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Nadal Conquers Djokovic to Win 7th
French Open
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June 11, 2012 By the Editors of MangoBoss

Rafael Nadal conquered Novak Djokovic in a thrilling 4-set win to
capture his unprecedented 7th French Open title.  History will record
that Nadal won 6-4, 6-3, 2-6 and 7-5 but that doesn't come close to
capturing the drama of this match.  In the end, Nadal had to conquer
three opponents: Djokovic, the weather and history. Nadal now owns
more French Open titles than any man in history.

This was the most rain-soaked French Open in history. The week in
Paris had been unusually cloudy and rainy.  The terre bateau clay,
soaked with rain, behaves quite differently, dampening the normally
high topspin bounces that Nadal uses to wear his opponents down.  
Often at the end of a match, Nadal's opponents feel as though their
shoulders are going to fall off.

In an anticlimactic ending Djokovic double faulted at match point to
give the Match to Nadal. But before that, yesterday, aided by a
rain-soaked slower surface,  he made Nadal look as vulnerable as he
ever has at Roland Garros. Djokovic ripped backhands cross court and
skirted around the court in the fourth set, fresh as a daisy.

Rain interrupted the completion of the fourth set, with Djokovic leading
by a break, 2-1.  The next day, the sun poked through the clouds,
drying the court to its normal surface tension and the rest, as they say,
was history. Well done Rafa!

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