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July 11, 2011, last updated April 9, 2014

By L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Right guys, hands up who’s had a problem down below?
Problems with the penis are much more common than
many men think. And one of the most common reasons for
concern is a discharge from the penis. Penis discharge is
an abnormal leakage or loss of fluid from your penis and it
is often the sign of a sexually transmitted disease (STD).
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates
there are around 19 million new STD infections each year,
a massive total that costs the US healthcare system $16.4
billion every year.   

Because penis discharge can be the first sign of a serious
health problem like an STD it should not be ignored. Don’t
just hide the problem and hope it clears up. If you’re too
embarrassed to see the doctor, or you think it will go away
on its own, think again. What are the discharge signs that
you can’t ignore? Penis discharge can come in an array of
colors. You can suffer a lot of discharge or a little, all
through the day or only on waking and peeing. What does
it mean if your penis discharge is yellow? What causes
white penis discharge? What should you do if you see a
red discharge from your penis? Take a look at the table
below to see the causes of penis discharge and what to do
about this distressing symptom.   

Penis Discharge Chart – Color and Cause   

Do You Have Other Symptoms Along With Penis

Usually, when penis discharge is a sign of an STD it is
accompanied by other symptoms.

Chlamydia. A white or clear penis discharge is often a sign
of Chlamydia. Chlamydia, whose technical name is
"chlamydia trachomatis",  is a common sexually
transmitted disease that can be caught and passed on by
both men and women. According to the Centers For
Disease Control and Prevention, in 2009 there were
1,244,180 reported cases of Chlamydia - 409.2 per
100,000 people in America.  

Chlamydia is also common in the UK. In fact, it is the most
common bacterial sexually transmitted infection in the UK,
affecting approximately 3% of the general population and
up to 10% of those under the age of 25, according to a
2010 study led by Dr. Karen Lorimer of the Institute for
Applied Health Research, Glasgow Caledonian University.

In Canada, also, chlamydia is the most commonly reported
sexually transmitted disease, according to a 2013 study led
by Dr. Karolina Machalek from the Canadian Public Health
Service, Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario,

Many men with Chlamydia are unaware they have it, as it
can produce no symptoms. But as well as a cloudy, white
or watery discharge from the penis, you may have a
burning sensation when you pee or a burning or itching
around the opening of your penis.

Testing for Chlamydia is becoming quicker and easier, in
fact, a 2009 study showed that a rapid urine test identified
84 percent of infection in 1,200 men. Previous tests have
been painful, involving a swab of the urethra, or

Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is also a common cause of penis
discharge. Men get gonorrhea in the penis but also in the
anus, eyes, throat and mouth. You may not have any
symptoms, but you will probably have a thick yellow,
green or white discharge from your penis, or pain when
you pass urine. Your testicles may become painfully

If you have gonorrhea of the rectum, your symptoms will
be located in that region. The Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention reports 301,174 cases of gonorrhea in
2009 – 99.1 per 100,000 Americans.   

Trichomoniasis. Trichomoniasis, an infection caused by
parasites and transmitted sexually, mainly affects women
but when it affects men they usually have no symptoms. If
you notice something it’s likely to be a yellow or gray-
green discharge from the penis and an irritation or a
burning sensation inside the penis.   

Balanitis. Balanitis typically occurs when boys and men are
uncircumcised and inflammation occurs through poor
hygiene, infections and irritants. Symptoms can include a
white penis discharge.  

Blood in Semen. A red or brown discharge, or noticing red
in the ejaculate, is most commonly an indication of blood in
the semen. It may be nothing to worry about, or a sign of
a urologic condition like urethritis. Urethritis is commonly
recognized as a leading cause of blood in the semen,
especially in younger men. Urethritis can be transmitted
sexually or non-sexually.   

What Natural Remedies Treat Penis Discharge?  

If your penis discharge is caused by an STD, and many
discharges are, you must seek medical attention and you
will usually complete a course of antibiotics to get rid of
the infection and clear up the discharge.   

There are a few natural remedies you can try, depending
on the cause of your penis discharge. If you are suffering
from Chlamydia, vitamin C added to the antibiotic
treatment with doxycycline helped reduce discharge in
women with the condition, according to a 2009 study from
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.

To treat trichomoniasis, complement the antibiotics with
the aromatherapy oil bergamot which may help dry
irritating discharge.  

How Do You Prevent Penis Discharge?

It doesn’t matter if you wash yourself after sex or use
ointments and creams. The only sure way to prevent STDs
and the accompanying penis discharge is to not have sex.

If it’s too late for that or, like the vast majority of men,
you’d rather not give it up you can prevent STDs by having
sex with a partner tested to be uninfected who only has
sex with you.

If this is not possible or desirable,
always use a condom,
every single time you have sex.
  If you are diagnosed
with an STD, you need to seek treatment because you risk
re-infecting your partner(s), and yourself, if you don’t get
it cleared up.

A 2009 study from the Sahlgrenska Academy at the
University of Gothenburg, Sweden found teenage boys
take less responsibility for preventing the spread of
Chlamydia and other sexual infections than girls.

In a study of 500 17-year-olds a high proportion of boys
said they wouldn’t follow advice given in sex education
classes and that these classes had no impact on their
behavior when it came to sex. Contrary to popular belief,
men have as great a role to play in preventing the spread
of STDs as women. If you notice a penis discharge, get it
checked out and practice safe sex in the future.

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What You
Should Do
Reasons Not to
Wait to See the
-Leasions of the
-Urethritis prostatitis
In many cases, the
cause is benign and
the condition resolves
itself. If red discharge
persists for more than
2 months, see a doctor.
In men over 50, blood in
the semen is sometimes a

of prostate cancer.
1. Chlamydia


1. Get treated with

2. Antibiotics

3. Treat balanitis with
topical creams and
medications or improve
your hygiene routine to
prevent balanitis
1.If you don't get treated,
you are at risk of infection
that could prevent you
from having children.
2. Gonorrhea stays in the
body if not treated, and
can spread to the joints.
You may develop a
serious and painful

3.If you experience
balanitis symptoms along
with tenderness in the
scrotum or testicles, see
a doctor quickly.
Get treated with
Infection and possible
"   "    "
"  "   "     "
1. Gonorrhea

2. Trichomoniasis
1. Get treated with

2. Treat and cure
trichomoniasis with
Gonorrhea stays in the
body if not treated.
Gonorrhea can also
spread to the blood or
joints and you may
develop a serious and
painful testicle condition.

2.Trichomoniasis may
cause infections in the
uretha or prostate gland.
1. Gonorrhea

2. Trichomoniasis
1. Antibiotics

2. Treat and cure with
1. Same problems as
above with gonorrhea

2. Same problems as
above with trichomoniasis