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The Mysterious Color That Controls
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November 4, 2013
By Kenneth Lashay, Contributing Columnist

Most people are aware that the color red influences human
behavior in vague, mysterious ways, but far fewer can define
just what those influences are.

Recently a good many scholarly studies have been conducted
to shine the scientific spotlight on this mystery in an attempt
to give definition to the nature and extent of these

Studies have shown in general that red has a much greater
influence over men than women, but it should be
remembered that this is an area which has only just begun to
be studied, and the vast majority of this research has
centered on the male reaction rather than the female.

Why Tiger Woods Wears Red on Sunday

A study from 2005, published by R.A. Hill and R.A. Barton in
‘Nature’ magazine, investigated the hypothesis that wearing
red coloring on an individual or team uniform was linked to
increased chances for success. They examined the results
from combat-type contests in the 2004 Olympics and found
that more matches were won by combatants wearing red
than other colors, and they speculated that these results
were attributable to the fact that red has historically been a
color linked to dominance.

Andrew Elliot, Professor of Psychology at the University of
Rochester, NY, has conducted several clinical studies to
examine various aspects of the ‘red influence’. In an
experiment performed in 2011 with graduate student Roger
Feltman, he found that persons or teams wearing red in a
computer-generated Tae-Kwon-Do scenario were more likely
to win the contest than opponents wearing non-red clothing.

Conversely, when the opponents wore the red, it was
determined that the non-red players or teams were
intimidated to some extent, and more likely to lose the
contest (Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 2011).

These two studies suggest that the male perception of red is
in some way linked to aggressive or dominant behavior, and
can actually incite or promote the behavior itself.

So when you see golfer extraordinaire Tiger Woods wearing
a blood-red shirt in the final round of every tournament he
enters, you can be sure it is linked to the conclusions of the
foregoing studies – that red signals his own aggressive
intent, and hopefully inspires some subconscious intimidation
in his opponents.

Is Red the Color That Turns Men On?

Perhaps of the same or even greater interest to both genders
is the red influence in the broad area of male-female

It has long been thought that red affects how men view
women, and in a 2008 study with Dr. Daniella Niesta,
Professor Elliot demonstrated that red does indeed lead men
to view women as more attractive and more sexually

The basic premise of this study was that the color red serves
as a kind of aphrodisiac for men, because it connotes
romance and sexual interaction due to historical usage of
things like red lipstick and rouge, the ‘red-light’ districts of
some major cities, etc. Five different experiments were
conducted, contrasting red with other colors and using four
different female subjects in photos.

In each of these, the subject wearing red or shown against a
red background was consistently chosen over subjects
dressed or depicted in non-red. Elliot and Niesta concluded
that their results showed strong support for the basic
premise, and that it warranted much more research in the
field of human attraction. Curiously, the participants seemed
largely unaware of the red influence despite its prevalence in
the experiments (Journal of Personality and Social
Psychology, 2008).

In a related experiment on whether red is used by females as
a sexual signal, Professor Elliot, assisted by graduate Adam
Pazda, examined the opposite side of the attraction equation
– do women wear red to indicate sexual receptivity to men?

This series of three experiments used information from dating
websites to determine whether women who used
photographs of themselves displayed noticeably in red were
more interested in sex than women dressed primarily in other

Results showed that women on the website who presented
themselves in red were more than twice as likely to be
interested in casual sex than women dressing in any other
color. Elliot and Pazda concluded that women’s presentations
in red on websites were definitely related to their interest in
having sex, and that future research should investigate the
same premise in face-to-face encounters, and perhaps also
among more reserved or recessive women (PLOS ONE
Journal, April 2012).

These and many other studies point to the color red as
having a significant influence on the perception and behavior
among males. As mentioned earlier, very little work has been
done in the area of testing the red influence on females, so
this area is sure to receive attention in the future. Also
unexplored is the underlying reason for this clearly
widespread impact among males – just what is the
mechanism or the reason for the reaction? A study published
in April 2012 by Sarah Johns, Lucy Hargrave, and Nicholas
Newton-Fisher sought to establish whether this trigger
mechanism could be the female genitalia by proxy. Forty male
participants were asked to rate the appeal of sixteen images
of non-pornographic female genitalia with coloration ranging
from a light pink to a deep red, some of which was enhanced
by photo software.

The deeper red coloration was consistently rated least
appealing, while the light pink was deemed to be most
attractive to participants.

The authors of the study concluded that red is not a proxy
for the female genitalia, which leaves the trigger mechanism
yet undefined and a tantalizing subject for more research
(PLOS ONE Journal, April 2012).

From the above it can be seen that the red influence is much
more than a fascinating topic for party chatter. The sampling
of research cited is just that – a sampling. There is a
burgeoning body of evidence from numerous other sources
that makes it clear the color red has definite impact on our
society, both for males and females. And just why does that
matter? Apart from the conversational value, these are
findings that should be of interest to sports participants and
teams, fashion designers, dating websites and match-makers,
product designers and marketers to name a few. Up to now,
the influence of red on people has been subtle and largely
unintentional; when the social and commercial impacts are
more widely understood, a great many more of us are likely
to be ‘seeing red’.

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