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September 24, 2009
By Matt Bayh, Featured Columnist

When you get serious about strength training or
bodybuilding, you are soon confronted by the controversy
over the use of supplements.  Putting the whole issue of
whether professional athletes or any athletes ought to be
able to use supplements, there is one basic question that
most of the reports out there never really address.  Are
these supplements effective in the first place? And, of the
two most popular supplement --whey protein and creatine
--which one actually works better in terms of improving
your muscle strength and performance.

Mangoboss combed through the actual medical research
reports to settle the issue.  

Whey and Creatine Affect Different Strength Exercises

It turns out that the answer as to whether whey or
creatine is better at improving your strength depends on
which exercises you're targeting. For bench press and
push-ups, a combination of whey and creatine works
better than whey alone.

A 2001 study by St. Francis Xavier university in Canad
found that whey protein in combination with creatine
improves your maximum bench press better than creatine
or whey alone. The research team measured 36 men over
a 6 week training period. The men were divided into
groups and given 1.2 grams of whey protein a day or a
whey-creatine combo of .1 grams a day or a placebo of
nothing but maltodextrin, the same stuff that's used to mix
with Splenda.

After 6 weeks, the guys taking the whey-creatine comb
had more lean muscle mass than the guys using whey
alone. The whey-creatine combo also produced higher
maximum bench presses.

However, when it comes to knee extensions, whey and the
whey-creatine combo were equally effective.

Same story with squats. Whey by itself was just as
effective as the whey-creatine combo in boosting squat

Bottom line: It appears, for reasons not yet clear to
researchers, that whey and creatine in combo helps to
improve your upper body strength but won't do "squat"
for your lower body strength. Sorry for the pun, guys, but
I have no self control.

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