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Penis Yeast Infection --- Causes
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August 15, 2017

By Susan Callahan, Featured Columnist

Yeast infections are something most men do not think they
have to worry about. Many men equate yeast infections
with vaginal infections and since they don't have a vagina,
they're good, right? Wrong. The truth is, many men
actually suffer from yeast infections. Called "genital
candidiasis" or "penis thrush", yeast infections in your
genitals attack the foreskin or the head of the penis.  What
causes penis yeast infections? Can changing your diet help
to reduce or eliminate penis yeast infections?

Yeast Infections Are Caused by Candida

Candida is the most common fungal infection worldwide
and  one of the most common infections in the United
States. In hospitals, candida causes 46,000 cases of  
invasive candidiasis each year, according to the Centers for
Disease Control. When candida crosses the intestinal
barrier and enters your blood stream, it is called
"candidemia", a sometimes fatal condition.  In all fairness,
people with candidemia usually are already seriously ill
from other conditions.

Candida albicans is the most prevalent strain of candida
fungus. Note that candida is a fungus, not a bacteria.  The
distinction is important because antibiotics can only attack
bacteria, not fungus.

In our guts, there are up to 100 trillion
bacteria cells.
These bacteria are supposed to be there. We in fact
depend on them being there to help our bodies to regulate
metabolism, to boost our immune system, and even to
communicate with our brains.

The number of fungus cells is much, much smaller than the
number of bacteria but this relatively tiny number, which
include candida, can have a tremendous impact on your

Candida exists in this tiny fungal community, along with
from 600 to 1100 other species of bacteria in the dominant
majority bacteria community, in our intestines.

Using Antibiotics Opens the Door to Candida Overgrowth

When all is well, and you are healthy, the good bacteria
dominate candida, keeping it under control.  The problems
start when candida grows out of proportion to other
healthy bacteria.

When you take antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection, two
important things happen, and most people only pay
attention to one of them. The first thing that happens is
that, usually, your bacteria infection clears up. So, you feel

But another, equally important, thing happens.  Antibiotics
beat down the levels of good bacteria in your gut.
Sometimes, as a result, there are not enough good
bacteria to keep candida in check. Seeing the guards leave
their posts, candida acts opportunistically to grow and

This is why using antibiotics can lead to yeast infections in
your penis.
They wipe out good bacteria and clear the field
for candida to grow wild.

Once you have a candida infection that escapes into other
areas of your body, it can stay there for a very long time.

You may experience symptoms such as itching on the head
of your penis, itching in the foreskin, pain, and
You may also experience a ringing in your
ears called "tinnitus", as the candida makes its way to your
ear canals.

The reason you may live with a low-grade candida
infection for years is that you, unknowingly, do things to
help the candida community to thrive.

And one of the worst things you do to fan the flames of a
yeast infection on your penis is to eat sugar.

How You Make Your Penis Yeast Infection Worse

Candida fungus prefers to eat sugar. So, when you eat
sugar, in the form of table sugar, desserts, sodas, breads,
and most crunchy snacks, you actually are feeding the

You also make the candida infection worse by doing things
that lower the levels of good bacteria in your gut.

You lower the levels of good bacteria in your gut when
you do not eat enough fermented foods, such as
sauerkraut, pickles and yogurt with live cultures.

What You Can Do to Dampen the Fire of a Penis Yeast

There are foods to avoid and foods to eat to heal a
candida infection in your penis.

Skip the Sugar

Avoid all forms of table sugar. Avoid all desserts. By
definition, desserts are sweetened, either with sugar or
artificial sweeteners. Those sweetened with sugar feed the
candida directly.

Skip the Artificial Sweetener

Those desserts which are sweetened with artificial
sweetener lower the levels of good bacteria in your gut.

Stop using artificial sweeteners, of any sort.

Add Fermented Foods to Your Diet

Boost the levels of good bacteria by eating unsweeteneed
yogurt with live cultures of bacteria. Choose to eat your
hot dogs with sauerkraut. Add pickles to that hamburger.

Go Easy on the Fat

High levels of fat also increase levels of candida, studies
have found.

Add Vinegar to Your Diet

Vinegar lowers the level of sugar in your blood stream,
starving the candida of its needed food source.

Add Cinnamon to Your Diet

Cinnamon lowers blo
od sugar levels. Numerous studies
have confirmed the anti-glycemic effect of cinnamon. One
study in 2013 from the Western University of Health
Sciences in California, for example, examined how
cinnamon affected the blood profiles of 543 people.

This study actually examined many other studies on
cinnamon's effects on blood sugar.

The mega-review revealed that patients who were given
doses of cinnamon ranging from 120 mg/day to 6000
mg/day saw their blood sugar levels drop on average by
24.59mg/dL to 40.52 mg/dL. The time of the intake of
cinnamon was between 4 and 18 weeks.

Add cinnamon to your meat dishes, chilies, soups, teas.
Cinnamon also adds a surprising and pleasant taste to
sauteed vegetables such as green beans and spinach.

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