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The Serious Dangers of Only
Trusting Natural Remedies for
Sexual Diseases

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April 2, 2018

S. Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Though we may have even started the genre when it
comes to sexual problems, we also take pride in knowing
the limitations of a natural approach to a medical condition.

One of the most common problems you may encounter are
lesions, boils or abscesses in your groin area. You may
have discovered bumps or lumps in your groin that appear
seemingly out of nowhere but do not grow in size.
Hopefully, you sought medical guidance to diagnose these
bumps to rule out cancer and other serious conditions.

Why should you never try to treat boils, abscesses and
lesions with natural remedies?

Boils, Lesions and Abscesses Can Lead to Sepsis

Boils and abscesses are caused by bacteria. If you have
had a previous bacterial STD infection, it is possible for the
bacteria to become encased in hardened shell, a ball, that
you will feel as a nodule underneath your skin. In that
nodule, the bacteria may remain, stable and undisturbed
for decades.

But it's also possible that the ball of bacteria may break
open. In that case, the bacteria trapped inside the nodule
will escape into the surrounding  tissues, and they will
become inflamed. You may see swelling. You may feel
tenderness or not, depending on the swelling.

This is an abscess. It is a very serious condition. Abscesses
must be treated with antibiotics to throughly kill off all the

Otherwise, you may experience a series of flare-ups. The
flare-ups occur when you accidentally spill more of the
bacteria in the nodule into the surrounding tissues. This
can happen when you jostle the nodule perhaps during
masturbation of simply as you try to vigorously clean

An Open, Uncontrolled Escaping Bacterial Infection Can Kill

A single bacterial cell divides on its own into two identical
daughter cells within 20 minutes. About 1,000 bacterial
cells can fit on the head of a pin. There  are about a trillion
bacteria on the surface of your skin at any one time.

So, if you start with a cluster of, say, 100,000 bacterial
cells in a nodule under your skin and that nodule opens,
the bacteria have access to warmth, moisture and
nutrition, ideal conditions for cell  multiplication.

Within an hour, there will be 800,000 bacteria. Within 24
hours, there will  over 1.3 billion bacterial cells ---
1,382,400,000 to be precise.

That's a serious infection. If the bacteria escape into your
blood stream, you're in trouble. The body's immune
system will launch an attack against the bacteria.

This battle will rage on and may lead to sepsis. Sepsis can
cause organ failure and death.

This is what has caused some tragic deaths recently
reported. These include stories where a simple hangnail
left someone fighting for their lives. Or a simple paper cut
lead to someone dying.

The reason abscesses and boils can be so deadly is that
the enemy is far more powerful and moves far more
quickly than you can imagine. No natural remedy can get
ahead of an abscess fast enough. Go, run, to a doctor.


Why should

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