Why Erectile Dysfunction Caused by
Diabetes Is Harder to Reverse

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July 16, 2018
By Editors of MangoBoss

Erectile dysfunction can be reversed in many cases, as we have written
about previously. But one type of erectile dysfunction is harder to
reverse than others --- erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction is epidemic among
men with diabetes. As many as
75% of men with diabetes have erectile dysfunction, which is Three
times higher than men without diabetes, according to Dr. Biljana
Musicki, research associate with the Brady Urological Institute at Johns
Hopkins University in Baltimore.

To give you some idea of the scope of the problem, some 100 million
Americans have either full-blown diabetes or pre-diabetes, defined by
the American Diabetes Association as having a fasting blood sugar level
between 100 mg/DL and 125mg/dL on two separate occasions or an
A1C level between 5.7% and 6.4%.

Diabetes is more common in men than women. In fact, men are twice
as likely as women to develop Type 2 diabetes, even after adjusting for
body mass and other factors, according to a 2016 study from scientists
in Sweden and the UK.  The study, entitled "Higher Prevalence of Type
2 Diabetes in Men Than in Women Is Associated With Differences in
Visceral Fat Mass".

One Special Type of Sugar Makes Diabetes-related Erectile Dysfunction
Harder to Reverse

Have you ever heard of "O-GlcNAc"?  Most people have not, even
though this simple sugar is responsible for causing erectile dysfunction
in men with diabetes.  More precisely, excessive levels of this particular
sugar are responsible for causing ED in diabetic men.

O-GlcNAc is so destructive to a diabetic man's ability to achieve
erections because it interferes with the pathways that lead to the
production of nitric oxide.

When you become aroused, your body releases nitric oxide in the inner
lining of the blood vessels leading to your penis, opening them and
relaxing them, enabling ore blood to flow through. This increased blood
flow engorges your penis, causing an erection.

O-GlcNAc blocks the production of nitric oxide, preventing the
relaxation of the arteries and thus the initial creation of an erection.
Moreover, the absence of an erection makes it impossible to create
"shear stress", needed to sustain and erection.

What Kinds of Foods Contain O-GlcNAc?

O-GlcNAc levels increase when you eat a Western style diet, scientists
have found. Just 12 weeks of eating a diet high in saturated fat, refined
carbohydrates and sugar cause an increase in O-GlcNAc, according to a
2005 study from the University of Wyoming College of Health Sciences.  
Also, once you have diabetes, the disease itself also increases levels of

The Wyoming study examined the effect of feeding lab rats a high fat
diet (45% calories from fat) for 12 weeks. In just this short time, the
scientists discovered that O-GLcNAc increased to a level that can cause
tissue damage.

This is a significant discovery. The "tissue damage" can occur in the
heart, lungs and, yes, in the penis. If nerve damage occurs in the penis,
then Viagra will not repair this.

So what type of high fat diet causing this type of tissue damage? We're
not talking about unsaturated oil, such as olive oil, which remains a
liquid at room temperatures.

The type of oil, fat, that concerns scientists is saturated fat, the type of
fat that remains solid at room temperatures. This is animal fat.  You
can't get rid of it by cooking meat in olive oil or some other unsaturated
oil. This is because the meat itself contains saturated oil, especially in
the skin in the case of chicken.

All forms of animal fat can cause elevated levels of destructive O-
GLcNAc sugar and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Think hamburgers, with a side of fries, and a high sugar soda. If this
meal sounds like part of your regular diet, you are on a collision course
with diabetes, O-GlcNAc and erectile dysfunction.

Think fried chicken, with a side of biscuits, gravy and cole slaw bathed
in mayonnaise.

Think pork chops, with a side of macaroni and cheese.

Think barbecue baby backed ribs, with a side of corn bread,and
coleslaw with mayonnaise.

Think pork or chicken burritos, with a side of fries.

Think Chinese fried rice (pork, chicken) loaded with saturated fat and
white refined carbohydrates.

Think hot dogs, corn dogs, pastrami sandwiches, Cuban meet and
cheese sandwiches.

Think pizza, loaded with cheese and pepperoni, sausages, chicken or
hamburger meat.

Keep thinking, and keep eating these types of foods, all good, finger-
licking good in fact, and you will eat your way into diabetes-related
erectile dysfunction, the type of ED that even Viagra doesn't always

(Read about
foods that raise your risk for erectile dysfunction.)

Now, you know exactly 1/2 of what every man needs to know to
prevent ED. Here are the rest of the tips

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