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Paul Ryan's Workout --How He
Stays Lean
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September 12, 2012

By A. Turner, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

By now, the whole world has heard of Congressman Paul
Ryan, Republican nominee for Vice President of the United
States. Ryan, the 7-term  Congressman from Wisconsin is
known around Capitol Hill as a gym rat. On Late Night with
Jimmy Fallon, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked
what she thought about Paul Ryan.  Pelosi responded "I
don't really know him well because I've never been to the

You may have heard about how Ryan also runs a lot. While
some may criticize him for misspeaking about his personal
best time in the marathon  --- he was off by an hour  ---  
let’s face it: the guy has a marathon time!  

Paul Ryan  stands a lean six foot two at 163 pounds,
maintaining an admirable 6-8% body fat.  Ryan's interest in
fitness may come from places more serious than vanity, or
that enjoyable runner’s high that some of us have
experienced – many suspect that Paul Ryan works out to
decrease the odds that are stacked against him for an early
death due to heart disease.

Paul Ryan’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather died
from heart disease in their 50s
(there are gruesome reports that Ryan found his father
dead in bed after the heart attack).    This history of early
deaths due to heart disease may be what encourages Ryan
to run, break a sweat at least five days a week, limit alcohol
and sweets,  and follow Tony Horton’s famous P90X

What Is P90x?

P90X is a DVD set of workouts designed by a personal
trainer named Tony Horton, which has sold nearly 4 million
copies in just seven years.  P90X keeps users’ workout spicy
by focusing on “muscle confusion” through 12 different
exercises including cross-training, karate, yoga, and fast
movements involving jumps. The workout is intended to
break the routine that makes some people yawn – you
know, thirty minutes of aerobic activity and weight machines
– in order to not let your muscles get used to one routine
(thereby supposedly allowing weak spots to occur) , but
also to make working out more interesting.  

This is all very exciting for Tony Horton and his success, and
for Paul Ryan and his buddies in Washington who are
joining him in early morning sessions (including
Representatives Heath Shuler and Aaron Schock) : but is
P90X good for the rest of us?  More practically, should we
put down the nearly $120 bucks  to purchase these DVDs,
and invest the 90 day chunk of time that they require?  Read
on to break down why P90x may be a good idea for
someone like Paul Ryan (or like you!), based on recent
studies on fitness and heart disease conducted by experts
from all over the world.

Paul Ryan's Secret Fear That Keeps Him Working Out

First of all, should Paul Ryan be worried about heart
disease?  Before analyzing Ryan’s fitness routine, it may be
interesting to know whether or not Ryan's family history
should give him extra cause to worry.  

The American Heart Association’s 2010 statistics on heart
disease and stroke   found “consistent evidence” that family
history has a “significant association” between parental
coronary heart disease and the same condition in offspring.  

Did you know that having a parent with heart problems
doubles your risk? More specifically, researchers found that
a cardiovascular disease “event” in either a parent or sibling
was “associated with an approximately 2-fold elevated risk”
for the same condition, and that a parental history of heart
failure is associated with a “1.7-fold higher risk” of heart
failure in offspring, so that family history is an “independent
risk factor” for cardiovascular disease.  

Yes: Ryan has legitimate cause for concern.

Chronic heart failure could be something that you've known
about for most of your life (i.e. the shadow of Paul Ryan's
father, grandfather and great-grandfather that gets him up
to exercise every morning) -- or, it could develop suddenly.  
The bottom line is that when we have heart failure, our body
does not get enough blood because either the heart cannot
pump enough blood, or the heat muscles are too stiff to fill
up with blood.

Is Paul Ryan making the right moves to minimize his risk for
heart disease?  

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