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Muscles Need Sleep

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Here's a common problem.  A guy works out intensely. He's doing
heavy days 5 times a week and light days the other 2 days. He's
drinking protein shakes like crazy.  But he's no getting any bigger.  He's
still puny in the arms. Can't get his arms any bigger. Can't grow his
quads. What's up?

The problem is sleep. You need sleep to add muscle.  It is true.

The reason your muscles grow is that you tear them. The tiny tears
repair themselves while you are asleep and the muscle rebuilds itself.
The outward evidence of the rebuilding is a larger muscle.

If your muscle is fatigued, try skipping a day. Or soaking in a hot bath.
Massage also helps the muscle to recover more quickly.  

But most importantly, get your sleep. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a
night. If your sleep pattern is disrupted, work to get it back on track
right away.  The most common problem that disrupts guys sleep is
snoring. Many men wake themselves up honking at night and they're
not aware of it.

Either they're sleeping alone or their girlfriends are too nice to tell them
they're honking at night. Snoring is a problem for you in two ways. It
deprives your body of maximum oxygen it needs to function, and to
build muscle. It also can diminish the strength of your erections.  So,
improve your sleep quality, courtesy of

1. Turn down the noise, turn off the TV, cell phones an hour before
bed time

2. Eat a cracker and a slice of turkey. The turkey has tryptophan which
is reason we get sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner

3. Take a fish pill. It helps you to relax and sleep easier

4. Avoid coffee and the caffeinated sodas

Stop snoring.

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Not Getting Enough Sleep Reduces Testosterone By 13%

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