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December 6, 2016
Susan  Callahan, Contributing Columnist

Sesame seeds are rather like the stepchildren among nuts and seeds
when it comes to reputations for health benefits in the US.  Lesser
known and less used than, say, walnuts or flax seeds, sesame seeds are
a staple of the diets in other parts of the world, particularly South
Korea and other countries in Asia.  

But that may be about to change. New studies have linked sesame
seeds with powerful health benefits to men, such as lowering
cholesterol  and even improving sperm quality.

Sesame Seeds Improve Sperm Quality and Fertility in Men

If you are interested in impregnating your lady, then you should
strongly consider adding sesame seeds to your diet.

A 2013 study from doctors at  Isfahan University of Medical Sciences,
Isfahan, Iran examined how sesame seeds affect the fertility of men
who had experienced fertility problems.

The doctors took a group of 25 infertile men aged 25 to 45 years old
and put them on a week plan. The plan included eating a 3 month's
long of eating 0.5 milligrams of sesame seeds for every kilogram of
their body weight. So, for example,  a man who weighed 170 pounds
(77.27 kilograms) would have eaten just over 38 milligrams of sesame
seeds each day.

After 3 months, the doctors measured the "motility" and the number of
sperm. Motility means the ability of sperm to swim around, which of
course helps to improve their ability to impregnate an egg.  

What they discovered was that the addition of the sesame seeds
dramatically improved both the motility and the total number of sperm.
After treatment with sesame, motility increased by over 50%. Sperm
count doubled from 10.56 million sperm per milliliter  to 22.71 million
per millimeter.

And the good results were not just confined to the test tubes. After the
sesame seed treatment, two men were successful in natural
impregnation of their wives and another  man was able to impregnate
his wife after in vitro fertilization.

How Does Sesame Improve Sperm Quality?

The scientists surmised that sesame improved sperm quality because it
contains reactive oxygen species (ROS) as well as sesame lignans,
which scavenge and free radicals.

Over 25% of men who are sterile have high levels of semen oxidative
stress. Seminal oxidative stress causes sperm DNA damage and sperm

Lignans are compounds which are powerful anti-oxidants, meaning
they literally neutralize oxidative stress. Sesame seeds contain higher
concentration of lignans than any other nut or seed, including flax

The second way that sesame improves sperm quality is by raising the
levels of compounds called tocopherols. Tocopherols are Vitamin E
compounds, which are powerful abtioxidants.

The lignans in sesame boost tissue tocopherol levels by inhibiting a
compound called"cytochrome P450 3A-dependent n-hydroxylase".

Sesame Seeds Improve Erectile Function

Sesame seeds have another powerful effect on your sexual health.
Sesame seeds are rich in arginine, an amino acid.  Your body uses
arginine in combination with nitric oxide synthase to produce nitric

You know nitric oxide as the "laughing gas" some dentists use you
relax you.  Inside your body, nitric oxide does the same thing -- it
relaxes your blood vessels. When your arteries relax, they carry more
blood. Greater blood flow to your groin area produces erections.

Eat more sesame seeds to release the hounds!

Sesame Seeds Lower Cholesterol?

Some studies on animals have reported that sesamin, the lignan found
in sesame seeds, lower cholesterol.  But questions have arisen over the
design of certain of these studies and the mixtures of the sesame
products fed to the animals,

One study, conducted in 2006 , attempted to clear up the confusion.
Sesame was given to lab rats, who were intentionally given high
cholesterol after being fed a compound called "stanol ester".

The carefully designed study, led by scientists from the University of
Helsinki, Finland, found that lab rats which had been fed the sesamin
with the stanol experienced lower cholesterol. The group of rats which
dud not receive the sesamin saw their cholesterol spike by 300%.

From this, the scientists concluded that the "Sesamin alone did not
affect the elevation of the diet-induced cholesterol level".

However, other studies of sesamin, in combination with Vitamin E, have
found that the entire sesame seed does in fact lower cholesterol in
humans. No one eats sesamin alone. We all eat the whole sesame
seeds, which contain sesamin, Vitamin E as well as other micro-

We think, therefore, on balance, that the greater weight of evidence
supports a conclusion that eating whole sesame seeds actually exert a
downward pressure on cholesterol.

Sesame Seeds Reduce Inflammation of Osteoarthritis

If you have arthritis in your knees or other joints, you may want to
consider using sesame oil. Sesame oil reduces internal inflammation
which causes arthritic pain.

In 2015 , scientists from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz,
Iran, studies two groups of men with knee osteoarthritis. One group of
25 men was given a placebo. Another group was given 40 grams of
sesame seeds daily.

After 2 months, the group of men who had taken sesame oil had much
lower levels of C-reactive protein, a marker for inflammation.

Sesame Seeds Are Rich in Magnesium Which Supports Healthy
Metabolism and More

Magnesium is involved in over 300 essential chemical reactions in your
body. One of the key chemical reaction is metabolism, converting food
to energy. Without magnesium, your metabolism is sluggish and you
gain weight easily.

A tablespoon of sesame seeds contains 32 milligrams of magnesium,
which is about 8% of the daily recommended amount.

Sesame Seeds' Magnesium Helps to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Magnesium, from whatever source, helps to lower your blood pressure
somewhat. Magnesium supplements of 368 milligrams per day lowers
blood pressure "modestly", according to the American Heart

People who took this amount for 6 months saw their systolic blood
pressure (top number of the blood pressure reading) fall by 2 points
and their diastolic pressure (the bottom number) fall by 1.78 points.

Sesame Seeds are Rich in Zinc with Boosts Testosterone and Bone

We have written extensively on the
ability of zinc to boost testosterone.

Zinc, added to your diet, will raise testosterone levels over time.

Sesame seed are rich in zinc, containing about  0.54 grams per
tablespoon or 10 milligrams per cup , according to the US Department
of Agriculture. The daily recommended amount of zinc is 11 milligrams
for men over the age of 19, according to the
National Institutes of

You also need zinc to maintain strong bones. Many studies have been
conducted that demonstrate that zinc improves bone  mineral density in
women.  In 2004, scientists from the University of California at San
Diego and the US Department of Agriculture showed that the same is
true for men with osteoporosis.  The study found that"Dietary zinc
intake and plasma zinc each have a positive
association with Bone mineral density in men."

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Sesame seeds improve sperm
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