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Tinea Cruris --- 7 Natural Remedies
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September 4, 2015
L. Carr, Contributing Columnist

If you’re a man, and particularly if you’re often at the gym or you’re
overweight, you’re probably going to experience this itchy genital
infection that causes irritated skin in the groin area least one time in
your life.

In fact, tinea cruris is the second most common fungal infection among
people in the US (University of Alabama at Birmingham School of
Medicine, 2004).

Tinea cruris is a fungal infection or ringworm exacerbated by moisture,
bacteria, and irritation. It is one of the causes of
jock itch. It affects the
groin where moisture gets trapped between your scrotum and your
thigh. This itchy condition is irritating and embarrassing, but is it
dangerous? If you experience a tinea cruris flare up, what can you do?
Are there any natural remedies that help?

What are the Symptoms of Tinea Cruris?

Tinea cruris is caused by a fungus, which may or may not cause an
infection. The main sign of a tinea cruris infection is a rash – scaly, pink
in color, and often spreading from the groin folds to the scrotum to the
inner thighs. The rash usually affects both sides of the groin. The
infection is itchy and may be painful. It may spread to the penis and

Who Suffers from Tinea Cruris?

If you are obese then you are more likely to suffer from tinea cruris.
And if you wear tight clothes or underwear, frequently sweat without
changing clothes, or suffer from friction against clothes, then you are
more likely to suffer. Those tinea cruris is not the same as jock itch ---
jock itch can have many other causes --- frequent gym goers are much
more likely to have a problem with this infection due to fungus having a
field day in warm, damp changing rooms and among damp towels and
workout gear.

Tinea cruris is not normally serious. But the problem with tinea cruris is
that it’s often contagious. You could catch it if you use towels
contaminated with the fungus, or you could pass the infection back to
yourself if you also suffer from athlete’s foot. But this also means you
can prevent tinea cruris on many occasions, and follow the suggestions
in these studies for effective natural remedies.

7 Remedies for Tinea Cruris

Try Tea Tree Oil for Tinea Cruris

Tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic and it may also be active against
fungi and bacteria. Therefore, it could be a useful treatment for jock
itch and athlete’s foot. A 2002 study from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital,
Camperdown, New South Wales, Australia showed a tea tree oil
solution was more effective than placebo for treating an athlete’s foot
fungal infection, although no studies have been carried out directly on
tinea cruris.

Garlic as a Tinea Cruris Treatment?

While garlic may not be the first thing you think about applying to your
groin, there is evidence that compounds in garlic are antifungal and
may help get rid of the fungus that causes tinea cruris. Rubbing in
garlic cloves won’t do much good, but a cream containing the garlic
component ajoene has been shown to have some effect in treating
fungal infections, according to a 1996 study from the Universidad de
Oriente, Venezuela.

Ozonized Vegetable Oils May Help treat Tinea Cruris

Sunflower oil treated with ozone has antifungal properties, according
to a 2002 study from the Centro de Investigaciones del Ozono, Cuba.
The research looked at 200 people with athlete’s foot and found the
treatment to be effective.

Take Mexican Herbs to Relieve Tinea Cruris

A 2003 study from the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, Morelos,
Mexico demonstrates that the Mexican herb solanum chrysotrichum
(sosa) treats fungal infections like tinea cruris, in an extract made from
the herb.

Help Tinea Cruris with Essential Oils

Essential oils may be another option for relieving a fungal infection
such as tinea cruris. According to a 1997 study from Regional Medical
Research Centre, Orissa, India, essential oils like peppermint and
eucalyptus have antifungal properties, but this has only been tested
under the microscope and not on people.

Tips for Managing and Preventing Tinea Cruris

Good hygiene habits can prevent many cases of tinea cruris occurring
in the first place. It is important to keep the skin of the groin clean and
to dry it carefully after a bath or after exercise.

Wear cotton underwear and avoid tight fitting briefs. Make sure you
wash all your workout clothes after each session, including towels. If
you have athletes foot you also need to treat this or  you could end up
passing the infection from foot to groin and back again – dry your feet
last after drying your groin, and put on your sock before you put on
your underwear to prevent spreading the fungus to your groin area.


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Sunflower oil has been found effective in
treating tinea cruris.