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If you had to choose a
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Jessica Alba        56%
Eva Mendez        16%
Jessica Biehl        10%
Beyonce                9%
Rihanna                8%

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Should Eliot Spitzer Have
Resigned for Sleeping With

No        64%
Yes        36%

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Is Barack Obama manly
enough to be

No                73%
Yes                  26%

What Is Normal Penis Size?

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September 1, 2008, last updated March  23, 2015
By the Editors of Mangoboss

Most men at some point want to know whether they have an
average size penis. How big is a normal penis? Once and for all, we
took a look at the actual scientific studies on the issue.

Most men underestimate the size of their penis for one simple
reason-- they measure it looking down. Second, to get the most
accurate measurements for a penis size, you have to take several
measurements at different times, preferably with different erections
on different days. Then you should average these figures together.

Why? Your penis changes size. It is bigger when your arousal is
bigger. It is bigger when the temperature of the room is warmer. It
is bigger , for some men, in the mornings. So, taking measurements
at different times of the day helps to account for what may be
natural variability in size of your penis due to factors such as arousal
level, time of day, room temperature, and frequency of sexual
activity, and unreliability of the methods you use to measure your

The length of your penis can be measured with the subject standing
and the penis held parallel to the floor. The penis is measured along
the top, from the base to the tip. Results are inaccurate if the
measurement is taken along the underside of the penis, or if you are
seated or lying down prone.

Long penis, no width makes for a pencil dick. Penis girth is the
measurement of the circumference of the completely erect penis. It
is variously quoted as an average of three measurements: just
below the glans penis, in the middle of the shaft, and at the base.

A penis must be completely erect in order to obtain an accurate
measurement. This may be difficult to achieve in a clinical setting. At
least one Brazilian doctor resorted to injecting penises with drugs to
induce erection, which gave more consistent results.[4] Some
clinicians measure the penis by stretching the flaccid penis as far as
comfortably possible. Self-reported measurements tend to be
unreliable because men often want to report a larger penis size.

The Bottom Line From Studies on Penis Size

How big is an average penis? While results vary across studies, the
consensus is that the average human penis is approximately 5.1 to
5.9 inches (12.9–15 cm for you Europeans) in length.

How thick is an average penis? The average thickness is 4.85 inches
around (12.3 cm) when fully erect.

Size at birth

The average stretched penile length (ouch!) at birth is about 1.6
inches (4 cm), and 90% of newborn boys will be between 0.9 and
2.2 inches (2.4 and 5.5 cm).

Limited growth of the penis occurs between birth and 5 years of
age, but very little occurs between 5 years and the onset of puberty.
The average size at the beginning of puberty is 2.4 inches (6 cm)
with adult size reached about 5 years later, around age 17.

Size with aging

The good news is that your penis does not shrink with age.  
“Individual research studies have ... suggested that penis size is
smaller in studies focusing on older men, but researchers Wylie and
Eardley found no overall differences when they collated the results
of various studies [over a 60 year period].”

Erect length

Several scientific studies have been performed on the erect length of
the adult penis. Studies which have relied on self-measurement,
including those from Internet surveys, consistently reported a
higher average length than those which used medical or scientific
methods to obtain measurements .

The following staff-measured studies are each composed of
different subgroups of the human population (i.e. specific age range
and/or race; selection of those with sexual medical concerns or self
selection) which may meet the definition of possible sample bias.

Penis Length By Race and Country

One of the most persistent beliefs is that penis length varies by race.
We could find no study that directly answered this question.
However, we did fine a large study that indirectly shed light on the
issue.Penis Length by Country: Does size Matter

One of the most interesting and, necessarily controversial, studies of
penis length was conducted by the Helsinki Center of Economic
Research  in Finland in 2011. This study surveyed average penis
length by country for the years 1960 to 1985. What they found was
that the greater a country’s GDP, the shorter the average penis
length of males in that country.  

As the study concluded: “The GDP maximizing size is around 13.5
centimetres, and a collapse in economic development is identified as
the size of male organ exceeds 16 centimetres.”  However, the study
notes that “countries with  below 12 centimetre male organ are
generally less [economically’] developed”.  In plain language, the
study shows that richer countries produce males with shorter

The study’s conclusions can be interpreted a different way of
course. Richer countries studied in the sample also have an
oversampling of European and Asian males, while the poorer
countries have a larger percentage of African males.  As the table
below shows, the longest average penis length was recorded in
Africa (Zaire, at 17.93 centimeters) and the shortest average penis
was in South Korea (9.66 centimeters).  Thus, one interpretation of
the study’s results which could be made is that most  African males
have a larger penis on average than European males, and European
males have larger penis on average than Asian males.

