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I Easy as  Taking Candy From a
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What Politicians Make?
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September 1, 2008, Last Updated October 23, 2011

Ever wonder how much George W. Bush makes a
year? How about Obama, Clinton and McCain?

Here are the cold facts about the cold cash politicos
rake in.

1. Former US President George W. Bush. $400,000.
Freebies an approximate $50,000 tax-free expense
account. Total take $450,000 to $494,000. 2007
returns showed he and Mrs. Bush earned $993,000
in total income from all sources. Their net worth is
estimated at between $20 million and $30 million.  

After he leaves office President Bush will retire to a
home in Dallas, Texas, in the exclusive neighborhood
of Preston Hollow, near the home of billionaire Tom
Hicks.  The home, at 10141 Daria Place is 8,500
square feet on 1.1 acres, and is valued at $3.074,000
with an annual tax bill of $44,000.  Not too shabby.  
It was purchased with a loan of $3,074,000 from
Community National Bank in Midland, Texas and is
due in full in October 2012.

2. Vice President Cheney. $192,000 annual salary.He
and his wife earned $3 million from all sources in
2007. Estimated net worth $70 to 90 million.

3. Senators (Obama, Clinton, McCain): $150,000 in
salary but read on.

4. Senator Obama: He and his wife earned $4.2
million in 2007, including his Senate salary. Estimated
net worth $6 to $10 million.  
Here is a more precise
calculation of now President Obama's net worth.

5. Senator Clinton. The Clinton earned $20 million
from all sources in 2007. Estimated net worth $109

6. Senator McCain. He earned $405, 000 from all
sources in 2007. Estimated net worth $36 million. His
wife separately is estimated to be worth $100 million
from her share of an inheritance from a large beer
distributorship started by her father,

7. French President Sarkozy. $346,000. Under the
new system, Sarkozy and future French heads of
state will get roughly the same monthly pay as the
nation's prime minister does — a monthly, pre-tax
pay of around $28,000. Even with that substantial
bump, Sarkozy's new remuneration won't be the
envy of many of his international peers.

8. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. $384,000 for
former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

9. German Chancellor Angela Merkel. $391,000 .

10. Ireland's now soon-to-be-former Prime Minister
Bertie Ahern. $446,000.

11. President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. According to
report in London's Guardian newspaper , 82-year
old Hosni Mubarak controls a family fortune
estimated at $70 billion (that's billion), making him
arguably the richest man on earth, ahead of the $53
billion foprtune of Carlos Slim of Mexico and the $50
billion fortune of Microsoft's Bill Gates. The Mubarak
fortune is believed to be invested in cash assets in
Swiss banks (UBS) and the Royal Bank of Scotland in
the UK as well as extensive real estate holdings in
Egypt, London, New York and Los Angeles.
Mubarak's sons Gamal and Alaa are also reportedly

12. Colonel Moammar Gaddafi of Libya. Colonel
Gaddafi was killed in October 2011 in Libya.
Gaddafi's net worth is hard to estimate but he and
his family may be worth up to $30 billion. Recently,
US Treasury Department froze $30 billion in
assets listed under the names of Gaddafi (also
sometimes known as  "Ghaddafi", "Qadhafi" or
"Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi" ) and four of his
children as well as Libyan entities that they

At the age of 30, some 4o years ago, a young
Colonel Gaddafi was profiled by the television show
"60 Minutes". Reporter Mike Wallace then observed
that at that time, Gaddafi "may be the world's richest

Sources:; Time Magazine; Congressional
Quarterly; US Treasury Department
Only $150,000 now but win or lose
estimates for Obama's back-end
money are massive. His may earn over
$100 million after he leaves office
President Bush and Sarkozy of France
(in car) and Gordon Brown of the U.K..
Bush has a net worth of between $20
and $30 million. That will balloon if he
joins the lucrative speech and book
circuit that have earned the Clintons
$109 million since Bill Clinton left office.
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany,
perhaps the most powerful female
politician in the world.
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The 8,500 square foot single story house purchased by President
George W. Bush at 10141 Daria Place, Dallas, Texas is valued at $3,
074,000. President and Mrs. Bush's home is modest in comparison with
his new neighbors who include billionaire Tom Hicks.

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