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Why Does My Stomach Growl All
the Time?
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November 12, 2017

By Susan Callahan, Contributing Columnist

Stomach growls are probably one of the first mysteries of
the body we learn to identify. Those strange, growling
noises that come from deep in the belly often coincide with
a feeling of hunger. But just as often, they appear from
nowhere. In many people, stomach growling happens
often enough that it becomes a worry. Why does the
stomach growl? Can chronic stomach growling indicate
something more serious than a missed meal?

Borborygymus - The Technical Name for Stomach Growls

Scientists call stomach growls "borborygmus", derived
from the French word "borborygme", meaning "rumble".

Stomach growls actually are normal. They are caused by
the movement of fluid and food through your intestines.
Moving food along is what intestines were designed to do,
after all.

The intestines move food along through muscle
contractions, a process known as peristalsis.

When the small intestines contain only fluid and food, you
actually cannot hear stomach rumbles except through a

However, when air pockets exist in the small intestines,
and the intestinal walls contract to move food or fluid
along, a growl is created. The action is much like what you
hear when you step on or squeeze bubble wrap.

So Why Do Some People Have More Air in Their Intestines
Than Others?

Air in the small intestines causes stomach growls. But why
do some people have more air in their intestines than

Air enters your body when you inhale. Ir enters your
gastrointestinal tract when you swallow air as you are
eating or drinking.

When you chew, and when you swallow, you can take in
mouthfuls of air.  This happens very easily if you eat fast.

Gulping down drinks or eating food too fast in the primary
way you accidentally "mix" air with your food, causing air
pockets that can travel to your small intestines and lay the
groundwork for stomach growls.

Do Some Foods Also Produce Air on their Own?

Certain foods and drinks produce gas as a byproduct of
digestion. These foods are the usual suspects: beans,
broccoli, sodas with bicarbonate.

You can also feel bloated if you eat foods that your body is
particularly bad at digesting. This happens, for example, if
you are lactose intolerant and you drink milk or eat dairy.

Or, like those with Celiac disease or gluten-intolerance,
you may not be able to digest gluten.

Even a slightly impaired ability to digest certain foods can
produce gas an bloating.

Once the gas is produced, it has no where to go but into
your small intestines or out your mouth, when you vomit.

The Remedy for Stomach Growling Is Clear

The easiest remedy for stomach is simply to slow down
your eating.

We in the US eat a lot faster than Europeans. We eat in
less than an hour per meal, while in countries such as
France, meals are spread out over 5 to 7 courses and
several hours.

In America, we tend to eat our eals in two courses: a big
plate with meat, two sides, bread followed by a dessert

France, that meal sequence would typically be a small
salad appetizer, followed by a meat course accompanied
by a vegetable, followed by a cheese course, followed by a
dessert course

Two things happen when you eat meals over several
. One, it forces you to eat smaller portions. Two, it
forces you to eat slower.

As a result, you tend not to intake air as you swallow. You
also tend not to overeat.

Diseases That Make Your Stomach Growl

Other than gluten or lactose intolerance, certain diseases
can also cause bloating and stomach growls. These include
colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Recently, advances in our understanding of the role gut
bacteria plays in keeping us healthy has shed light on
possible remedies for these conditions.

Eating foods that encourage the growth of beneficial
bacteria (pre-biotics) can help to reduce inflammation in
your intestines and reduce stomach growls. These pre-
biotic foods include radishes, carrots and asparagus.

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Radishes can  lower intestinal
inflammation that causes growling
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