The Not-So-Secret Reason Most People
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August 8, 2016
By Susan Callahan, Contributing Columnist

Reality is a tricky thing. Most people think of "reality" as an
unchangeable, true fact. This computer you're reading this article with
is "real" because you can touch it, you see it, if you drop it breaks,
therefore it is "real", meaning it is not a figment of your imagination.
And if you drop it, you have to break open your wallet and buy another
one. That's painful, therefore it's really "real".

But people who are rich have a different relationship with "reality".  
They don't need to prove to themselves that the computer is real by
touching it, seeing it or dropping it. They don't need to drop it, break it
and feel the pain of the loss, before it is "real".

This is a fundamental difference between the rich and you. For you,
and for most people, pain equals "real".  For people who are wealthy,
they know that wealth creation does not necessarily require pain. It
only requires effort. It only requires starting.

Here are some examples. As of 2016, there are over 10,000,000 people
in the United States who are millionaires, meaning that they have a net
worth of assets over liabilities of at least $1 million.  That makes the
United States the country in which more millionaires live than any other
place in the world. And, according to the Spectrum Group, a firm which
tracks and measures the number of millionaire households worldwide,
there are now 1.2 million people in the U.S. worth more than $5 million
and 45,000 who are worth more than $25 million.

Now, ask yourself, what separates those who are worth $5 million from
those who are worth $1 million? Education? Inheritances? No, the
surveys of the rich have found that they have on average more
education than the poorest among us. But they do not have "the most"
education among us. The most educated among us --- meaning those
with the most degrees --- teach at universities, write technical books
and work at a job for approximately 30 years on average. Not so for
the richest among us.  

Those who are worth more than $25 million tend to work less than
those who are the most educated among us.  Actually, no, they don't
work less. They work
less for other people. They work more for

Now, back to that point about reality. Back when he was in college at
Harvard University, young Bill Gates shared a classroom with some of
the brightest minds, with some of the highest IQs in the world.

Looking out at the faces of the newly minted freshmen students, I am
sure it was impossible for the Dean to pick out the one of those high-IQ
Harvard students who would go on to be the richest man in the world,
worth $80 billion as of 2016... and

99% of those brilliant students went on to career paths in law,
medicine, finance, manufacturing, and technology.  To get there, they
worked hard, got good grades and worked, worked, worked, worked,
worked and worked some more until they dropped. No pain, no gain,
right? To them, they saw, they
envisioned a job, a promotion, a fat
salary, a large house, and at the end of the rainbow, a great pension.  

But not Bill. He saw a different reality.

In Bill's reality, he saw, he
envisioned a world in which he was his own
boss, a world in which a little thing called a software program would
become indispensable to every computer in the world.  But do you see
the difference between Bill and his classmates?

It's not their IQ --- they're all plenty smart enough.  It's not their
willingness to work. They all can grind it out when they need to.

The difference, the key difference, in fact the only critical, essential
difference is their eyes.  Bill's eyes see a different reality, a different
future reality than other people.

And because Bill's eyes see, envision, a different reality, his arms, his
legs, his hands, his whole being starts to move in the direction of that
vision. Everyday, Bill does something that lines up with his reality. He
gravitates toward people who can help him make his reality come true.
He avoids people who stand in the way of his future reality.

How does this relate to you?  Well, if you want to become rich or at
least wealthier than you are now, you have to start by trashing that old
picture in your head. That old picture is of you with a fixed amount of
income, a fixed amount of opportunities, a fixed amount of wealth and

Then, you have to start.  There are many ways to start to get rich or
wealthier than you are today.  Most of these require capital, which most
of us are a bit short of.  But, fortunately, these days, there are ways to
start earning extra money for yourself without going to work for
someone else.

You have to start seeing yourself as your own company.  You, Inc has
to become real to you.  You are the CEO of You, Inc.

By the way, nearly 100% of those who are worth more than $5 million
own their own companies, usually first started as a way to just keep
track of what they were doing and perhaps get tax deductions.  For
example, someone who likes to do landscaping incorporates as Jimmy,
Inc so that at the end of the year, they pay tax as Jimmy, Inc and not
as Jimmy the person. Also, as Jimmy, Inc his creditors can sue him and
only Jimmy, Inc's assets are at risk, not Jimmy's house, his car, his
personal back accounts,  Over time, these tiny Jimmy, Inc's grow.  

Here are the critical steps you need to take to make You, Inc successful:

Own Your Own Name  

Most of us know the importance of protecting your identity against
identity theft.

But very few of us know that someone can start doing business as You,
Inc and you would have no power to stop that.   

Remember when Jeb Bush was running for President?

Well, among the things someone on his staff forgot to do was to grab
the domain name of  Instead, someone aligned with the
candidacy of Donald Trump was smart enough to grab it instead, so
that when people clicked on, that site re-directed to, you
guessed it, Donald Trump's campaign website, according to
Washington Post.

A 66 year-old retired factory worker named Janet LaCelle loaded up on
a bunch of website names related to Hillary Clinton even before Hillary
Clinton's campaign team could grab them. For just $15 each,  Janet
bought names like and more than a
decade ago. Those names are now worth a small fortune.

If you ever believe that you want to go into business for yourself, you
have to own your own name. If you don't and you wait, someone else
may grab it first and there will be nothing you can do about it.

Owning your name costs surprisingly little, about the cost of a cup of
coffee.  And of course there are plenty of good companies out there. I
use a few, including
Blue Host.  I would not recommend using a
company such as Yahoo because of its relatively high fees.

Take 15 Minutes and Draw Up a Mission Statement for You,Inc

This 15 minutes will be the best investment you will ever make with
your time in terms of making money.  Without a mission statement, it is
incredibly easy to forget your initial vision -- what your eyes saw --
that propelled you to walk down the path of wealth.

Your personal mission statement starts out as a rough draft. But as you
refine it, something special happens.

Each time you return to your draft, you return as a different person.

For each time you spend some of your time on your personal mission
statement, you make it something that is "real". The exercise of doing a
personal mission statement is what people who are already successful
spend thousands of dollars to work with a personal coach on.  You can
have the advice for nothing. Just start. Just start, and you will begin to
transform yourself into someone that you believe in.

Live Beneath Your Means

This one may seem obvious. But few of us do it. Most people spend
exactly what they make. They end up the month with about the same
amount of money they started out with. They never get ahead. Instead,
they merely get frustrated.

If you think you are already living below your means, you probably are
not.  If you are buying your coffee at a Starbucks, for example, you are
throwing tens if not hundreds of dollars away each month.

Think about each item in your budget. Do you pay interest on a credit
card? If you haven't looked at the rate lately, you probably are missing
out on saving tons by simply moving your credit card balance to a bank
with a lower rate.

Rates are near zero and will probably stay near zero for another year.
Now is the time to squeeze the banks.  You may be able to negotiate a
new rate with your existing bank. I have. You have to call them up and
request it. Do not be discouraged. Explain that you are shopping
around and have received an offer from another bank. Most banks have
the discretion of lowering your rate if you are a good customer. Go for


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