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We pulled together all the available public
information (from magazine interviews with Tiger or
his friends)  on Tiger's workout. Here is what we

Tiger is a gym rat. He works out between 3 and 4
hours every day at the gym when he is not


30 minutes of some kind of cardiovascular warm-up
exercise such as pedaling on a stationary bike.


30-40 minute session of total-body stretching,
focusing on the muscles of the legs and trunk.    
Article Continues Below

A trainer assists him with physical therapy,
manipulating his body, everything from the
kneecaps to the vertebrae are prepared for battle.


More cardio--we couldn't find out how long for this
part of the routine. But we did find out, according
to Golf Digest, that in the gym, he varies the
machines he uses for this, including a treadmill, a
stair stepper and a climbing machine that focuses on
his upper body.

Tiger also "loves to run, and will jog usually three to
four miles, and almost always on grass," according
to the source who spoke to Golf Digest, on condition
of anonymity. The grass running spares the knees.

Strength Training

Next, he does strength training. He varies between
high-intensity and lower intensity days.

On the high-intensity days, Tiger  lifts 80 percent of
his maximum weight. He uses  the bench press, the
shoulder press and squats and perhaps others.
Tiger is believed by people who have seen him work
out to bench-press about 300 pounds.  He does
heavy lifting in sets of six to eight repetitions.

Tiger's Special Secret

In addition to a typical weight routine most of us
do, Tiger does something extra that is special--- he
tries to do various exercises in movements and
positions that mimic the golf swing. For example, he
might do a golf swing while lifting dumbbells.

The Core

Tiger uses various tools to help him develop a
strong core. You need a strong core to swing the
club as viciously as he does. He sometimes handles
light weights while also trying to balance himself on
a gym ball.  Don't try this without a professional
trainer and a doctor's slip. Unreal.

Cool Down and Stretch
Again at least 30 to 40 minutes of stretching.

Sources: Golf Digest, MSNBC

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