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January 30, 2013, last updated May 15, 2016
By L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Every man needs a good scratch from time to time but is your
scratching out of control? Do itchy balls drive you crazy? Are
you kept awake at night by the itchiness down below? Itchy
balls may sound amusing but for many men this is a serious
problem. Itching anywhere on the body can cause skin
irritation, bleeding, fatigue, sleeplessness and even
depression if it lasts for a long time, and itchy testicles or
scrotum can be even more uncomfortable and embarrassing.
Why do your balls itch so much? And is there anything you
can do to ease the agonizing compulsion to scratch?
If your balls itch, is it a sign of something serious?

If you constantly have itchy balls, is it a sign of a dangerous
condition? Or is it, just a nasty habit you have when you need
to scratch every two minutes (usually in public)?

Itching in the area around your balls and penis is caused by a
lot of the same reasons that the rest of your body itches.
Most of these causes are not serious and can be dealt with
using the correct treatment and natural remedies. Ball
itchiness is not normally a sign of cancer – itching may often
accompany cancer but it is usually widespread and not
localized. (Read more about
signs of testicular cancer.)

Causes of Itching Balls

One of the most common, and serious, causes of itching balls
is a sexually transmitted infection. However, don’t assume
you have an STD if you need to scratch your balls a lot. (Read
more about the
Top 10 causes and remedies for STDs.)

Other common causes of ball itch include fungal infections,
scabies, bacterial infection, psoriasis and jock itch – an
inflammation of the groin area. You may also suffer from
itching balls because your clothes are too tight, you are
wearing the wrong fabric close to the delicate skin of your
groin, or you are allergic to a detergent or soap.

If your itching balls are driving you crazy then consult a
doctor or dermatologist. Don’t panic, these professionals
have seen it all before and can advise you on the best
treatment. We’ve looked at a range of natural remedies,
backed by scientific research, which can also help take the
itch from your underwear.

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Itching Balls

1. Oregon Grape to Ease Itching Balls

Itchy balls could be caused by psoriasis, a non-serious skin
condition characterized by pinkish or reddish patches of skin
topped with a scaly layer. Yes, psoriasis can affect your groin
and can cause inflammation, skin cracking and infection along
with all-consuming itching.

The herb Oregon grape has been shown to reduce some of
the symptoms of psoriasis. A 2006 study from the
Dermatology and Cosmetic Center, Rochester, New York
showed a cream containing 10 percent Oregon grape extract
was significantly better at treating the condition than placebo.
Similar results were seen in a 1996 study from
Lehrbeauftragter für Allgemeinmedizin der Universität
Göttingen, Weinstadt, Germany.

Treat Allergies to Stop Your Balls Itching

You know this already, but your balls are delicate and need
protection – using the wrong soap, detergent, shower gel or
underpants can cause intense itching in your scrotum area.

Try changing brands and choose a non-allergenic version.
Change your bath time routine too – don’t take too many hot
baths and use very little soap.

Pat the skin dry rather than rubbing. Choose underwear
made from cotton (throw away those synthetic fibers) and
make sure your bed sheets are also cotton.

Try Aloe to Stop Balls Itching

Aloe vera is valued for its soothing, calming properties and
research has shown that the gel from the plant can have
particular effects on skin conditions that cause itching in the
scrotum area, such as psoriasis, and also on genital herpes. A
1997 study from the Department of Clinical Physiology,
Malmö University Hospital, Sweden showed aloe cream
quickened the healing of lesions from genital herpes and
increased the number of men who were completely healed in
two weeks. A 1996 study from the University of California
also demonstrated that aloe vera cream was more effective
than placebo for treating genital herpes. Aloe may also be
good for psoriasis sufferers, according to Malmö University
Hospital, Sweden in 1996.

If you can find it, you should do yourself a favor and, once in
awhile, use the actual aloe plant.  You just cut the thick
leaves, and squeeze out the aloe onto your skin. It is a sticky
substance but your skin loves it. Leave it on for an hour as a
mask to soothe irritated itchy skin.

