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Stop Burning When You Urinate
--What Causes Burning In Your

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"When I urinate I feel a slight burning in my penis?" "What
could cause this raw burning in my penis when I urinate?"

The most common causes of burning when you urinate are

1. STDs . Some STDs can cause burning in your penis.
Chlamydia causes a burning sensation during urination. You
may also have a discharge. Gonorrhea also causes a burning
sensation while urinating with a pale yellow-white discharge.  
And the Big H -HIV-- causes burning. Get a full STD screening
immediately. (Read more about the
Top 10 STDs, what are
the signs and remedies for each one.)

2. Bladder Infection or Urethritis.  This will feel like a deep
burning inside the penis going all the way inside your body
almost to the bladder. You will need to pee constantly.  Go
see a doctor and get antibiotics to clear this up immediately.  

And drink a lot of water to dilute the urine to ease the pain in
the meantime. Article Continues Below.

3. Bacterial Infection.  E. coli, the bacteria that comes from
your feces when you poop, can infect your penis and cause a
urinary tract infection that makes you burn when you pee.  
High risk behavior is engaging in anal sex without a condom.

Bacteria also causes some STDs (gonorrhea and chlamydia)
which as we have seen cause burning too.

4. Viral Infections. Herpes virus and the  cytomegalovirus
cause burning when you urinate.

5. Spermicides or contraceptive jellies, creams, or foams can
cause burning when you urinate.

5.  Injury.  You can injure your penis in sports ( wear a cup)
or of course accidentally by ramming it in other activities.

6. Hygiene. Sad fact but most men do not know how to
properly clean their penis.

7. Diet.  Urinary infections and
erectile health can be helped
by adding certain foods to your diet. Cranberry juice in
particular has been shown to be effective in reducing urinary

Another product to try is "D-mannose".  D-mannose  is a
natural sugar. The bacteria that cause urinary tract infections
cling to the molecular structure of this sugar and it gets
flushed from the body rather than attaching to the bladder.

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