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Urethral Meatus Burning -- Causes
and Top 7 Natural Remedies

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August 15, 2015
By  L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist and Susan Callahan, Contributing

Stinging, burning, problems peeing and intense pain – no one
wants to suffer from urethral meatus burning. Any burning,
pain or discomfort when you urinate is called "dysuria", and
the most common cause in both men and women is urinary
tract infection.  

These infections happen most often to men as they get older
as a side symptom caused by an enlarged prostate ( benign
prostatic hyperplasia) or to younger women as a result of
sexually transmitted infections. About 50% of men over the
age of 55 report having urinary tract problems, according to
the American Association of Family Physicians.

This condition may not be unusual but it is almost certainly
painful. How do you treat urethral meatus burning? What
causes the condition? And when is urethral meatus burning

What is the Urethral Meatus?

The urethral meatus or the urinary meatus is the spot where
the urine exits the body. In men it is found on the penis and
is also where semen leaves the body.

When the Burning Occurs Gives You Important Clues

Pay really close attention to exactly when your pain occurs.

Your doctor can often tell the cause of your urination pain by
knowing exactly when it occurs. Does the pain occur when
you start to pee? Does it occur during the middle or the end
of when you urinate?  If your pain occurs when you start to
urinate, this  usually indicates an inflammation in the urethral,
according to a 1999 report by Dr. Richard Roberts of the
University of Wisconsin medical School.

If the pain is more severe over the area of your abddomen
above your pubic area when you finish urinating, the cause is
more likely inflammation of your bladder.

What Causes Urethral Meatus Burning?

Anything which irritates or blocks the urethral can cause
burning including stones, sexually transmitted diseases and
even super spicy foods.

In men with prostate enlargement, the urethral can become
obstructed. As a result, your urine can pool and remain static
for too long, which can lead to bacterial infection. Kidney
stones can also cause obstruction and burning.

The most likely cause of urethral meatus burning is a urinary
tract infection. The urinary tract is made up of the kidneys,
bladder, ureters and urethra. This entire tract is normally
sterile and free from bacteria.

But bacteria can and does enter through the meatus after
bowel movements or during sexual intercourse.

Urinary tract infections, and urethral meatus burning, are
more common in women than men because the female
urethra is short and it is easy for bacteria to reach the
bladder or the kidneys.

What are the Symptoms of a Urethral Meatus Infection?

As well as a burning or stinging pain, you are likely to
experience problems with urination. You will need to go more
frequently and with more urgency, and you may have blood
in the urine or cloudy urine. To make matters worse, painful
back spasms or abdomen spasms can accompany a urinary
infection that causes urethral meatus burning.

Get Thee to a Doctor

Sometimes, the causes of your burning are serious.  In some
cases, urethral burning means that you have an inflamed
urethra caused by a sexually transmitted disease such as
herpes simplex II.

If you are sexually active and have herpes, you will need to
be treated with the proper medication. The go-to medication
is an anti-viral such as Acyclovir, (Zovirax), famciclovir
(Famvir)or valacyclovir (Valtrex).

Or, your urethral burning can be caused by
which blocks the flow of your urine. You may
need to have surgery in the most severe cases or be treated
with alpha blockers or other medications.

If your urethral meatus is burning, what can you do to
promote healing?

Here are some of the natural remedies which scientific studies
have shown can either prevent or help to promote the
healing of a burning meatus:

Goldenrod for Urethral Meatus Burning

In most cases, antibiotics are needed to cure urethral burning
as the infection that causes the burning is due to bacteria.

But many remedies
help the progress of antibiotic treatment,
including goldenrod.

According to the European Scientific Cooperative on
Phytotherapy (Monographs 1996–1997) goldenrod can wash
out bacteria by increasing urine flow, and soothe
inflammation that leads to urethral meatus burning.

2. Don't Believe the Hype About
Drinking Cranberry Juice to
Stop Urinary Tract Infections

Some urban legends are hard to kill. And one of the most
resilient ones is that cranberry juice cure urinary tract

By now, we have all heard the hype: Cranberry juice is
supposedly a "natural fix" for urinary tract infections. By
extension, it should also stop chronic infections that cause
urethral meatus burning, right? Wrong.

Before you go out and stock up on cranberries and cranberry
jucie, let's look at the evidence.

First, the good news. An ingredient in cranberries does in fact
help to prevent bacteria such as E. coli from attaching to the
walls of your bladder. In theory, if bacteria are more
effectively washed away, the infection will be short-lived or
not at all.

The early studies have been much touted and over-hyped.  
For example, a 2002 study from the University of British
Columbia, Vancouver looked at 150 women over one year
and found that those taking cranberry juice three times a day
had significantly reduced episodes of bladder infection.

And a 1994 study from Brigham and Women's Hospital,
Boston followed 153 women who suffered from chronic
bladder infections and discovered that cranberry juice
significantly reduced bacteria in the urine – a possible
preventative strategy for burning urethral meatus.

Now, for the truth. There is not enough of this active
ingredient in cranberries or cranberry juice to do you any
good, according to Dr. Courtenay Moore of the well-
respected Cleveland Clinic.  

You would have to eat, drink, and swim in cranberries for
365 days a year to see any benefit.

So, for all practical purposes, you can safely ignore cranberry
juice as a remedy for your urinary burning issues.

Use Uva Ursi for Preventing Bladder Infections Causing
Urethral Meatus

But here is another berry that may in fact help. Uva ursi are
small purple berries native to the Northern Hemisphere and
Asia. Uva ursi, sometimes known as bearberry because bears
find them irrestibly delicious, have been used by Native
Americans since the 2nd century as a natural remedy for
urinary tract infections.

The active ingredient in uva ursi, "arbutin", was prescribed
by physicians for bladder infections long before antibiotics.

The European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy
(ESCOP) recommends uva ursi for “uncomplicated infections
of the urinary tract such as cystitis when antibiotic treatment
is not considered essential.”

Uva ursi has been tested for prevention of bladder infections
in a 1993 study by Larsson B, Jonasson A, Fianu S, although
experts do not recommend treatment with uva ursi over a
long period of time.

Can Vitamin C Reduce the Risk of Urethral Meatus

A 2007 study from the Universidad de Colima, Mexico, found
some evidence that vitamin C at a dose of 100mg per day
could cut the risk of bladder infections, meaning that vitamin
C could be a defense against urethral meatus burning. This
study concerned pregnant women but there is no reason to
believe that the results could not apply equally to men.

Probiotics for Urethral Meatus Burning

Friendly bacteria can reduce the impact of bladder infections,
preventing the burning pain associated with them. A
Multicenter UTI Study Group in Munich, Germany (2001)
tested a probiotic in the form of harmless E.coli and found
that use of the probiotic led to a 34 percent reduction in
urinary tract infections.

Nasturtium and Horseradish Prevent Urethral Meatus

A 2007 study from Mediconomics GmbH, Hannover, Germany
tested a combination of nasturtium and horseradish and
discovered that it helped prevent new infections among
people susceptible to bladder infections. Preventing bladder
infections is key to avoiding urethral meatus burning.

Take Practical Steps to Prevent Urethral Meatus Burning

Avoid wearing  underwear that irritates the meatus, and
choose cotton underwear instead plus loose-fitting clothing.
Avoid hot bubble baths and use additional lubrication during
intercourse if you are prone to urethral meatus burning.

Wash the meatus with warm water but avoid harsh soaps
and perfumed body washes. And drink plenty of water
throughout the day.

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