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March 3, 2018

By S. Callahan, Contributing Columnist

"Clothes make the man", to paraphrase Shakespeare. We
do pay attention to our duds. And for good reason.
Studies have found that most people judge us first on
appearance and secondly on substance. What we wear can
spell the difference between success and failure and
business, we all know, but did you also know that what
you ear can make a big difference in your perm count?
Which fabrics are best to protect your sperm count? And
which fabrics actually lower sperm count?

Scientists Have Studied How Fabric Affects Sperm Count

Back in 1993, researchers from the Department of Surgery
and Research, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University,
undertook an interesting experiment.

They took 24 dogs and divided them into three groups of
12.  They measured the sperm levels of each dog. The first
group of 8 dogs were outfitted with loose fitting polyester
underwear. No, this really was an experiment -- you can't
make this stuff up.

The second group of 8 dogs were outfitted in cotton

The third group of dogs  --- lucky dogs --- wore no
underwear at all.

The dogs wore the underwear "continuously for 24
months during which the semen character, testicular
temperature, hormones (serum testosterone, follicle
stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, prolactin) and
testicular biopsy were examined."  There were no pictures
of this underwear in the study but, one would hop, there
were holes in it, to help keep conditions sanitary.

At the End of 2  Years, The Dogs Wearing Polyester Were
Short Some Sperm

At the end of two years, the researchers removed the
underwear. They measured sperm counts, among other

The result? The sperm counts of the dogs that had worn
polyester were down significantly.  

The sperm counts of the dogs that had worn cotton
underwear were unchanged from the start of the
experiment, the same as the control group of dogs that
had not worn any underwear.

The Moral of the Story -- Go Cotton or Go Home

Cotton, good ol' cotton, is the probably best fabric choice
for your underwear. We now know that cotton is a neutral
choice for sperm. It neither improves it not harms it.

Polyester, for reasons still not clear to scientists, is a sperm
killer.  While you may not think you are wearing polyester
underwear, check the labels. Many so-called "cotton
blends" contain some forms of synthetic fabric, and may
include polyester.

What about wearing polyester outer pants? These are
probably not helping sperm count either. Underwear gets
clammy and more porous during the day, so it is possible
that the harmful chemicals in polyester can penetrate the
underwear layer as well in some cases.

Scientists believe that electrostatic properties of polyester
are to blame for the  drop in sperm counts.

All of this raises an alarming question? Are there other
fabrics whose electrostatic properties are similar to
polyester? For now, until scientists can answer this
question, you should stick with cotton for al of your
underwear and sportswear fabrics if you're concerned
about your sperm count.


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Wearing polyester can lower your sperm
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