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Obama's Net Worth--2012 Updates

June 17, 2012
By Michael P. Delhomme, Contributing Columnist
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[Editor's note: Obama's net worth has plummeted based on Federal financial  
disclosures made on May 14, 2013. These disclosures are discussed in the
updated to his net worth.]

This past year continues a slide in President Obama's earnings
that was evident last year.  According to their recently released
tax returns, the First Couple earned $844,585 in tax year 2011.

This compared with a joint income of $5,505, 409 in 2009 their
peak earnings year so far, and $1,795,314 in 2010.  

Year-over-year, the Obamas have seen their income drop by
$950,729. In percentage terms, the Obamas income has
dropped by a whopping 52.9%. What happened?

President Obama's wage income as President is fixed by statute,
and remains steady at $400,000. This past year, for example,
Obama reported wage income of $394,821.  

The cause of the Obamas overall income collapse are steeply
declining book sales.  In 2010, those sales accounted for
$1,382,889 in income. This past fiscal year, 2011, by contrast
saw Obama earning only $441,369. So, book sales have
plummeted by almost $1 million.

Why? Some journalists, who have seen advance copies of
Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Marannis'
much-anticipated Obama biography, have reported speculated
Obama has invented many of the events in his memoirs,
raising uncomfortable comparisons to the faux memoirs that
toppled writer James Frey.  Frey, as you may recall, was the
writer who was touted to stardom by Oprah Winfrey. After it
was revealed that Frey fabricated much of his  memoirs, an
infuriated Winfrey brought him on her show for a public
dressing down.  

Obama's memoirs sold well when they were regarded as factual
autobiography. If the decline in book sales is any indication of
America's waning fascination with President Obama, this does
not bode well for his chances of re-election in November of this

Because the President's income declined this year and his
expenses did not, we did not add any additional amounts to his
estmated net worth.

The running tally starts at $11,057,249, the 2
010 estimate for
President Obamas net worth.

After subtracting the $278,498 in personal expenses (charitable
contributions, mortgage expense and local taxes from the $844
thousand in income, that leaves $566,087. We then subtracted
an estimated $150,000 in additional personal expenses such as
school tuition for their beautiful daughters (see calculations on
prior year's net worth here). Grand total disposable income
would then equal $416,087.

Thus, we add this amount to their net worth, bringing their
total current net worth to $11,473,336.

Barack Obama Current Net Worth (through December 31, 2011,
reflecting 2011 tax return data):


Sources: Tax Returns, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2000-2006
released by Obama campaign and White House (2008, 2009,
President Obama 2010 tax return)

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