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December 23, 2017
By Seth Strong, Contributing Columnist

With so many different health problems facing us, how is it possible
that we can propose a single tip that will be almost certain to turn the
health of everyone in the coming year? Of course, we can't. But there is
one tip that does actually come close to being a universally beneficial
boost to anyone's health.   We'll unveil it but first  let's look at the
scope of the problem.

Take a snap shot of were we are. American lifespans have kept pace
with the improvements we made in the last century.  Around the turn
of the last century, in 1900, the average lifespan in the US for men was
just about 50 years old (46.3 years old), according to the Census
Bureau. That average had jumped to 74.1 years old by 2000, meaning
we had increased our average lifespan by 50% in just a century. Not
bad. That works out to an average increase of 6% per decade.  Had we
kept up this rate of increase, out lifespans would have reached 78.5 by
year 2010 and 80.5 by 2015. Remember this number, "80.5". Instead,
the average lifespan for men as of 2015 was 78.4. Now, that's not a
bad number of years on the earth. But clearly, the upward trend has
slowed now to a crawl.

More troubling, other nations have continued to see their lifespan
numbers continue to increase. As of today, the US ranks only 31st in
lifespan expectancy among the 183 nations studied by the United
Nations. Who's on top? Japan, showing a female life expectancy at
birth of 86.8 and a male lie expectancy of 80.5.  There's that number
again. What this may suggest is that Japan, since 1900, has kept apace
with expected life expectancy but we, sadly, have not. And we're falling
father behind.

Why Are We Falling Behind in Health and Life Expectancy?

What are the reasons behind the shorter lifespans of American men?
Some are the usual culprits --- heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Others are not so clear. Violence plays a role in shortening average
lifespan. But how do you explain the fact that Israel is ranked 8th in
lifespans, placed as it is in one of the most turbulent regions on Earth?

No, something else is at play.  We believe that the most overlooked
factor that is shortening the lifespans in some countries and
lengthening it in others is .... protein consumption. What? How can
protein consumption shorten lifespans? Isn't protein consumption what
separates the advanced nations from those that are still just

Eating Too Much Protein Increases Your Mortality from all Causes

There was a study started back in 1980 which should have shook the
world but it didn't.  This study was the first of its kind completed on so
large a scale. It was led by Dr. Tolin Campbell, now of Cornell

Dr. Campbell was the first Western scientist to be given permission to
conduct a large population study on diet and mortality in China.

He was able to match mortality of people in 65 rural counties of China
against whet they ate. Here is what he found. People who eat more
animal protein die off earlier. People who eat plant-based diets live

Some of the results are not surprising. People who eat animal proteins
--- red meat, chicken,eggs, milk --- die from significantly high rates of
heart disease and diabetes.  But even more surprising is that eating
animal protein also causes an increase in your risk for dying from

Dr. Campbell discovered that cancers need animal protein to initiate,
grow and metastasize.  Cutting off animal proteins in any of these three
stages will thwart cancer.  And the worse protein of them all? Casein,
the protein found in cow's milk.

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health Is Give Up Cow's Milk

Giving up casein protein is the single best thing you can do to improve
your health. This alone will lower your risk for cancer, heart disease
and diabetes.

You will find that avoiding milk, ice cream, and all forms of dairy will
bring you immediate benefits. You will be less congested almost
immediately. You will also begin to feel less bloated and start to lose

You Should Also Keep Animal Protein to a Minimum, Less Than 10%

If you, like me,  were raised on hamburgers and hot dogs, there is no
way --- no way --- you're going to be able to go cold turkey (bad pun
intended).  You will have to have a target.

Dr. Campbell's work suggests that the best health outcomes are found
in diets that limit animal protein to 10% of calories.

That level of consumptions means you will have to consume meat as a
side dish, rather than the main item on your plate.

The amount of meat you eat should not be about the size of a deck of
cards, as you may have read elsewhere. Instead, to really improve your
health, the amount of meat should be about the size of half of a deck of
cards.  Get that? -- half of a deck of cards.

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Reducing animal protein to 10%
of your diet can  lower risk for
cancer and heart disease.