Eating foods rich in Vitamin K helps your
blood to coagulate.

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June 15, 2017
By Susan Callahan, Contributing Columnist

Bleeding from the penis is a little-discussed but surprisingly common
problem faced by men.  Your penis is highly susceptible to bleeding,
when you think about it, for the simple reason that your anatomy is
constructed for the purpose of delivering large amounts of blood to the
genitals in order to produce an erection.

Even in men who are not trying to achieve an erection, blood flows to
the genitals occurs during sleep, or in response to excitation and even
to anxiety. But why does bleeding from the penis occur? Is bleeding
from the penis always a medical emergency? Are there
any foods or
natural remedies that reduce your risk for penis bleeding?

Of Course You Should Consult Your Doctor

Your urologist is indispensable to properly diagnosing any unusual
discharge from your penis, let alone a discharge as alarming as blood.
But it is always good to also learn what you can about the way your
penis works from an anatomical point of view, so that you can better
recognize and understand what causes the problem in the first place.

One of the causes of a bleeding penis are sexually transmitted diseases.
We cover the
causes and remedies for STDs comprehensively here.

If you suspect that you have a sexually-transmitted disease, you have
to see a doctor. Certain of these diseases will never go away on their
own and can cause long-term serious health problems including sterility
and blindness.

Penis Anatomy Plays a Big Role in Causing Penis Bleeding

Your groin sits at the south end of a major network of blood vessels
that carry blood from your heart.

There are three main arteries in your penis, the dorsal arteries of the
penis, the deep arteries of the penis and the Bulbourethral artery.
These three arteries are responsible for feeding blood into your penis
from your heart, which makes it possible to have an erection.

Blood that flows from your heart contains oxygen. This blood is always
red. Once the oxygen is offloaded at its destination; in this case your
penis, a different set of blood vessels, your veins, carry the now
oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart to be re-oxygenated. On its
way back, the blue, now deprived of oxygen, is blue. This is why when
you see your veins through your skin, they are blue.

Thus, here is one thing you know right off the bat. If you see red blood
flowing from your penis, you know that this blood came from an artery.
If you see blue blood flowing from your penis, you know that the
problem is a vein, not an artery.

Weak or Injured Arteries Can Cause Penis Bleeding

When the walls of an artery leak, blood escapes into the tiny spaces
called interstitial spaces. This is an internal hemorrhage.

Your body is designed to try to stop internal hemorrhages on its own
and in many cases it works perfectly. When an artery leaks or bursts,
your body responds much as it does when you prick your finger; It
sends cells called neutrophils to help seal the wound. Neutrophils
attract other players in the wound-healing response, princiaplly
immune cells, proteins and other cells to prevent infection and start a
clotting of the wound; Cells called macrophages hover and clean the

Of course, the body's blood clotting and wound defense system are not
capable of stopping a major artery injury. You will need medical
attention for major blood vessel bursts.

The amount of blood coming from your penis will give you a clue as to
whether the artery breach is major. Does the blood flow stop on its
own or decrease as minutes pass. Are you dizzy? Dizziness indicates
that the amount of blood loss is large enough to have lowered your
overall blood pressure.

Stop Having Sex or Masturbating If Your Penis Is Bleeding

In all cases, you should never have sex if your penis is bleeding.
Encouraging an erection will simply increase the blood flow from your
heart down to your groin, where it will just cause greater leakage. It's
like pouring more water into a leaky bucket.

Use a Cool Compress to Help Stop the Bleeding Temporarily

To encourage healing of your penis blood vessels, apply a cool
compress, a clean towel wet with cold water will do. Cooling your
entire groin area will help to slow the flow of blood, giving your body
time to let the wound-binding cells to do their job.

If you can take it an ice bath is also helpful. Ice baths are regularly
used by athletes after a contest to combat inflammation and promote
recovery. They can do the same for you.

Sit waist deep in a tub of cold water. Dump ice cubes  into the water
and soak for 5 minutes.

It's advised to never take an ice bath at home while you are alone, just
in case you find the water is too cold and you need help to get out of
the tub or to drain it.

Finally, never apply ice directly to the skin -- you can get frostbite.
Wrap ice in a towel and the cold will still get to your groin and do its

Get Enough Vitamin K to Stop Hemorrhaging

Vitamin K is not very well known in the vitamin kingdom. But that
doesn't mean it's not important. In fact, Vitamin K is vitally important.
For without Vitamin K, we would all bleed to death.

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin used by our bodies to coagulate
blood. In fact, for people with heart problems who end up in the
hospital because of an overdose of a blood-thinner called Coumadin
(generic name is Warfarin), the standard treatment is Vitamin K to stop
the internal bleeding.

There are two forms of Vitamin K,  K1 and K2, and both are involved in
blood coagulation. The technical name for Vitamin K1 is
and the technical name for
Vitamin K2 is menaquinone.

The National Academy of Medicine has set the daily adequate allowance
for Vitamin K at 90 μg for women and 120 μg for men.

You get Vitamin K1 from green, leafy vegetables -- think spinach, kale,
collard greens, and turnip greens. A single cup of spinach gives you
844 μg of Vitamin K. A single cup of kale gives you 1062 μg and a cup
of broccoli gives you 220 μg, more than twice what you need in normal
Your body converts Vitamin K1 to Vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 on the other hand, is not found in many foods. The food
richest in Vitamin K2 is natto, a Japanese fermented soy bean product,
not something you find on most grocery store shelves. Natto has over
250 μgof Vitamin K2 per ounce.

One of the few foods rich is Vitamin K2 which is broadly available is
Gouda cheese, which has 75 μg per ounce.

Use Horse Chestnut to Help Seal Leaky Penis Arteries

The horse chestnut contains a compound that scientists have found can
seal leaky blood vessels.

Horse chestnuts are used in Europe as a natural remedy for varicose
because it help seal leaky blood vessels.

Watch The Use of Blood-Thinning Medications and Natural Supplements

Because penis bleeding can indicate a blood vessel rupture, the last
thing you should do is to encourage more bleeding.

If you are on prescribed blood-thinning medications and you develop
penis bleeding, you should continue taking your medication until your
doctor tells you otherwise.  You should, however, make all of your
treating physicians aware that you have penis bleeding. They ma decide
to adjust your dosage of blood-thinners.

Be careful to also discuss with your doctor all natural supplements you
are taking. Fish oil pills and curcumin are natural blood-thinners as are
certain arthritis supplements. In combination with prescribed blood-
thinning medications such as statin drugs, these natural supplements
can cause internal hemorrhages in your blood vessels, anywhere in
your body, including in your penis.

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