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December 26, 2011
By Louise Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

The race for the 2012 Republican presidential primaries is
hotting up and it’s tough to keep track of which candidate is
having most success. Out of the two front runners, will it be
former house speaker Newt Gingrich, or Mitt Romney, the
former Massachusetts governor, who steps into the Republican
candidacy shoes and becomes Republican nominee for
President? What say the Republicans and Republican-leaning
independents that are very likely to vote in their state's
presidential primary or caucus? And most importantly, which
candidate do guys prefer, and why?

Romney v Gingrich: Men Decide

Republican and Republican-leaning men polled in the period Dec
5 to 18 2011.

The results of this “poll of polls” are taken from the sources
listed in the left-hand column. Where the percentages don’t add
up to 100%, the men could also decide between other
presidential nomination candidates.

And the Winner is... Newt Gingrich

But not by a whole lot. You can see from the chart that Gingrich
just nudges ahead of Romney in most of the polls, according to
the men questioned. The biggest swing to Gingrich comes in the
Pew Research Center and Gallup polls, where Gingrich is the
most popular by 21 % and 15 % respectively.

Mitt Romney was initially more popular with male voters than
Gingrich. Romney also ran for President in 2008. His entry into
the nominations was welcomed by voters for his mainstream
appeal, and he enjoyed a surge of support from men and
women voters that kept him ahead of his Republican rival. He
set his campaign on the need, and his ability, to beat Obama,
and men are perhaps more likely to think of this as one of his
strengths as opposed to one of Gingrich’s strengths.

Womanizer... or War Leader?

However, Gingrich comes back stronger in terms of experience.
Men also tend to see him as better suited to leading the armed
forces in the United States, although neither man has military
service experience.  Newt Gingrich is less popular with women,
perhaps due to the thrice-married man’s rocky history with the
opposite sex. Men seem more able to look past these
misdemeanors. Gingrich, on the whole, is not particularly highly
ranked in terms of honesty or trustworthiness according to the
ABC News/Washington Post poll commentary. However, neither
is Romney. Both score just over 50 % in the ABC
News/Washington Post poll for saying what they really believe.

Experience and Record

Romney falls down in the eyes of male Republicans in terms of
his record on health care, arising from his role of governor of
Massachusetts, although he does score points for his corporate
work. Gingrich, on the other hand, doesn’t fully convince male
voters that his work as a political consultant following his spell
in elective office was effective, although his work as House
speaker in the 90's is viewed favorably.

Gingrich has been consistently picked by male voters as having
the best set of experiences to be President, and a better
personal attitude in the eyes of these Republicans. The two men
are broadly even when it comes to perceptions on how they’d
handle immigration, the deficit and the economy.

What’s the Future for Romney and Gingrich?

It seems the Republican Party could be in for a close-run race.
At the time of writing, Gingrich’s lead over Romney collapsed,
and the two are now tied for the lead. Moreover, Gingrich has
just failed to qualify for the Virginia Republican Super Tuesday

The lack of space between the two in terms of men’s voting has
been mirrored by the wider statistics. And a large number of
Republican male voters, according to ABC News/Washington
Post, say they might change their mind over which man to
support. Statistic like this make it clear there could be even
greater movement as the race continues.

Comment on this article.

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