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What Does It Mean to Be a Man in
Today's World?
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October 2, 2014

By S. Callahan, Contributing Columnist

We humans are, on the whole, organized. Since the time
we humans lived in caves, we have organized ourselves as
female or male.  We could have chosen a different way to
organize ourselves of course. We could have, for example,
decided to organize ourselves according to height, with all
humans shorter than 5 feet being assigned to do certain
chores and all those taller than 5 feet being assigned to do
others.  We could have organized ourselves by the color of
our eyes or our abilities to sing.  But the way we chose to
organize ourselves was according to our gender.  This
made sense on many levels. Babies come out looking
pretty much the same except for that little difference
"down there".

We soon noticed that humans with the penises grew up to
have bigger muscles and ran faster. Thus it made sense
that these type of humans were assigned the job of
hunting down animals for the whole tribe to eat.  Over
time, those with the bigger muscles and those hunting
chores were called "men" and those who had this magical
ability to produce new humans from their bodies were
called "women".

Having greater physical strength is handy for hunting
down deer and lions. It's also handy for dominating female
humans and other weaker males. Over time, physical
dominance became attached to social dominance. So, the
idea of "man" as "hunter", morphed into "man" as

Being a "man" meant being able to hunt for animals and
provide the food your clan needed to survive. It meant
being able to fend off attackers from outside who might
try to come into your cave. It mean keeping your family
safe from external harm, so that your offspring would be
able to grow up and represent your genetic uniqueness in
future generations.

From the time of the caves until fairly recently, the
definitions of "man" and "woman" were fixed and clear. Or
were they?  Did our prehistoric forbears also have to face
questions of what it means to be a man?

Prehistoric Homosexual Man Grave Found in Europe

In 2011, Czech archaeologists uncovered an unusual
burial site dating from the Stone Age, around 5,000 years

The site, near Terronska Street in Prague, contained the
remains of what was clearly a male body. However, the
position of the body and the items that were buried
alongside him suggested that he was a female.

Archaeologists have long been familiar with the distinctly
different way Stone Age humans buried men versus the
way they buried women.

Men were always buried on their right side facing west.
They were buried with weapons, knives made of flint and

Women were buried on their left side facing east. Their
graves included necklaces and a distinctive pot shaped like
and egg was placed near their feet.

The mystery man found in Prague was buried like a
women, with his face facing east and with an egg-shaped
pot at his feet.

This unusual burial as evidence of the first homosexual
cave man, according to Czech archaeologist Katerina
Semradova .

Does the Exception Proves the Rule --That the Old Roles
of What "Makes a Man a Man" Persists?

With rare exception, the evidence is that in fact in almost
all human societies men are assigned the role of hunters,
especially for meat, and women are assigned the role of

If you've ever been to a barbecue, you can probably attest
to the fact that men love barbecuing big pieces of meat, a
throwback to the days of the hunter gatherer. It just feels
good to many men to roast up a big piece of red meat to
feed the family.  The traditional role of men to carve up the
large turkey at the dinner table is also traceable to the
hunter gatherer role that started back in the caves.

Of course, these roles exist along a spectrum, so you will
find that men sometimes also help in child-rearing and
women help in hunting, but by and large, the roles are

There are notable exceptions.  One of the most striking
exceptions to the rule that "men are hunters" and women
are child-raisers" was found by American sociologist Dr.
Barry Hewlett. Hewett lived among the nomadic central
African pygmy tribe called the "AKA".

Among the AKA, women hunt as often as men. Men raise
the children while the women are out hunting, even
allowing the babies to suck their nipples.

But they are the exception. The fact that there is only this
one exception in all of the many billions of other humans
on the planet proves how resistant to change the general
rule is.

So What Are the Rules of What It Means to Be a Man?

Throughout history, the enduring meaning of "manhood"

Exploring the World Outside the Cave

Going out into the exterior world, outside the cave.
Exploring the external world, facing the risks of the
unknown, are traditionally male roles. The explorers of
new continents and new worlds have almost all been male.
There are exceptions of course --- aviator Amelia Earhart
and Astronauts Sally Ride and others.  Moreover, women
are increasingly joining the ranks of geographical
explorers. But men far outnumber women in this role.

Providing for the Family

Bringing into the family the food needed to sustain the
unit. Again, many, many women have historically and
currently fulfill this role but it has traditionally been a role
understood culturally as a male one. In non-heterosexual
couples, often the same division of roles occurs.

Protecting the Mate and Children

This means protecting them against threats outside.

Understanding Boundaries

In today's world, a man cannot be successful in forming a
family unit over a long term unless he respects and
understands the boundaries of authority he wields. Only
women own the authority over their bodies. Men who do
not respect this boundary often ultimately end up alone, so
it is evolutionarily unfavorable to assert yourself physically
against a woman's wishes.  

In the World of Instagram, Hook-Ups and Body Shaming,
What Do These Traditional Rules Mean?

We live in a world where men can anonymously surf the
net for partners and sexual stimulation, without forming
long-lasting bonds with any one female. In such a world,
where do the traditional rules mean?

The cultural rules of "what it means to be a man" are
remarkably resilient. On Facebook, Instagram and other
social media, being a man means choosing not to
participate in group shaming. These are the gang-like
attacks on women through postings, stalking and other
predatory behavior.  The reason is that such behavior
lowers your chances of being successful in forming a
stable bond with another human being and this is the
standard throughout human history for what it means to
be a successful man.

This type of behavior often puts your earnings potential at
risk, as employers or would be employers can rather easily
discover your social media past.

Lower job prospects mean you can't be a provider which,
again, means you fall out of the higher brackets of
desirable men for potential mates.

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