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If you had to choose a
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Jessica Alba        56%
Eva Mendez        16%
Jessica Biehl        10%
Beyonce                9%
Rihanna                8%

Man Poll Number 2:

Should Eliot Spitzer Have
Resigned for Sleeping With

No        64%
Yes        36%

Man Poll Number 3:

Is Barack Obama manly
enough to be

No                73%
Yes                  26%

Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer
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Signs That You Have Prostate Cancer
September 1, 2010

By Editors, MangoBoss

Here is the unspoken question on the minds of many guys. Do I have
testicular cancer? How do I tell if I have testicular cancer? What are the
signs of  testicular cancer? Can I examine myself for testicular cancer or
do I have to go to a doctor? Can unprotected sex give you testicular

First, here are the facts.  Of all the cancers that affect men --lung cancer,
prostate cancer, bone cancer, name-- testicular cancer only represents one
percent of all cancers.

The reason most guys have a concern about testicular cancer is simple: it's
the most common type of cancer in males ages 16 to 35, and can occur
anytime after age fifteen.

Often, only one testicle is affected. The cause of testicular cancer is still
unknown. Risk factors include:

  •             Race. White men have testicular cancer 5 times more often
    than Blacks.

  •               Family. If you have a father or a brother who ha had
    testicular cancer, then you are also at a higher risk for getting
    testicular cancer.

  •             Undescended testicles. If your testicles did not descend  
    remain in the body. Your testicles develop before birth in your  
    abdominal cavity. Normally, they descend into the scrotum before
    birth. Undescended testicle occurs when one or both testicles fail to
    move into the scrotum prior to birth..According to the National
    Institute of Health,undescended testicles are fairly common in
    premature infants, and occur in about 3 - 4% of full-term infants.
    About 65% of the testicles typically descend by 9 months of age.

Once a testicle has been discovered in the scrotum, it is              generally
considered descended, even if it is temporarily retracted on a later
examination. Sometimes a condition (referred to as retractile testes) will
develop, in which the examiner can sometimes locate the testicles and
sometimes not.

This occurs because of the strength of the muscular reflex (cremasteric
reflex) that retracts the testicles and the small mass of the testicles before
puberty. In this instance, the testicles descend at puberty. This is
considered a variant of normal and surgical correction is not needed.

How Do You Do as Testicular Self-Exam? (TSE)

The TSE is a method for guys to check their testicles to make sure there
aren't any unusual bumps or lumps, which may be the first sign of
testicular cancer. Sometimes cancer of the testicles will spread, so it’s very
important to detect it early so that the cancer doesn't become more

Everybody has heard about how the The Tour de France winner and great
cyclist Lance Armstrong beat testicular cancer.  But what you may not
know is that he ignored symptoms for a long time and nearly died from it
since it spread so much.

The Right Way to Check Your Testicles for Cancer

  • Check yourself right after a hot shower. The skin of the scrotum is
    then relaxed and soft.

  • Become familiar with the normal size, shape and weight of your

  • Using both hands, gently roll each testicle between your fingers.

  • You can oil your skin up if it makes detecting the bumps easier for

  • Identify the epididymis. This is the thing that feels like  a rope on the
    top and back of each testicle. This structure is NOT an abnormal lump.

  • Look out for any  tiny lump under the skin, in front or along the sides
    of either testicle. The lump may feel like a grain of rice

Report any swelling to your doctor.  Don't put it off.

If you have any lumps or swelling, it does not necessarily mean you have
cancer, but you must be checked by your health care provider. If detected
and treated early , testicular cancer is one of the most curable cancers.

It's normal for one testicle to be a little bit bigger than the other. The
testicles should be smooth and firm. But If you feel any bumps or lumps,
go to  your doctor right away.  Here's the deal, testicular cancer is
treatable and beatable. But you can't put it off. You have to jump on this
Men Who Eat Western Fatty
Diets Have Higher Risk of
Prostate Cancer
Quick Fact: The county of
Qidong in China has the lowest
recorded prostate cancer
incidence rate, 0.5 per 100,000
men. By comparison, Sweden
has a rate of 55.3 per 100,000
men and the U.S. has a rate of
102.1 per 100,000
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