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The Meat You Eat Is Injected with
Steroids ---Does It Lower Your
Sperm Count?

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November 22, 2017

Susan Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Sometimes it pays to look closely at how the animals we
end up eating are processed to see how their meat affects
our health.  By now, most people have heard that global
sperm count levels are declining. Here in the US, we are
big meat eaters  --- hamburgers, chicken, pork, you name,
and we'll broil it, fry it and barbecue it
. We eat an average
of 138 pounds of meat per year, according to the US
Department of Agriculture. S
o, it was natural to wonder
whether our heavy meat consumption might play a major
role in declining sperm counts.

Here is what I found.

The More Meat You Eat, the Lower Your Sperm Count

In 2014, a group of scientists took a look at how the use
of meat consumption affected sperm counts. The scientists
were from Harvard School of Public Health, the University
of Murcia School of Medicine in Spain, University of
Copenhagen,Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York
and the  University of Rochester, in New York.

Cattle are injected with anabolic steroids in the US from 60
to 90 days before they are slaughtered to make them
grow. The hormones injected include "Estrogen,
progesterone, testosterone and three synthetic hormones
(zeranol, melengestrol acetate, and trenbolone acetate)".

After slaughter, this hormone-injected meat enters our
food chain from processing plants to wholesalers or
grocery stores.

To test the effects of meat consumption on testosterone,
the scientists assembled a group of 189 male students
ranging in age from 18 to 22 years old.

They completed detailed food questionnaires with 131
questions, noting the type of meat eaten and how often it
was eaten.

What they found was rather surprising. The total amount
of meat eaten was linked to both testosterone levels and
sperm counts as wells as the amount of time between
sexual episodes.

The more meat was eaten, the lower the testosterone
levels. And, the more meat was eaten, the longer the time
between sexual episodes.

The men who were at the lower range of meat intake also
had the highest volume of sperm.

The type of meat you eat also matters. Organ meats (liver,
kidney, heart etc) were linked to higher sperm motility and
sperm volume.  But eating processed meat and other types
of meat (hamburgers, fro example° did not improve sperm
count or motility.

The Amount of Meat Your Mother Ate Affects Your Sperm

Another study has found that men whose mothers ate  
more than 7 beef meals per week had 24% lower sperm
concentration than men whose mothers ate no beef.

This was the finding of a 2007 study from the University of
Rochester.  The study looked at the sperm count levels of
387 men in 5 US cities over a six-year period from 1999 to
2005.  Not only were the sperm levels of the sons of heavy
meaters lower by 24.3% but also the number of men with
extremely low sperm counts (20 x 10(6)/ml) was 3 times

A Diet of Chicken and Fish Is Better than One That
Features Red Meat

A 2012 study from Harvard School of Public Health entitled
"Dietary patterns and semen quality in young men3 looked
at the connection, if any, between certain eating patterns
and semen quality.

They examined 188 young men from the University of
Rochester during 2009 and 2010.

From their review of the young men's eating habits, they
discovered two types of eating patterns. One pattern they
called the "Prudent" pattern included large amounts of
fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.  
The other pattern, the "Western" included "high intake of
red and processed meat, refined grains, pizza, snacks,
high-energy drinks and sweets."

Those following the Prudent pattern almost completely had
sperm counts that were 11.3% higher than men who
rarely ate that way.  Those following the Prudent pattern
also had sperm that moved around more (more "motile",
to use the scientific term).

Western pattern eating, on the other hand, was not
associated with healthier sperm parameters.

The takeaway finding is that eating more fruits,
vegetables, fish and grains can in fact improve sperm

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Eating certain kinds of meat lowers sperm
counts in young men.
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