26 and 69 who had been diagnosed with
Peyronie’s disease.

The men were divided into two groups and received different drug
combinations. The first group received a combination of  vitamin E,  
verapamil (injection and iontophoresis), blueberries, propolis and  
topical diclofenac.  The second group received the same drug cocktail
as the first group, with one important change --- no Vitamin E.   After 6
months of treatment, the scientists documented the penis curvature of
in each group.

An astonishing 96.6% of the Vitamin E group experienced an
improvement in penis curvature. The average improvement was 12.25
degrees less curvature. The other group also had some success, with
48.6% experiencing some improvement, with the average improvement
being 6.73 degrees.

The Vitamin E group had 50.2% less plaque along the penis after 6
months compared with 35% less plaque in the group that did not
receive Vitamin E.  This plaque is the source of the scarring that starts
to bend  the penis.

Why is Vitamin E helpful in straightening out the penis? Scientists don’t
yet know the answer. But a clue is found in the action of Vitamin E
generally. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, a scavenger of free
radicals that are released when your body is in an inflammatory state.
Perhaps, the Vitamin E is lowering inflammation in the spongy
structures of the pens, which helps them to heal, and perform better.

Bee Propolis Can Straighten Your Penis  

Bee propolis is a sap collected by bees from plants and used to “glue”
holes and weak spots in the hive. In 2012, the same team of scientists
from Rome studied 151 patients who had been diagnosed with penis
curvature. This time, the scientists tried 5 different drug cocktails,
including one cocktail with bee propolis.

Here were the 5 combinations tested:

-1st group  = verapamil (injection + iontophoresis) + vitamin E +
topical diclofenac + blueberries;

-2nd group  = verapamil (injection + iontophoresis) + vitamin E +
topical diclofenac + propolis;

-3rd group = verapamil (injection) + vitamin E + topical Diclofenac;

-4th group = verapamil (iontophoresis) + vitamin E + topical diclofenac;

-5th group = verapamil (injection + iontophoresis) + topical diclofenac
+ blueberries + propoli

After 6 months of treatment, the best results were found in Group 2,
which used the combination of Vitamin E and propolis.  In this group,
24.5% of the men saw their penis curvature disappear entirely.  They
were completely cured.    This group also saw the highest reduction in
overall curvature angle (a drop of 14%).

In short, if you don't already have a curved penis, avoiding ramming it
into something which can lead to inflammation and curvature, control
your blood sugar and eat a diet rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin E.
If you already have a curved penis, see a doctor which can help you
get the proper drug cocktail you need. If your doctor has not heard the
good news that Vitamin E and propolis can help the drug cocktail be
more effective, share the news with him or her.


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Bee propolis, in combination with
other drugs, helps to straighten out
penis curvature.