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August 7, 2013
By A.Lee, Contributing Columnist

Suddenly, a new industry is growing around vitamins aimed to improve
your golf game. Given the bright shiny statistic that over 35 million men
play golf in the US, it was only a matter of time before the vitamin
industry caught on. But do these products work? Are there really any
vitamins or minerals that differentially help golfers as opposed to any
other athletes?

Golfers Are Different But Do They Need Different Vitamins

In terms of the athletic demands of golf, golfers are probably closest to
baseball players. Golf requires almost the impossible—take a metal
“bat” that’s thin as a reed with a hitting surface about as wide as a half
a deck of cards and swing it as hard as a major league baseball player
cuts at a fast ball . But, just for fun, swing at a ball that is about two-
thirds smaller than a baseball. Oh yeah, and unlike a baseball player
who can hit it in a range of spots and get a hit, golfers have to shape
the shot to fit either in a fairway or outside a bunker.

Keep in mind that we sports fans celebrate Babe Ruth for “calling” a
home run shot into right or left field?  Golfers have to “call” 18 shots
per round. They have to shape their drives or face the rough.
To hit a driver, you need peak adrenaline. But just as suddenly, you
need your adrenaline to disappear to zero, so you can calmly sink a

The Vitamin that Your Golf Muscles Crave

Ever notice that the swing of most men over 55 is vastly different from
the swing of men under 30?  The difference can be accounted for
almost entirely by differences in muscle mass in the legs, flexibility in
the back and shoulders and arm and shoulder strength.

Modern professional golfers almost all hit the gym. Tiger Woods of
course popularized the golf workout. But long before Tiger, Gary Player
of South Africa was renowned as a fitness fanatic. And now Rory
McIlroy has stacked  more than 10 pounds of muscle to his frame from
his intense workouts.

Your muscles need particular vitamins and minerals to remain at peak
performance in general. However, one vitamin appears especially
important to muscle performance—Vitamin C (ascorbate). Studies have
found that muscles are particularly sensitive to the levels of Vitamin C in
your blood.

One 2013 study  from New Zealand’s University  of Otago in
Christchurch led by Dr. Anitra Carr and Dr. Stephanie Bozonet  
discovered that the plasma levels of
Vitamin C in your muscles increases
directly in proportion to the amount of Vitamin C you consume,
meaning that your body ‘s muscles are designed to quickly and
thoroughly absorb Vitamin C.

In the experiment, participants ate 2 kiwis a day for 6 weeks to boost
the levels of Vitamin C in their muscles. Kiwis are extraordinarily rich in
Vitamin C, containing about 137 milligrams per kiwi (the recommended
daily allowance for Vitamin C is 75 milligrams for women and 90 for

Glucosamine. Glucosamine is a protein-like compound made from
ground up skeletons of marine animals. It’s  been used for decades as
a supplement for osteoporosis .   Glucosamine is sold in Europe as a
supplement for osteoporosis and for joint health.  Glucosamine is also
sold in the US but has not been recommended yet by the American
College of Rheumatology as an osteoporosis supplement.  Glucosamine
is found naturally in the proteoglycans in the cartilage of your body, in
the fluid between the discs of your spine and in the fluid which lines
your joints called synovial fluid.

You’ll find three diifferent kinds of glucosamine on the market,  
glucosamine sulfate (technically glucosamine sodium sulfate),  
glucosamine hydrochloride and N-acetyl-glucosamine . Most reviews
only compare two forms of glucosamine –the sulfate form and the
hydrochloride form—because these are the better sellers.

Glucosomine sulfate vs. Glucosamine HCL.   Once glucosamine enters
your body, the glucosamine molecule separates from its carrier. So
both forms of glucosamine should, theoretically at least, be equally

But they are different. For one thing, glucosamine sulfate contains salt,
so if you have high blood pressure, your doctor may recommend that
you not take the sulfate form of this supplement. Second, there are
more clinical trials which have established the effectiveness of
glucosamine sulfate.

In fact, one 2012 study led by Yves Henrotin of the  Bone and Cartilage
Research Unit of Belgium’s University of Liège  put it bluntly, saying
that glucosamine sulfate’s benefits to osteoporosis and joint health
have been established but that “ At this time, glucosamine
hydrochloride cannot be recommended based on the available clinical

But, and this is a big but, people (including myself) have used
glucosamine hcl and found that the old knees just feel a lot better after
you  take it and a lot worse when you skip it.

Chondroitin.  Chondroitin is made from the crushed cartilage of sharks
and cows. There’s no firm eveidence that chondroitin supports joint
health but it is sold and used as a dietary supplement in Europe and the

Krill Oil for Joint Pain.  The “new kid on the block” in the world of joint
pain supplements  is krill oil. Krill oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids
wrapped in phospholipids, which makes it easier than fish oil for the
cells of the joints to absorb and use . In Europe, krill oil is sold as a
joint support supplement and in the US it is sold as a dietary
supplement. Read more about the comparisons of
krill oil vs. fish oil.

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