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July 5, 2011, last updated September 20, 2014

By Michael Chang, Contributing Columnist

7. Stop Using Lavender to Prevent Male Breast

Imagine waking up one day with enlarged breasts, almost
the size of those of a female. If you regularly consume or
use lavender-based products, this nightmare might actually
become reality. Enlarged breasts in men—or
gynecomastia—can be a serious medical issue for men, at
least cosmetically. However, if it is caused by usage of
lavender, simply discontinuing the use will see the
disappearance of your man boobs.

According to a 2007 University of Colorado study,
prepubescent patients with gynecomastia saw their
enlarged male breasts disappear once they stopped using
personal products such as a lotion with lavender or tea
tree oil.

These substances mimic estrogen, which stimulated breast
tissue growth, while simultaneously inhibiting
testosterone, which propels male attributes. So, continued
consumption of lavender can actually result in more
feminine attributes and reduce masculine features, such as
male breast enlargement.

Reduce “Junk Food” Consumption to Stop Hair Loss

One of the primary cosmetic concerns of men is hair loss—
the bald spot, the receding hairline, or the eventual
complete hair loss. But if you want to find something to
blame for hair loss, maybe the answer is as close as that
bag of chips.

Eating commercially processed foods, such as potato chips,
can be a huge contributor of this hair loss. Junk food
produces excess levels of cholesterol, which then results in
pregnenolone causing high levels of dihydrotestosterone
or DHT. Determined as the ultimate cause of male hair loss,
DHT, is connected to androgenetic alopecia, which causes
thinning hair and eventual baldness.

Hair loss depends heavily on genetics; however, while it
relies on your genetic make-up, it is not purely based on
your DNA. Your diet also plays a heavy role in whether you
keep your beautiful locks of hair or whether you suffer
from hair loss at a premature age. Cutting out the junk
food can help.

Stop Drinking Beer to Rid Yourself of Your Beer Gut and

Men who drink excess amounts of beer are at a higher risk
of pseudo-gynecomastia—or male breast enlargement.
Besides the high amounts of empty calories, which can
result in a ever-widening waistline, beer has certain levels
of oestrogen, which is a type of phyto-oestrogen, or plant
estrogen. Excessive consumption of beer can, thus, lead to
development of man-boobs. (Read more about
how beer
affects your health.)


Stop Using Vegetable Oil to Lower Your Risk of
Prostate Cancer

Vegetable oil has been touted as a healthy alternative to
butter. And it is, when it comes to the health fo your heart
and arteries.

But vegetable oil is the worst thing you can use if you
want to avoid prostate cancer.

When it comes to prostate cancer, "3" is the good omega
fatty acid and "6" is the bad omega fatty acid. As our
article on the best prostate cancer diet notes, the use of
vegetable oil, which is rich in omega 6 fatty acids, is
probably responsible in large part for the rise in prostate
cancers in the US, UK, Canada and other developed
countries. The reason is that the omega 6 fatty acids in
vegetable oil counteract the health benefits of the omega 3
fatty acids.

Avoid Licorice Because It Lowers Testosterone

Licorice root has been linked to lower testosterone in
several studies, including a 2004 study from the University
of Padua in Italy. The study, led by Dr. D. Armanini,
examined the role of licorice in  lowering testosterone in 9
healthy women. The study found that licorice blocks
testosterone due to the blockage of a compound called
"17-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase". For this reason, the
study suggested that licorice might be helpful in reversing
diseases such as polycystic overy syndrome in which
women grow facial hair like men.

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