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Twisted Testicles --Causes and
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October 20, 2011, last updated March 1, 2013

By L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist and A. Turner, Contributing

Guys, if you suffer intense testicular pain that comes on
suddenly, don’t suffer through it. You may be suffering a
twisted testicle. The pain from twisted testicles won’t go
away. If you don’t seek an emergency diagnosis you are at
risk of losing your testicle.

Twisted testicle – even the name makes you wince in pain!  
Twisted testicles, otherwise known as testicular torsion or
testicular ischemia, happens when the spermatic cord to
your testicle twists and cuts off the blood supply to the

And it's fairly common. One study led by Dr. Luciano
Favorito with the Urogenital Research Unit at the State
University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil finds that testicular
torsion is “responsible for approximately 90% of acute
testicular pain in patients between 13 and 21 years old.”
What are the causes of twisted testicles? Are there any
habits that put you at special risk for twisted testicles?
What are the remedies for twisted testicles?

Not all testicular pain is torsion. The testicles are oval
shaped glands that produce sperm and testosterone for
the male production system.  

Sperm production is impossible in the high temperatures
within the body, which is partially why your testicles hang
outside of the body in the scrotum.  

This set-up also provides a chance for early discovery of
lumps or bumps which, if left untreated, could lead to
serious problems, like testicular cancer. (Read more about
signs of testicular cancer.)

Contrary to the benefits of external testicles, they are also
rendered more vulnerable to injury.  There is a long list of
possible problems with the testicles, from lumps that could
be cysts, veins or cancer, to swelling because of the build
up of fluids or a virus, to testicular torsion.   As always,
proper diagnosis of the problem at hand is crucial to
recovery and/or the alleviation of symptoms.  

So then how will you know that you, your son, your
partner or your friend suffers from testicular torsion and
not any of the other testicular problems?

BBC Health suggests that there will not be much room for
doubt in the case of testicular torsion.  The condition
produces “sudden and excruciating pain, much worse than
being kicked in the testicles. It can be so bad a man may
vomit or faint.”   It is also possible that this pain is felt in
the abdomen, where the nerves to the testicles originate.  
There could be swelling of the scrotum and blood in the

The testicles are attached to the spermatic cord, within
which are blood vessels supplying the testes and a tube
that carries sperm away from the testes.  If the testicle
twists then the cord, too, twists, cutting off blood supply
to the testis and causing swelling.   Dr. Tim Hargreave with
the BUPA Murrayfield Hospital in Edinburgh insists that
“This condition is a medical emergency and immediate
surgery is recommended to not only relieve the pain, but
also to ‘save’ the testis. Without a blood supply, the testis
will die and after 6-8 hours there is less and less chance of
being able to save the testis.”

Causes of Testicular Torsion  

As stated above, testicular torsion can happen to any
man.  Some, however, have a higher susceptibility
because, in the words of Dr. Hargreave, “the testis is not
so well attached.” Torsion can also be triggered from
physical exertion or sexual activity, and can happen
spontaneously, even during sleep.   

Twisted testicles are more common during infancy and in
boys who are entering puberty but it can affect men at any
age, and can even strike newborns. According to Albany
Medical Center, New York (1989) one in 4,000 males
younger than 25 suffers from twisted testicles every year.

What are the Symptoms of Twisted Testicles?

A twisted testicle normally only occurs in one testicle at a
Here are the most common symptoms:

•        You may feel intense
pain in your  scrotum.
•        You may also see swelling on one side of the
•        You may be nauseous or vomit or feel light-headed.
•        You may see a lump in the testicle and
blood in your
•        You may see your testicle positioned at an odd
angle, or higher than normal.

The screaming pain associated with twisted testicles is not
something you should try to ignore. Your symptoms may
be caused by another condition but twisted testicles are a
surprisingly common reason for scrotal pain. According to
studies from Basildon & Thurrock Hospitals NHS Trust,
Basildon, UK (1995), Children's Hospital Medical Center,
Cincinnati (1995) and Royal United Hospital NHS Trust,
Bath, UK (1996) between 16% and 42% of boys suffering
acute scrotal pain have a twisted testicle.

