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If you had to choose a
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Should Eliot Spitzer Have
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No        64%
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Is Barack Obama manly
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No                73%
Yes                  26%

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May 23, 2017

By L. Carr, Contributing Columnist

Give your immune system credit. Every second of every
day it is defending you against the harmful microorganisms
that can make you sick. Your immune system battles
against bacteria, fungi, and parasites that can cause
infection. But it’s not perfect. Sometimes it fails and a germ
successfully gets through its armor. You get sick and you
wonder, is there any way to improve how your immune
system functions? While it does a fine job on the whole,
can you boost your immune system even further? Can the
food you eat improve your immune system?

Quick Review --What Is the Immune System?

The key is in the word system. The immune system is a
connected network of cells, organs, and tissues that all
function together with the express purpose of defending
your body against microbe attack. The immune system
attempts to keep out the microbes that cause infection. Or,
if they get in, to destroy them. It is wonderfully complex
and can recognize and keep track of millions of different
microorganisms, and can deftly deal with most by releasing
fluids to wipe them out.

Millions of cells communicate with each other as they
respond to the threat of an infection and they produce
chemicals that alert more cells to help when there is a
threat. Experts are still not entirely sure how the body
specifically targets invading organisms and ignores the
healthy tissue. Nor are they completely certain why the
immune system sometimes slips up and lets infection

Can Food Help Boost Your Immune System?

As the immune system is such a complex system, simply
eating one type of food will not have much of an impact on
its functioning. But your diet can help boost your immune
system, or harm it. For example, if you are malnourished
then you will be more likely to suffer from infectious

In general, you can help your immune system function to
the best of its abilities by not smoking, eating a balanced
diet rich in fruit and vegetables and whole grains, and low
in saturated fat, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy
weight, controlling your blood pressure, and only drinking
in moderation.

Various nutrients can help boost your immune system and
by eating foods rich in these nutrients you can give your
body the fighting chance it needs to defend you from
infection. We looked at recent scientific research to see
which foods are best for a healthier immune system.

Eat Carbs to Enhance Your Immune System after

Exercise in general benefits your immune system but
intense bursts of physical activity can challenge it and right
after an intense workout you may be more prone to

But a 2017 study from the Institute of Health and
Biomedical Innovation at Queensland University of
Technology in Australia shows that eating food high in
carbs can help your body recover, and help boost your
immune system at this critical time.

The researchers confirmed that exercise could increase
and decrease immune blood cell count, and that it “leaves
our bodies vulnerable to infections and, generally
speaking, the more strenuous the exercise, the longer it
takes for the immune system to return to normal.” They
demonstrated that consuming carbs immediately after
exercise helped avoid these negative changes and
recommended “carbohydrate-containing fluids, gels, and
bars consisting of different carbohydrates such as glucose
and fructose. Alternatively, bananas may also do the job,"
according to research Oliver Neubauer.

Acai Berries Can Help Boost Your Immune System

Acai berries are high in antioxidants, and these
antioxidants help to improve immune function – but only if
they are successfully absorbed by the human body.

A 2008 study from Texas AgriLife Research at the Texas
A&M University shows that the acai berry can be effectively
absorbed in the body when drank as a juice or eaten as a
pulp. The study looked at 12 people who drank a single
serving of acai berry juice or pulp, or a serving of
applesauce or a drink with no antioxidant qualities.

After 12 and 24 hours there was a significant increase in
antioxidant activity and absorption in the blood for the
people eating the pulp and the juice.

3. Eat Brazil Nuts for an Immune System Boost

Results from a Food Standards Agency (UK) study in 2004
show that selenium, a trace element, helps the body’s
immune system defend against viruses. The agency also
says that you should be able to get all the selenium you
need from your diet, and in particular from eating Brazil

The Office of Dietary Supplements says that one ounce of
Brazil nuts contains 544mcg of selenium, which is a
whopping 777 percent of the daily value. Three ounces of
canned tuna contains 68mcg, 97 percent of the daily value.
Other good sources of selenium include fish, turkey,
chicken, beef, sunflower seeds, and eggs.

Boost Your Immune System with Oysters

If you suffer from a zinc deficiency you are more likely to
have a weakened immune system. Therefore, avoiding zinc
deficiency is a must and you can do this with diet

While chronic zinc deficiency is rare in the developed
world, it is more common among the elderly and in
children. A 2007 study from the Wayne State University
School of Medicine, Detroit, MI, and the University of
Michigan, Ann Arbor looked at 50 residents of a nursing
home and found that zinc supplements reduced rates of
infection compared to placebo. And a 2014 study from the
Center of Excellence in Women and Child Health, Aga Khan
University, Karachi, Pakistan found that zinc supplements
reduced diarrhea and other infections in malnourished

Oysters have a very high zinc content. Three ounces of
oysters contain around 74mg of zinc and this is 493
percent of the daily value, and other good sources of zinc
include shellfish, meat, and chicken, according to the
National Institutes of Health's Office of Dietary

Enhance Your Immune System With Low-Fat Yogurt

The probiotics in low-fat yogurt and other fermented
foods could help prevent colds by improving the immune
system, according to a 2001 study from Valio Research
and Development in Helsinki, Finland.

The study looked at 571 children aged between one and
six in daycare centers. They found that milk with
Lactobacillus GG helped reduce respiratory infections and
their severity among children in day care.

6. Choose Green Tea as an Immune Booster

Green tea is high in flavonoids and polyphenols,
antioxidants that look out for damaging free radicals and
destroy them.

Green tea has also been shown to increase the number of
regulatory T cells that play an important role in immune
function, according to a 2011 study from the Linus Pauling
Institute at Oregon State University.

What's in green tea that boosts the immune system? The
compound in green tea that has this effect is a polyphenol
called "EGCG", a compound which increases production of
regulatory T cells. Green tea has long been regarded as a
good food for helping the body recover from illness and
fight against illness.

Broccoli Is Great For Your Immune System

A compound in broccoli may be able to boost the immune
system and could even prevent cancer, according to a
2007 study from the University of California, Berkeley. The
chemical 3,3'-diindolylmethane (DIM) is produced from the
compound indole-3-carbinol when broccoli is chewed and
digested. It is also produced from kale and cabbage. The
study shows that the compound can help stop cancer in
mice, and also that it may help boost the immune system.

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Eating a few Brazil nuts each day can
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