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Presidential Cribs ---Homes of the
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Though they would all love to have the keys to 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, the 5 men now vying for
that prestigious address each maintain homes that serve as
their family's private homes.  Where does President Barack
Obama live when he's not in the White House? Where do Mitt
Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich live? Take
a tour of the homes of the men currently running for President
of the United States.

1. President Barack Obama.  The Obamas residence in Chicago
is a house in the Hyde Park section of town on 5046 S.
Greenwood. Originally purchased for $1.65 million, the house's
current value is probably closer to $1.5 million, based on  the
average of value of homes of the same size in the same zip code.

2. Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney's net worth is near $250 million,
so it's no surprise that he has more than one home.

The Romney clan is large, consisting of 5 grown sons, their
wives and 16 grandchildren.  The Romneys have a large lake
house in New Hampshire, which they purchased to give their
large extended family room to romp during the summers. They
also have an oceanside home in La Jolla, California ( estimated
value of $12 million) and a home in Utah perfect for ski

3. Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum purchased a home on 1060
Creamcup Lane through a trust called "the Creamcup Trust" in
Great Falls, Virginia in 2007. The home is currently valued at
between $1.4 and $2 million.

Rick Santorum's house in Great Falls, Virginia sits on 5 acres
and has an 800 square foot swimming pool and a 704 square
foot play/recreation room.

4. Newt Gingrich. The Gingrich's bought their home in McClean,
Virginia in 2000 for $995,000. The 5000 square-foot 5
bedroom, 4 bath homes has 3 bathrooms, three fireplaces and a
large marbled bath with gold (or are they gold-plated?) fixtures
which was featured on the website of their designer.

5. Ron Paul. As befitting his "plain-talking" image, Ron Paul has
a relatively modest home in Lakewood, Texas.

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President Obama owns this house in the Hyde Park section of
Chicago. It  has 7 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces and a wine cellar. The
square footage is listed as 6,199 square feet.  President Obama
bought the home in June of 2005 for $1.65 million. We value the
house now at $1.5 million.
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Romney's house on Lake Winnepasaki in New Hampshire has 6
bedrooms and sits on 11 lake-front acres.  The home is valued at $3

Romney's Utah home in Park City has 9514 square feet, 7  
bedrooms, 9.5 baths and sits on 11 acres.
Romney's oceanfront house in La Jolla, California is valued
at $12 million.
Newt Gingrich's home in Mclean, Virginia has 5000 square
feet and a large marbled bath (see below).
Santorum's home in affluent Great Falls, Virginia sits on 5 acres and has 4,900
square feet, a swimming pool and a recreation room.
Ron Pau's home in Lakewood, Texas .