If you have a twisted testicle you need emergency medical
treatment. If the blood supply to your testicle is cut off for
a long period of time, your testicle may need to be

We looked at current medical studies to find out the causes
of twisted testicles and the effective cures. Here is the list
of the leading causes and remedies:

Bell-clapper Deformity is the Most Common Cause of
Twisted Testicles

Though this sounds like something chanted on a
playground, bell clapper testis is the term used by
professionals to describe an anomoly in
some males’ anatomy, also labelled by the less memorable
term, “intravaginal torsion.”  

Dr. Vikram Dogra with the Case Western Reserve
University in Cleveland  explains the condition as one “in
which the tunica vaginalis completely encircles the
epididymis, distal spermatic cord, and the testis rather than
attaching to the posterolateral aspect of the testis.”  

Basically, the connections of ducts and the scrotal sac are
slightly askew in an arrangement that “leaves the testis
free to swing and rotate within the tunica vaginalis, much
like a clapper inside a bell.”  

It almost sounds romantic, reminding us of Sunday church
services or weddings, but Drs Erika Ringdahl and Lynn
Teague with the University of Missouri-Colombia School of
Medicine find that bell-clapper testis acount for 90% of
cases of testicular torsion,  and in over 90% of incidences
occurs “in the absence of any precipitating event.
The most common underlying cause of this intensely
painful condition is a congenital (inherited) malformation
called bell-clapper deformity. Strange name, but so called
because the condition leaves the testis free to swing and
rotate within the scrotum much like the clapper inside a
bell. According to Jacobi Medical Center, Albert Einstein
College of Medicine, NY (2003) bell-clapper deformity
accounts for 90 percent of cases of twisted testicles.

Trauma May Infrequently Cause Twisted Testicles

Again, because the testes are not protected by
muscle or bone they are particularly vulnerable to the
outside world.  Play a lot of contact sports?  Get rough
playing football? Or do you get in some rounds of boxing
now and then?  

Any sport in which you can be hit puts your testicles at risk
for twisting. Possible sources of trauma include
penetration (i.e. a stab wound), impact from a moving
object such as a ball or kick, and impact from a non-
moving object, perhaps a hard fall on a wooden floor.

Boys and young men experiencing intense pain in the
testicles after a contact blow during sport, or a fight,
should monitor the situation carefully - if the pain doesn’t
quickly go away, head to the emergency room.
Between 4% and 8% of twisted testicles occur from
trauma ,according to a 2000 study from the University
Putra Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia torsion of the
testicles occurs after trauma in around 4 to 8 percent of
cases.  Drs. Yeap Joo Seng and Kevin Moissinac who led
this study, warn that “The message that trauma can and
not infrequently does precipitate torsion, needs to be

Guys, the bottom line is — protect your jewels. You have
to wear a groin guard (groin cup or jockstrap), if you
know you’re entering risky circumstances that can
endanger your groin.

Horizontal Testicles and Other Factors That Increase
Your Risk for Twisted Testicles

According to 2002 research from Clínica Santa María,
Santiago, Chile there are other factors that can predispose
a man to suffering a twisted testicle. These factors include
an increase in the volume of the testicle (which is
particularly common during puberty), a
testicular tumor,
and having testicles that lie horizontally.

A Sudden Cold Snap Can Twist Your Testicles  

If you sleep in the nude during winter, you  need to think
again. Bundle up in the winter to avoid twisted testicles.

Twisted testicles often occur in the winter time when the
shock of exposing the scrotum to cold air after the warm
temperature of the bed causes a sudden contraction which
can trap the testicle in the wrong position if the spermatic
cord is twisted.

Twisted Testicle May Be Difficult To Differentiate From
Other Conditions

According to a 2003 study from Children's Hospital at
Westmead, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia it is often
difficult for doctors to differentiate between twisted
testicles and epididymitis – a condition where the
epididymis, the tube that connects the testicle with the vas
deferens, is inflamed.

A twisted testicle is an emergency while epididymitis is
treated with medication to remove the infection. The
researchers found that there was no difference in signs of
the two conditions other than the duration of the
symptoms – boys suffering testicular torsion sought
medical attention much earlier; after an average of 9.5
hours compared to 48 hours for the boys suffering from

Twisted Testicles Can Be Found Using the Cremasteric
Reflex Test

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Twisted testicles are responsible for
most of the cases of reported testicle
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