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March 5, 2011
By M. Prendergast, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Scrotum pain is such a sensitive issue, and most men don’t want to talk
about it. But, if you're having scrotum pain, you're not alone. However,
scrotum pain affects men of all ages. A 2004 study carried out at
University of Rochester Medical Center found that testicular pain as a
result of torsion alone affects approximately 1 in 4000 men annually.
What can you do to relieve scrotum pain? Are there any foods, herbs or
other natural treatments that can help? Are there any exercises that
can reduce scrotum pain?

Causes of Scrotum Pain

First things first. There are 2 types of scrotum pain. A 2010 UK study
carried out jointly by Portsmouth NHS Trust Hospital and Churchill
Hospital Oxford made a distinction between
chronic scrotal pain and
acute scrotal pain.

Chronic scrotal pain is pain that has existed for more than three
months. It can be gradual and debilitating and may occur for a number
of reasons although sometimes the cause is not known. Here are the  
leading causes of chronic scrotum pain.

  • Vasectomy.  The 2010 study from Portsmouth NHS TRust Hospital
    and Churchill Hospital Oxford discovered that as much as 16% of
    men undergoing vasectomy develop a chronic pain syndrome
    sometimes for unknown reasons.

  • Bacterial Infection. A 2009 study published by University of
    Connecticut School of Medicine set out that bacterial infection
    caused by sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia
    trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae can cause chronic scrotal

Acute scrotum pain is a different matter.  Here are the most common
causes of acute scrotal pain:

  • A 2011 Scottish study carried out at the Department of Urology at
    Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital found that the most common cause of
    acute pain in adults is testicular torsion and epididymitis. Torsion
    is the technical name for twisted testicles, which happens when
    your testicles twist around on their stem. This condition is
    sometimes known colloquially as "twisted balls".  Epididymitis is
    the inflammation of the epididymis at the back of the testicle
    where the sperm is stored, as well as orchitis which is the
    inflammation and swelling of the testes.

  • Fournier's Gangrene.  Fournier’s Gangrene, a rare infection of the
    perineum that can cause fever, pain and even death if left
    untreated, also leads to acute scrotal pain, explains a 2007 study
    by Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

  • Sports Injury. Scrotal trauma as a result of sports activities or
    rough play can also be a cause of acute scrotal plain says a report
    written jointly by Ohio’s U.S Air Force Medical Center at Wright-
    Patterson Air Force base and Michigan’s William Beaumont

  • Hernia. Inguinal hernia, which occurs when part of the intestine
    protrudes through a muscular defect in the groin area and slides
    into the scrotum, is another cause of acute scrotal pain.

  • Blue Balls.  Acute scrotal pain can result from a condition called
    blue balls, particularly in young adults says a 2000 study by
    Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Mary Bridge
    Children's Hospital Tacoma, Washington. Blue balls is a slang term
    which refers to temporary fluid congestion in the prostate and

  • But Not Cancer. Does cancer cause scrotum pain?  Not really. A
    1998 study published by Japan’s Tsuchiura Kyodo Hospital
    pointed out that cancerous lumps on the testes are generally

10 Cures For Scrotum Pain

Studies tell us there are natural ways we can ease scrotal pain. We’ve
combed the resources available to us to bring you some of them.
Remember to consult your medical practitioner before adopting them to
find out if they are suitable for your particular situation.

Scrotal Support

A 2003 Canadian study carried out at Kingston University suggested
scrotal support, such as a jock strap, as an effective way of relieving
the pain caused by chronic epididymitis.  

Scrotal support protects the region against contact friction between the
legs, painful movement of the scrotum, as well as from external contact
that could cause irritation.

Local Heat Therapy

The same 2003 Canadian study recommended local heat therapy as a
way to relieve scrotal pain caused by chronic epididymitis. Heat therapy
improves blood circulation through the affected area stimulating the
oxygen flow and promoting healing.

Vitamin E

A 2011 study carried out at Tulane University, New Orleans, found that
Vitamin E is sometimes employed as an oral treatment for pain in the
penile area. This is due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Vitamin C Heals Damaged Testicles

A 2011 study published by researches at Iran’s Shahid Bahonar
University of Kerman, asserted that Vitamin C was an effective
antioxidant and in healing damaged testicles in studies carried out on


Echinacea can reduce the mass of male sex organs according to a 2004
Lithuanian study undertaken at Kaunas University of Medicine. It can
also helpful for its antiandrogenic effects as an imbalance in the balance
of androgenic hormones or testones is the cause of many disorders in
the sex glands, according to the study.


A 1978 study carried out at Indian Institute of Science found that
extracts of the pulsatilla herbaceous perennial plant helps swelling in
the genital area, in studies carried out on rats.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice can be a natural remedy for scrotum pain caused by
urinary tract infection. A 2011 Italian study carried out at Chieti-
Pescara University explored the role of cranberries in the prevention
and treatment of urinary tract infection which is often a trigger for
epididymitis. (
Cranberry juice can also help clear up blood in semen
caused by infection.


Yoga reduces chronic pain, and can even help chronic scrotal pain. A
2010 Indian study carried out at Bangalore Institute of Oncology found
that yoga was effective in reducing chronic pain not only on the
physical level but also on the emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.
This study found that yoga promotes a decreased metabolism, quieter
breathing, stable blood pressure, reduced muscle tension, lower heart
rate and slow brain wave pattern.

Black Cumin Can Reduce Scrotum Pain

A 2004 Iranian study carried out at Isfahan University of Medical
Sciences found that the steam-distilled essential oil of Iranian black
cumin seed had analgesic and anti inflammatory properties.

Safe Sex Can Prevent Scrotum Pain

A 2009 French study undertaken at Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2
University set out that chlamydia trachomatis, a trigger of epididymitis,
result from having multiple sexual partners combined with a failure to
use condoms.

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Sports Injuries are a common cause of scrotum pain