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April 27, 2018
By S.
Callahan, Contributing Columnist

When you think of ways to improve your odds against
erectile dysfunction, about the last thing you think would
have any relevance are your teeth. But, the truth is, your
teeth --- or more precisely, your oral health --- is directly
linked to the overall state of your health and to the state of
your erectile performance.

To paraphrase Tina Turner "what's teeth got to do with it?".

Scientists have discovered that the level of bacteria in your
mouth directly affects your risk for cardiovascular disease,
Alzheimer's disease and even diabetes. The strong, proven
connection between these diseases and your mouth are your
blood vessels. For example, it's been proven that
men with
gum disease have a 72% higher risk for heart disease

The Link Between Bacteria in Your Mouth and Your Arteries

Bacteria in your mouth enters your blood stream where it
triggers an inflammation response. This is the same process
that responds to a cut on your finger or any other injury.

The body's response to inflammation is to produce hormones
that signal the transportation of macrophages to the scene of
the injury. In the case of bacterial infection, then, you will
find elevated levels of proteins and other chemicals involved
in the classic injury response.

As the injury is heals, the levels of inflammation eventually
subside, just as a swelling subsides as a wound on your skin

But if there is a steady stream of bacteria, then the body
never sees a decrease in the levels of inflammation. Instead,
the body enters a state of constant low grade inflammation.

The inflammation caused by oral bacteria actually affects your
arteries because blood is carried in the arteries. It s a general
inflammation, occurring everywhere where there is blood.

Inflammation is a precondition of arterial disease. The body
continues to try to heal the injury evidenced by the
inflammation, without success.  

Inflamed arterial walls are an injury. The body's attempts to
heal the injury involve using cholesterol to patch up the
arteries. This only makes the problem worse, as the
cholesterol often leaves plaque with jagged edges on the
arterial walls.

Moreover, the plaque can be lathered over, again and again,
eventually leading to blockage of the artery and heart disease.

The Blockage of Arteries Leads to Erectile Dysfunction

Arteries that lead to your groin and to the columns that
become engorged when you have an erection, can become
blocked by the plaque that forms following inflammation.

This is the cause of erectile dysfunction.  Inflamed arteries
that become blocked, thus preventing an erection.

Regular Periodontal Care Prevents The Bacterial Flow Into
Your Arteries

The solution to this predicament is both obvious and
consistently ignored. If you are at all concerned about
erectile dysfunction, you should have your teeth cleaned
every six months. Some dentists might recommend even more
frequent cleanings if you have periodontal disease. You will
need scalings to remove the plaque and to prevent gum

You will also need to follow a rigorous cleaning program at
home. Everyone knows you should brush your teeth every
day. But you have to go further to prevent periodontal
disease and bacteria build up. You have to clean between
your teeth with dental floss and interdental brushes, you ave
to rinse with hydrogen peroxide and water.


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