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January 30, 2013, last updated May 15, 2016
By L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

When you have a constant wet sensation on or near your
testicles, one that won't dry no matter what you do, is rightly
a cause for concern.  Most men who experience this problem
don't know what it is, what to call it, or how to fix it. They
may try in vain to use standard jock itch powder, baby
powder, or any number of other remedies without success
before seeking medical advice.

The condition is called "intertrigo".  Intertrigo is caused when
you have folds in your skin. Intertrigo can occur anywhere
on your body which has folds -- underneath your stomach,
underneath your arms, in the folds of your neck, between
your thighs and in your groin area.
(Read more about
remedies for sweaty underarms.)

Is intertrigo a sign of a more serious problem?

How Common Is Intertrigo?

Not many countries have looked at the prevalence of
intertrigo. Several European studies put the incidence of
intertrigo at 17% among nursing home residents and 20% in
patients cared for at home. You get the idea. Intertrigo is
more common when you are bedridden.

What Causes the Wetness and Irritation of Intertrigo?

With intertrigo, moisture is trapped within folds of skin. This
can make the skin feel sticky or wet.

Irritation is caused by friction when skin meets skin or, in
more complicated cases, by bacteria or fungus trapped in the
folds of the skin.  Your skin is a unique ecology which about 2
billion  bacteria call their regular home.

A 2011 study from the National Human Genome Research
Institute of the National Institutes of Health led by Dr.
Elizabeth Grice observed that "Staphylococcus epidermidis
and other coagulase-negative staphylococci  are the primary
bacterial colonizers of the skin... Other skin colonizers include
coryneforms of the phylum Actinobacteria (the genera
Corynebacterium, Propionibacterium and Brevibacterium) and
the genus Micrococcus."

These bacteria multiply in places where moisture is more
plentiful, such in the folds of your skin near your testicles.

You Are More At Risk for Intertrigo If Your Immune System
Is Weakened

A weakened immune system leaves you more vulnerable to
infections accompanying intertrigo. For this reason, people
with untreated STDs are more at risk for intertrigo.

(Read more about the
Top 10 causes and remedies for STDs.)

One of the reasons that STDs put you at greater risk of skin
infections is that such infections divert resources your body
uses to fight the skin infections. Having untreated STDs
requires that your immune system allocate infection-fighting
T cells to the STD rather than attack the infection of the
intertrigo as vigorously.

Get Tested for Diabetes and Lose Weight If You Have

Diabetes increases your risk for skin infections, including
intertrigo. A 2016 study led by Endocrine and Diabetes
Department, Agamenon Magalhães Hospital, Recife, Brazil
found that fungal infections are more common in diabetics
than bacterial or viral infections  and "interdigital spaces,
genitalia and skin folds were the most frequent site of

Many people are unaware that they have diabetes. The 2015
report of the Centers for Disease Control estimates that 30
million Americans have diabetes and that an additional 70
million have pre-diabetes. That means about a third of us
either have diabetes or are well on our way to developing it.

Type 2 diabetes is believed to be a lifestyle disease. Eating
foods that do not raise your blood sugar appreciably ---low
glycemic index foods --- helps to blunt the progression of the
disease or prevent it. High glycemic foods, such as white
flour, bread, desserts and sugar, put you at higher risk for

Engaging in regular exercise also reduces your risk for
diabetes, with most doctors recommending between 30
minutes and an hour of aerobic exercise such as walking per
day, at least.

Losing weight helps as well. Maintaining a healthy body
weight lowers your risk for diabetes. And if you are pre-
diabetic, losing weight is the best strategy to avoid
developing full blown diabetes, according to a 2015 study
from Southeast Missouri University.

Should You Put a Barrier to Keep Skin Contact at a Minimum
or Leave the Area Exposed to the Air

Intertrigo is caused by skin-to-skin contact. After cleansing
the area of bacteria or fungus, ask your doctor if you should
consider a dry sterile wound gauze as a barrier to minimize  
skin to skin contact. Many doctors prefer that you keep the
skin open to the air to encourage drying out the moisture.
But if you are overweight or obese, this may not be possible.

If your doctor recommends using gauze, t will be necessary
to change the wound gauze frequently to keep the area clean
and dry. Your doctor will be able to recommend an antiseptic
to help lower bacterial levels or a anti-viral cream to lower
fungal counts on the skin surface.

Treat Vitamin B6 Deficiency for Intertrigo

Vitamin B6 deficiency is a known risk for intertrigo.

In addition to causing intertrigo, Vitamin B6 deficiency also
raises your risk for cheilitis ( cracks at the corners of your
mouth), conjunctivitis,
seborrheic dermatitis, atrophic
glossitis,  sideroblastic anemia  and neurologic problems.

What can you do to correct a Vitamin B6 deficiency? You can
of course take a supplement. But you may benefit by simply
increasing food sources of Vitamin B6. The National Institutes
of Health indicate that the richest sources of Vitamin B6 are
fish, beef liver and other organ meats (such as kidneys),
potatoes and other starchy vegetables, and non-citrus fruit.
Some fortified fortified cereals also contain Vitamin B6. You
have to read the labels.

Probiotics for Itching Balls Caused by Yeast infection

It’s not only women who suffer from yeast infections in the
genital area. Men can also experience an infection caused by
the overgrowth of a yeast called Candida, and the infection is
likely to occur in the groin area, causing itching and a rash.

Probiotics are widely reported to help treat genital yeast
infections although the evidence is far from conclusive. A
2009 study from Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil showed
women with the infection who took Lactobacillus rhamnosus
and L. reuteri supplementation experienced decreased
symptoms compared to taking an anti-fungal medication on
its own. It is important to clear the yeast infection or risk
passing it back and forth to your partner.

If yeast infection is the cause of your itching, it is important
to cut down on sugar and carbohydrates. Yeast feeds on
sugar, so eating sugar while you have a yeast infection will
only prolong your agony.

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Beef and potatoes help prevent Vitamin B6
deficiency, a known cause of intertrigo
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