Top 10 Careers That Will Skyrocket in the
Next Decade

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June 29, 2011
By Michael Chang, Contributing Columnist

These are tough times. The economic recession saw the departure of
many traditional service sector jobs that employed the diminishing
middle class. As the economy begins to pick up, the job market appears
bleak for those attempting to regain employment in their respective
career fields. But, don't look back. The real question is which jobs are
positioned to do well
in the future. Whether you are a bright young
mind emerging from a top university or whether you are in the midst of
a mid-life career change, you can arm yourself with the abilities that
can prepare you for jobs of the future.  Which careers are best
positioned to thrive in boom and bust times? Which careers will pay the
most in the next decade? Which jobs will provide the most job security
looking ahead?

It is hard to imagine an industry that is not shifting and adapting to the
new media and technology age. But certain industries are growing
especially quickly. According to Department of Labor, occupations in
the healthcare and assistance services, professional, technical, and
scientific services, and waste and energy services are projected to
experience growth during the period of 2008-2018. Thus, as you
decide what career to pursue, consider the following ten potential jobs
that are likely to skyrocket over the next decade.

Genetic Counselors
With genetic research advancing at an accelerated rate, gene-related
family planning decisions are becoming increasingly common. This
genetics technology can allow physicians and doctors to predict the
medical conditions and even the sex of the unborn child. With this
information, potential parents can make informed decisions on what to
do with an unborn child that is predisposed 50-50 to a serious illness
that may affect his life and your financial well-being.

Genetic counselors do not only help make decisions on unborn babies,
but assist your own medical decisions. If your genetics doubles your
risk for particular illnesses, certain medical treatments are not
advisable—and these experts are here to help you make an informed
decision. According to the Department of Labor, approximately 26
percent of all new jobs created in the period of 2008-2018 will be in
the healthcare and social assistance service industry, due to aging
population and longer life expectancies.

Medical Records Administrator

Propelled by this projected increase in healthcare sector employment,
medical records administrators are likely to be high demand within the
next decade. As demand for medical services increase due to a large
aging population, the need to switch to digital from paper medical
records becomes increasingly urgent. With computerized systems being
used to guide diagnoses and treatment recommendations, treatment
for patients will improve in quality and the ability to navigate records
will improve in speed. These health-informatics specialists will be at the
forefront of overseeing these technological changes in medical care

Stem Cell and Other Bio-medical Researcher

Stem cell research, despite its controversy in the political arena, is
gaining tract as it continues to discover cures and remedies for diseases
and other illnesses plaguing humankind. Many advances in the field of
science and medicine stem from stem cell research and arming yourself
with the skills and degrees needed to conduct bio-medical research can
ensure yourself a spot in an occupation that is unlikely to decline and
disappear within the next decade.

Other fields of bio-medical research include genomics, which seeks to
determine which gene clusters affect which phenotypes and to develop
safe ways of gene transfers and knockouts. Another is neurophysics
which aims to understand the physics of depression, schizophrenia,
retardation, among other disorders. Intensive education and a PhD in a
hard science and math will be required in these research positions.

Social Media Consultant

The web has revolutionized the ways in which people keep in contact
with one another. With social media networks, such as Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, among many others, the advertising and
marketing opportunities for businesses small and large are enormous.
Organizations, corporations, and other businesses need to establish an
online presence to protect their company brand, while successfully
targeting their niche markets. Because social media is a new
phenomenon only sprouting into its current popularity in the last five or
six years, there are no experts with years of experience around.

Brush up on your knowledge of how to navigate these different social
media platforms and you will be able to work as a social media
manager, overseeing the online campaigns of various companies and

Computer Software Engineers and Mobile Application Developer

Nowadays, virtually everyone has a laptop computer and a smart
phone. With the development of smart phones such as Blackberry,
Android, and of course, the iPhone, the mobile media industry is
expanding tremendously. According to the Department of Labor,
employment in professional, technical, and scientific industries are
expected to expand by approximately 34 percent. In hard numbers, it
will be about 2.7 million new jobs by 2018. Jobs in computer systems
designs are expected to account for about one-fourth of all new jobs in
the industry.

And with there being smart phone applications for virtually everything
from organizational assistance to entertainment to communication, the
possibilities for computer software engineers and application
developers are endless. This is the legacy of the Silicon Valley start-up

Patent and Intellectual Property Lawyers

With so many developments in the field of technology, the one field of
law that is projected to skyrocket in the next few years is patent and
intellectual property lawyers. In this particular legal field, intellectual
property lawyers deal with issues related to ownership of trademarks,
patents, trade secrets, and copyrights. With the soaring industries in
the medical and technological fields, having the property legal
copyrights is important and most companies are willing to invest in
these IP lawyers to act as legal advisers to provide counsel in such
trademark issues.

Federal Government Manager

With a myriad of global and domestic issues on the political agenda, the
federal government will account for a significant percentage of job
growth over the next decade. While modest in comparison to the
medical or technical industries, government jobs are projected to
increase by roughly 7 percent, according to the Department of Labor.

In positions such as homeland security, energy, and environment,
healthcare, and defense, federal government agency positions are a
great path to pursue in a relatively stable industry. Your job will not
likely disappear within the next few years. In particular dire demand is
country experts on China, India, and Middle Eastern countries. Salaries
are more competitive than widely perceived and job security and
benefits are huge perks.

8. Renewable Energy Engineers

As our nation faces oil shortages with soaring prices on traditional
forms of fuel, companies and government agencies are looking toward
renewable sources of energy to complement, if not replace petroleum
as our primary source of energy. This field requires experts to develop
space-based solar power, in-vehicle hydrogen fuel generators, energy-
yielding algae, and batteries for electric vehicles.

According to the Renewable Energy Initiative, energy production from
solar or wind has grown 30% annually and is projected to continue to
do so within the next decade. Thus, investing your education and skills
in this particular career path will likely reap rewards later down your
professional career.

Cyber Security Specialists

With the statistics cited above about the increases in the field of
technology and with the increasing reliance on the internet, cyber
security is a growing industry that will continue to grow within the next
decade. Professionals who can protect websites and catch hackers will
be highly coveted, recruited by both the public and private sectors.

The current figures cite approximately 90,000 cyber security personnel
involved with the US Department of Defense, with annual recruits of
120 experts all thought the government is looking to increase that
number to 1000. With the world relying more heavily on the internet,
waves of cyber crime need to be staved off. Consequently,
professionals in this particular line of work will find it rewarding both in
terms of salary and job security.

Organic Food Farmer

It’s fresher. It has less pesticide. And it’s growing with popularity
among citizens of the country. The organic foods industry has grown
from $1 billion in 1990 to over $26.7 billion in 2010, according to the
2011 Organic Trade Association study. Moreover, occupying
approximately 10 percent of the food and beverage market, organic
food and produce is likely to increase over the next decade as people
become more and more health-, food-, and environment-conscious.

Organic food farms will reap the benefits of this growing industry, so
perhaps pursuing a career in organic farming or honing particular
organic farming techniques will prove to be both stable and profitable.

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