Tea Tree Oil for Jock itch

Itching balls are commonly caused by tinea cruris, or jock
itch. This irritating condition is caused by ringworm of the
groin – the growth of a particular kind of fungus. Jock itch
affects your balls because the area is warm and moist, and
the condition can be triggered by friction from clothes or
sweating. Try tea tree oil – this antiseptic has a good
reputation for treating skin infections and fungi. Tea tree oil
was used to treat athlete’s foot – the same kind of fungal
infection that causes jock itch – in a 2002 study from Royal
Prince Alfred Hospital, New South Wales, Australia and results
showed that tea tree oil was more effective than placebo at
getting rid of the infection. (Read more about
cures for jock

Treat Scabies to Stop Your Balls Itching

Scabies can cause intense and prolonged itching in affected
areas, including the scrotum. The skin disease is caused by
microscopic mites and is easily spread. Your itchiness is an
allergic reaction to the mite burrowing into your skin. Scabies
can be cleared with a trip to the doctor. And according to
Jörg Heukelbach and Hermann Feldmeier writing in The
Lancet, 2006 a repellant containing jojoba and coconut oil is
effective at keeping the mites away that cause the itching.

Lavender Oil for Pubic Lice?

Other critters responsible for cases of itching balls are pubic
lice. If your scrotum is itching like crazy, you could have
caught a case of lice. Public lice are often treated with
insecticides but lavender oil is suggested as a natural
response to the insects although the remedy has only been
tested on head lice so far.  A 2010 study from the University
of Queensland, Australia showed a solution made from tea
tree and lavender oil completely cleared head lice much more
effectively than insecticides.

Probiotics for Itching Balls Caused by Yeast infection

It’s not only women who suffer from yeast infections in the
genital area. Men can also experience an infection caused by
the overgrowth of a yeast called Candida, and the infection is
likely to occur in the groin area, causing itching and a rash.

Probiotics are widely reported to help treat genital yeast
infections although the evidence is far from conclusive. A
2009 study from Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil showed
women with the infection who took Lactobacillus rhamnosus
and L. reuteri supplementation experienced decreased
symptoms compared to taking an anti-fungal medication on
its own. It is important to clear the yeast infection or risk
passing it back and forth to your partner.

If yeast infection is the cause of your itching, it is important
to cut down on sugar and carbohydrates. Yeast feeds on
sugar, so eating sugar while you have a yeast infection will
only prolong your agony.

Clear Itching Balls Caused by Genital Herpes with Lemon

Itchiness in the balls area is often caused by the herpes virus,
a condition that causes blister-like sores in the genitals and
the mouth. A cream made from lemon balm is touted as a
treatment for genital and oral herpes. A 1994 study from
Johann Wilhelm Ritter Clinic Special Clinic for Skin Diseases,
Bad Rothenfelde showed patients with oral or genital herpes
that used lemon balm cream had a significantly better rate of
recovery than those that used a placebo cream. (Read more
about how
peppermint oil kills the herpes virus.)

Eczema Can Cause Itchy Balls

If you suffer itchy, inflamed patches of skin on the body you
could be suffering from eczema, an allergic reaction that can
also affect the skin on your genitals. You can try
antihistamine and steroid creams to treat the condition but
other more natural topical creams may also help. A cream
made from extract of licorice was more effective than placebo
at treating eczema, according to a 2003 study from
Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Sari, Iran.


10. Contact Dermatitis Can Cause Itchy Balls

Contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction ti something that
your skin touches. In the area around your anus and balls,
doctors have found that often contact dermatitis can be
caused by reactions to spermicidal jelly, latex in condoms,
condom lubricants and suppositories use for hemorrhoids,
according to a 2004 study from Johns Hopkins Medical Center
led by Dr. Laura McGirt.

Cayenne Pepper for Itchy Balls?

Hands up who’d put pepper on their balls to ease itching? Not
many of us, right. But the common cayenne pepper doesn’t
actually cause inflammation or damage to the skin on contact.

Instead a substance in cayenne, capsaicin, releases a chemical
when applied to the skin that tricks the nervous system into
thinking that a skin injury has occurred, hence the burning

When you regularly apply capsaicin to an area on the body
the chemical that causes a painful sensation is reduced – and
pain generally is reduced - which is why capsaicin cream is
often used to treat pain and painful conditions. For example,
a 1993 study from University of Michigan Medical School, Ann
Arbor showed topical capsaicin improved itching in cases of

But guys, the key is not to use cayenne pepper straight from
the jar…. (Read more about how
red peppers help reduce
your risk of prostate cancer.)

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Tea tree oil can help stop itchy balls.
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