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February 26, 2018

By S. Callahan, Contributing Columnist

Down, down , down they go. Worldwide sperm counts are
cratering, down 50% in 40 years. We have seen that there
are many suspects that could be behind this disastrous fall,
from estrogen in the drinking water to environmental
toxins.  But scientists from Harvard School of Public
Healthhave identified a new possible sperm destroyer ---
trans fat.

You may have heard a lot about trans fats already. Some
years ago, nutritionists identified trans fats as the single
most efficient way to clog your arteries. Trans fats raise
your levels of LDL cholesterol.

Trans fats, technically called trans fatty acids, can be either
artificial or natural. Artificial trans fats are partially
hydrogenated oils created by an industrial process which
adds hydrogen to vegetable oil rendering it solid.  Trans
fats also occur in lower levels in meats and dairy.

The easiest way to identify whether a fat is a trans fat or
not is simply to observe whether it is solid or liquid at
room temperature. For example, olive oil, canola oil,
safflower oil and sunflower oil are not trans fats.

Trans Fats Destroy Sperm Counts

So, we already know that trans fats can accelerate
arteriosclerosis and contribute to heart disease. Now
comes the news that trans fats also depress sperm levels.

Scientists from Harvard School of Public Health decided to
test a theory about trans fats impact on sperm counts.
They had already seen that rats fed trans fats experienced
dramatic drops in testicular function.  

Spain had seen a dramatic increase in the consumption of
foods containing trans fats and this spike in consumption
worried health authorities.

So, the researchers assembled 209 young healthy men
between the ages of 18 and 23 attending universities.

They took detailed dietary records from the men, as well
as information on their lifestyles and health, such as
whether they smoked. The men then gave semen samples.

Here is what they found:

The amount of cholesterol in your blood affects the volume
of your sperm. The more cholesterol you have, the lower
your total sperm volume.

Trans fat intake dramatically lowers your sperm count.
Dividing the men into 4 groups, from those who ate the
least amount of trans fat to those who ate the most, the
researchers saw that total sperm count in the group of
those who ate the most trans fats was 37% lower than
those who ate the least.  

The second worst group , those who were the
second-highest consumers of trans fats had sperm levels
that were 33% lower than those who avoided trans fats.

Even those in the second best quartile had a 14% lower
average sperm count than men who just avoided the stuff.

How to Avoid Trans Fats

You can find trans fats in many foods, including crackers,
cookies, doughnuts, cakes and muffins. Trans fats may
also be found in other snacks. French fries, onion rings,
potato skins or any other food cooked in these oils literally
are soaked in trans fats.

You should certainly avoid these types of snacks if you're
concerned about your sperm counts.

In the US, levels of trans fats are disclosed in the
ingredients on the package, since the FDA removed trans
fats from the list of foods  "generally regarded as safe
(GRAS)"for human consumption.

You should also cut back on heavy consumption of red
meat if you find that your sperm levels are low because
meat contains naturally-occurring trans fats.


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French fries cooked in trans fats can destroy
sperm counts.
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