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June 28, 2011
By Michael Chang, Contributing Columnist

Wild nights with beautiful women, freedom for travel and adventure,
and all the gadget and trinkets of a bachelor’s pad—these make up the
glamorized life of a bachelor. While these tastes of liberty and thrill may
be coveted in your early and even late-20s, single life is not as exciting
as it is made out to be. In fact, the perks of married life ultimately
surpass the benefits of being a bachelor.

Your binge-drinking, partying bachelor buddies might rib you for
willingly giving up your freedom and tucking your tail between your
legs cowering to your wife. And with divorce rates soaring in the
United States, estimated at around 41 percent of all first marriages, it
can be seen as a testament to the ills of marriage. However, the reality
is that the many perks of marriage—among which include general
happiness, improved health, and financial stability—outweigh the initial
thrills of single life.

Top 8 Reasons Marriage Works for Men

1. Marriage Makes You Live Longer

With all the natural and herbal remedies and Western medicine geared
towards extending your life, there is one surefire and easy way to
attain that longevity of life that we all seek. There is no fountain of
eternal youth. But, getting married allows you to live longer.

It's a fact, married men live longer. According to a 2006 study
conducted the University of California, researchers have found that
single individuals are five times more likely to die of infectious disease.
In addition, single men are also 40 percent more likely to die of heart
issues and twice as likely to perish from accidental deaths.

While it might be difficult to gauge the reasons why single men die
more often, the overall mortality rate of single men is 250 percent
higher than those who have tied the knot.

So, while you might enjoy all the spontaneity and adventure of single
life, you might actually be cutting your life short by doing so.

Getting Married Increases Your Earning and Spending Power

Two are better than one. Not only romantically, but financially. When
you get married, you are also doubling your income as you begin
sharing your lives together. A far cry from the single-income family of
the 1950s where the father brought home the bacon and the mother
played housewife, in 2009 of the 122 million women aged 16 years and
up in the United States, approximately 59.2 percent were in the labor
force. With college degrees in hand, women are establishing a presence
in the workplace.

This means twice the spending power in your household, if you are
married. By splitting living expenses and large purchases, you are
increasing your disposable income collectively and can thereby, afford
items, including a larger home, a more luxurious car, and better
vacations, that you would not be able to on your own.

Tying the Knot Can Increase General Happiness

Young bachelors generally associate getting married with “life as they
know it”—the end of adventure, debauchery, and freedom. However,
rather than reduce your happiness, it has been shown that marriage
actually increases your levels of happiness.

A 2007 Australian National University study found that married men
are, in fact, 135% happier than their unmarried counterparts.
Obviously, you need to find a compatible partner that will allow you
stability and support. However, if you do find this relationship, the
general well-being you will experience will definitely trump the lifestyle
full of crazy women, horrible break-ups, and its associated drama.

Being Married Allows for More Sex

Think being single will give you more action? Wrong. Married men have
more sex. Sex is natural and biological—and marriage provides you with
consistent access to sex. While the myth of the bachelor lifestyle
continues to dominate popular culture, married men, in fact, have far
more sex than single men.

Here's a statistic that may shock you. According to a 2010 Kinsey
Institute study, approximately 23 percent of non-married men
periodically go a
whole year without intercourse, whereas only one
percent of married endure that same dry spell.

In addition, 36 percent of married men have sex at least 2-3 times a
week, while only 19 percent of bachelors have that same rate.

So, rather than blow your entire paycheck on nightclubs and drinks
just to potentially score with some women, maybe invest your time,
energy, and money on just that special gal. If sex is your ultimate goal,
you’ll go further if you’re married.

Plus, sex with the same partner—after discovering each others’ ticks
and likes—tends to be better than the random one night stand.

Marriage Reduces Likelihood of Stroke

In addition to financial benefits and increased well-being, there are also
many health perks to being married as well. Tied to a more stable and
healthy lifestyle, marriage has been shown to reduce the likelihood
stroke among married men. According to a 2010 Tel Aviv University
study, men who maintain a bachelor lifestyle have a 64 percent higher
rate of fatal stroke when compared to men who have tied the knot.
With all the potential medical conditions out there these days, it is good
to know that you lower your risk of certain medical problems through a
steady, married lifestyle.

Marriage Provides You Financial Benefits

Married men are wealthier. For those that are married, financial benefits
abound. American society has been designed for traditional marriages
and nuclear families—and awards those that partake in this lifestyle.
The government provides many tax breaks for married couples (and
families). In addition, marriage might also mean premium health
insurance, provided by your significant others’ employment. If the
health benefits and increased happiness don’t already convince you to
get married, perhaps these monetary incentives might!

Being Married Reduces Your Overall Stress

Sure, being married can cause some frustrations and stress; however,
in general, the stress levels of married individuals tend to be lower than
their single counterparts. According to a 2006 University of California
study, married individuals had lower levels of cortisol, a stress
hormone, than participants who were single.

Similarly, according to a 2008 Brigham Young University men and
women who were married also experienced less blood pressure than
people who were single, perhaps due to a more orderly and stable

Divorce Results in Lower Standards of Living

Just as marriage tends to provide you with general happiness,
increased financial stability, and health perks in your life, divorce—
although quite common—results in a general decrease in the standard
of living. According to a 1997 University of Wisconsin-Madison study,
both men and women suffer from a decline in mental health, including
increased depression and hostility and decreased self-acceptance,
growth, and positive relations.

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