Here is a table of penis length of select countries:

Country            Penis Length(Erect, Centimeters)         
Algeria                        14.9
Angola                        15.73

Benin                          16.02
Cameroon                   16.67
Central Africa              15.33

Chad                           15.39
Congo                         17.33
Egypt                          15.59
Ethiopia                       13.53
Ghana                          17.31
Morrocco                     15.03
Nigeria                        15.05
Senegal                       15.89
Somalia                       14.02
S.Africa                       15.29
Sudan                         16.47
Tunisia                        15.01
Zaire                            17.93

Zimbabwe                   15.68

Burma                         10.07

Hong Kong
(China)                       11.19

India                           10.24

Israel                          14.28
Japan                          10.92
S.Korea                        9.66
Malaysia                      11.49
Pakistan                      12.02
Singapore                   11.53
Sri Lanka                     10.89
Thailand                      10.16

Austria                          14.16
Belgium                        15.85
Denmark                       15.29
Finland                          13.77
France                           16.01
Germany                       14.48
Greece                          14.73
Ireland                         12.78
Italy                              15.74
Netherlands                  15.87
Norway                         14.34
Portugal                        13.19
Spain                            13.85
Sweden                         14.08
Switzerland                   14.35
Turkey                           14.11
U.K.                               13.97
Canada                          13.92
Costa Rica                      15.01
Republic                        15.99

El Salvador                    14.88
Guatemala                     15.67
Haiti                              16.01
Honduras                      15.00
Jamaica                        16.03
Mexico                         15.01
Nicaraugua                   15.26
Panama                        16.27
United States                12.09

Argentina                       14.88
Bolivia                            16.51
Brazil                              16.01
Chile                               14.59
Colombia                        17.03
Ecuador                          17.77
Paraguay                        15.53
Peru                                16.03
Uruguay                          15.14
Venezuela                       17.03

Australia                          13.31
Indonesia                        11.67
New Zealand                   13.99


Perhaps nowhere on Earth has a government taken so keen an
interest in measuring penis length as in India.  Over several years,
the Indian Council of medical Research has conducted studies of
penis length from across the country of India.

The motivation for this intense interest is public health. India suffers
from high rates of HIV infection, partly because of the high rate of
condom failure. Internationally, condom failure is 2% but in India,
failure rate is estimated at approximately 20%.

In 2015, a study of 1200 Indian men sampled from regions across
the nation by the Indian Council of Medical Research concluded that
60% of Indian men have penis sizes which are 3 to 5 centimeters
shorter than the sizes used internationally for the manufacture of
condoms. Since the average penis length is approximately 5.1 to 5.9
inches, this study concluded that the average penis length in India
ranges from 3.9  to 4.72 inches. The study, led by Dr. Chander Puri,
issued no conclusions were issued concerning the average girth
(circumference, thickness)  of penis by men in  India.

A 2006 study of the penis sizes of men in Mumbai by the Indian
Council of Medical Research found that international standard
condom sizes range between 150 millimeters to 180 millimeters in
length and 44 to 56 millimeters in girth. However, in  Mumbai, where
the study was conducted, 60% of the men had penis length of
between 126 to 156 millimeters and 30% were even shorter,
measuring between 100 and 125 millimeters.

For the Scientific Types Here Is a Summary of the Studies

A study published in the September 1996 Journal of Urology
concluded that average erect length was 12.9 cm (5.08 in)
(measured by staff). The purpose of the study was to “provide
guidelines of penile length and circumference to assist in counseling
patients considering penile augmentation.” Erection was
pharmacologically induced in 80 physically normal American men
(varying ethnicity, average age 54). It was concluded: “Neither
patient age nor size of the flaccid penis accurately predicted erectile

A study published in the December 2000 International Journal of
Impotence Research found that average erect penis length was 13.6
cm (5.35 in) (measured by staff).

Quote: "The aim of this prospective study was to identify clinical and
engineering parameters of the flaccid penis for prediction of penile
size during erection." Erection was pharmacologically induced in 50
Jewish Caucasian patients who had been evaluated for Erectile
dysfunction (average age 47±14y). Patients with penis
abnormalities or whose ED could be attributed to more than one
psychological origin were omitted from the study.

A study conducted by LifeStyles Condoms found an average of 14.9
cm (5.9 in) with a standard deviation of 2.1 cm (0.8 in) (measured
by staff).The purpose of this study was to ensure properly sized
condoms were available.

401 college students volunteered to be measured during 2001
Spring Break in Cancún, Mexico, of which 300 gained an erection to
be clinically measured (without pharmacological aid). The 300
effective measurements makes this study double the size of any
prior study that uses medical staff to measure penis size.

Erect circumference

A study conducted by LifeStyles Condoms during 2001 Spring Break
in Cancún found an average of 12.6 cm (5.0 in) with a standard
deviation of 1.3 cm (0.5 in).

Similar results exist regarding studies of the circumference of the
adult fully erect penis, with the measurement taken mid-shaft. As
with length, studies that relied on self-measurement consistently
reported a higher average than those with staff measuring.

Flaccid length

The average length of a flaccid penis is 3.5 inches, according to one
study. The 1996 study from the University of California's
Department of Urology examined the flaccid and erect penis length
of 80 normal men. The average flaccid length was 8.8 cm (3.5
inches). The average stretched length was 12.4 cm ( 4.8  inches)
and the average erect length was 12.9 cm (5.07  inches).

Length of the flaccid penis does not necessarily correspond to
length of the erect penis; some smaller flaccid penises can grow
much larger, and some larger flaccid penises cannot grow much

The penis and scrotum can contract involuntarily in reaction to cold
temperatures or nervousness, referred to by the slang term
"shrinkage", due to action by the cremaster muscle.

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