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Man Poll Number 1:

If you had to choose a
woman to sleep with other
than your wife or girlfriend,
who would it be?

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Jessica Alba        79%
Eva Mendez           0%
Jessica Biehl          0%
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Rihanna                11%

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Should Eliot Spitzer Have
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No        64%
Yes        36%

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Is Barack Obama manly
enough to be

No                73%
Yes                  26%

Top 9 Foods Men Should Avoid for
Optimal Health
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July 5, 2011, last updated September 20, 2014

By Michael Chang, Contributing Columnist

If you want to achieve optimal health --and who doesn't--
then you have to focus on what you're eating. Optimum
health and energy rests largely on your nutrition and
lifestyle. While genetics plays a large role in your overall
health, what you eat plays a determinant role in the risk
levels for potential diseases and health issues later down
the line. According to the American Dietetic Association,
men require a slightly different diet than women—one that
includes more calories, carbohydrates and protein due to
the typically larger muscle mass. A healthy diet that
stresses fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, unsaturated fats,
and whole grains ensures optimal health.

But, equally important for men, is that we should
certain foods that are potentially harmful to our health.
Which foods should men avoid? Are there foods which
harm men more than women?

We've looked over all existing research to discover the Top
9 foods that men should either keep off your plate entirely
or relegate them to just occasional indulgences:

Eliminate Soy Milk and Soy-Based Products from Diet:
You better think twice the next time you want to substitute
the whole milk in your fancy Starbucks coffee drink for soy

A recent 2008 Harvard University study found that sperm
concentration might be reduced with higher levels of soy
product consumption. And with men dealing with obesity
and weight issues, fertility is even lowered.

The ingredient within soy foods, called isoflavone
phytoestrogens, affects sex hormones in both genders and
decrease fertility in men. Normal sperm count ranges from
80 – 120 million per mililitre; however, men who
consumed a portion of soy food every other day had an
average sperm count of 41 million less than normal. Thus,
if you are trying to have a baby, reducing your intake of
soy products might help your fertility.

Cut Processed Sugars Out of Your Diet

Refined sugar is a food men should not eat. Refined and
processed sugars are what you would call “empty calories”
—that add little to no nutritional value, such as vitamins,
minerals, and fibers, and often have a high caloric value.
Excessive consumptions of processed sugars can lead to
substantial weight gain, particularly around the waistline
for men. Because refined sugars are energy-dense, simply
carbohydrates, they tend to result in belly fat, according to
the United States Department of Agriculture. Men tend to
be prone to excessive abdominal fat and thus, this belly fat
tends to be a bigger issue with men than women.

Thus, if you are struggling to shed some pounds, cutting
out refined sugars like candy, milk chocolate, cake,
pancake syrup, soft drinks, or ice cream from your diet can
largely assist with your weight loss goals

Limit Fatty Meats to Reduce Heart Issues

Your diet heavily influences the health issues you have
later down the line, such as high cholesterol, high blood
pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Saturated fat
has been linked with these particular health issues and
fatty meats provide rich quantities of saturated fat.
According to a 2010 Harvard University study, those
consuming two servings of red meat have a 30 percent
higher risk of heart disease in comparison to those with
intakes of just three or four a week.

Moreover, because men are more prone to abdominal
weight gain than women, reducing quantity of red meat
consumed can significantly reduce your waistline. Thus,
limiting your red meat cravings to a few meals a week can
reduce potential blood pressure, cholesterol and heart
disease issues. Cut the sirloin steaks, bacon, sausage,
friend chicken and turkey from your diet.

Limit Your Intake of Dairy Products to Reduce Prostate
Cancer Risks

Some individuals who drink just a little too much milk and
eat just a little too much ice cream may has excess gas, if
they are lactose intolerant. However, problems with dairy
consumption might run slightly more serious than that.
While consumption of dairy products isn’t necessarily bad
for your health, excessive consumption can lead to further
health complications later down the line. According to a
2003 Johns Hopkins University study, individuals who
consumed large amounts of dairy products were much
more likely to develop metastasic prostate cancer.  So,
watch out how much cheese and ice cream intake is
composed of your diet!

Enriched Flour Adds Little Nutrients and Causes Colon

Enriched flour might sound like its shock-full of essential
nutrients. But that word “enriched” is quite deceptive. In
fact, unlike whole grains, enriched flour products lose
nutrients, proteins, and fibers during processing. With
whole grains, you get improved fiber consumption, which
reduces the chances of colon cancer. However, with this
processed flour, you are consuming products deplete of
vitamins and fibers. Consequently, you are increasing risk
of colon cancer with improper bowel movements. Common
sources of these enriched, processed flours are enriched
white and wheat breads, pasta, pizza crust, pie crust,
cakes, pastries, and cold cereals.

Lower Your Cholesterol Levels by Eliminating Fried
Foods From Diet

Nowadays, virtually every chain restaurant menu is full of
fried foods with toxic amounts of saturated fat and trans-
fat. The appetizer list ranges from French fries to onion
rings, from potato chips to mozzarella sticks. These food
sources are heavy in trans-fat which not only increases
your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels, but they also deplete
your HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels.

According to a 2009 University of California, San Francisco
study, the cholesterol levels in those consuming fried
foods are approximately 12% higher than those with
lower quantities of fried food consumption. Treat yourself
to the occasional fried food dish, if you have cravings;
however, excessive consumption of French fries and fried
chicken can result in cholesterol issues later down the line.
(Read more about
foods that raise cholesterol.)

When you eat packaged fried foods, such as potato chips,
tortilla chips or fried pastries, check the ingredient lists and
avoid those that list hydrogenated vegetable oil as an

Stop Using Lavender to Prevent Male Breast

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