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Stop Jock Itch-- Home Remedies
That Work
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There are many causes of genital itch, in men often called
"jock itch".  
STDs, shaving and thrush are the most common

But dermatitis due to use of soaps or products that your skin
is allergic to are also common causes. Colons are a common
culprit. Many colognes contain fragrances and alcohol
derivatives and even colorings which can irritate your
sensitive genital skin.

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One good home remedy is to apply witch hazel. Witch hazel is
an excellent solution for soothing irritated skin. This is why
we often recommend it as an

Another home remedy you might try is using a shampoo
which contains activated charcoal such as Neutrogena T.  This
is used mostly for dermatitis (itchy skin) on the scalp but it
also works for itchy private parts.

If you apply witch hazel and activated charcoal shampoo and
the itching stops, the cause may have been simple dermatitis.
Use Gold Bond powder to keep the area dry.

If the itching continues, it could be one of the other causes
such as one of many common STDs, so you need to see a
doctor for a prescription.

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