Men --- Sing to Her to Stay in Love
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September 3, 2017

By Susan Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Ahh, the mysteries of sweet love. For as long as we have been humans,
we have been baffled by the  mysteries of falling in love, being in love,
staying in love and falling out of love. Though s
cientists from University
College London believe that we humans began falling in love about 20
million years ago, as a strategy to prevent males from killing infants to
get access to the women, we know better. Being in love simply feels
good. How o you stay in love after the initial flames have started to die
down? New research suggest the answer is simple --- just sing.

Couples Who Sing Together, Stay Together?

Okay, put aside Ike and Tina Turner for the moment. Studies have
found that singing with others promotes social bonding, cohesion and
positive feelings.

In 2003, a study from the National Institute for Psychosocial Factors
and Health in Stockholm, Sweden looked at what effects a single
singing lesson has on amateurs and professional singers.

The scientists were interested in seeing whether the singing lesson
would raise blood levels of certain chemicals which other researchers
had indicated are involved in raising mood. The chemicals are
TNF-alpha, prolactin, cortisol, and oxytocin.

Cortisol and oxytocin are of particluar nterest to mood researchers.
Cortisol is a hormone released when the body experiences stress.
Oxytocin is the hormone first studied with mothers and newborns,
when scientists learned that oxytocin levels are elevated after a baby is
born. Oxytocin appears to increase bonding between mother and child.
Other studies have identified oxytocin as a potential chemical marker of
love and trust.  

So, with this past research in mind, the Swedish scientists assembled 8
amateur singers and 8 professional singers. Before the experiment
began, they took baseline measurements of each of the chemicals
associated with changes in mood levels.

They then hooked up each of the participants with monitors such as
electrocardiograms to measure rate variability.

After the lesson, the results were different for the amateurs versus the
professionals. For example, blood levels of TNF-alpha increased in
professionals after the singing lesson but decreased in amateurs.

The only chemical which increased significantly in both groups was
oxytocin, the bonding chemical. Simply taking one singing lesson
increased this bonding chemical.

Other studies have found that singing together increases "positive
feelings of achievement, belonging, and decreased social isolation".
This was the observation in a 2015 study led by Dr. Shreena Unadkat
and Dr. Paul Camic of  Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK.

In 1994, a landmark study was published in the Journal of        
Neuroendocrinology set the world on fire (which was the way we older
people described "going viral" back in 1994). The article, led by Dr.
Carol Sue Carter of the Indiana University of Bloomington discovered
that injecting prairie voles with oxytocin increased their preference to
mate with the male vole who happen to be there when the injection
was administered.

The finding reminded me of all those science fiction movies where the
woman is given some sort of love potion or put under a spell that
makes her fall in love with the first man who walks through the door.
Needless to say, researchers were hot on the hunt for more information
on this seemingly real-life love potion called oxytocin.

"If Music be the Food of Love, Play On"

Shakespeare famously said, " if music be the food of love, play on".  
Oxytocin, as we have seen is elevated after a singing lesson.

But what kind of singing works best? One study suggest that your best
best is improvised singing.  A 2015 study examined the effects of
improvised singing on oxytocin levels, social flow and group cohesion.
Four participants were asked to sing in two sessions; one
pre-composed  and one improvised.

Only in the improvised session did oxytocin levels rise.

Voice Attractiveness Predicts Sexual Success

In 2004, scientists from the State University of New York at Albany
found something startling. How a person of the opposite sex rates your
voice determines in large part whether you will be successful sexually
with them.

The study, entitled "Ratings of Voice Attractiveness Predict Sexual
Behavior and Body Configuration" found that ratings of opposite sex
voice attractiveness predicted the age of first sexual experience, the
number of sexual partners, the number of couplings one has outside of
your primary relationship and the numbers of partners/relationships of
the people you slept with. All this was derived simply by how attractive
you find voices of the opposite sex.

Why is voice attractiveness be so important? Scientists have a theory.
They believe that voice attractiveness became important during human
evolutionary history, especially at night, when vision was impaired.

Sing Soft and Low to Make Her Love You More

The study found that women associate deep pleasant voices with
desirable physical traits. In fact, the study found that people can guess
a person's age, height and weight by listening to their voice about as
well as they can by actually looking at a picture. Clearly, we humans
have developed a super accurate ear for voice attractiveness for a

Is the zing gone out of your love life? Singing to her at night after the
lights are out may be your best bet to re-ignite the flames.


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Women and men link voice
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